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Trulli Italian School is an Italian language school for foreings in Alberobello, Puglia. We organise Italian courses, cultural activities and language holiday in Italy.
Member since: 12 Mar 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

All the holidays will be organized by local people and will work only with local people, to enhance the cultural traditions and artistic heritage of the area.

We employ just local people. We use a local guide, local drivers, local teachers for language classes, local chef for the cooking class.

We encourage local suppliers to emply local people.

 In all activities we use local and traditional food. And we encourage people to looking for local food, drinks, guiding etc.

Environmental responsibility

In our school office we use recycling paper and we do recycling for all products.

Puglia has every summer water problem that’s way we encourage people to pay attention to don’t consume to much water for they needs.

Every traveler is informed of the rules of all the environments he encounters during the tour, respecting the wildlife and animals encountered.

Many of our tours are in collaboration with local associations responsible for the protection of natural parks and local work.

The Tours will enhance the local nature with trekking activities, the culinary traditions with cooking course and the artistic heritage of the area. During the trip Trulli Italian School will pay particular attention to the recycling of all the materials consumed and the respect of each environment visited.

Every tour has a local guide who teach the participants about wildlife, the history of the landscape and the environment around. 

At the beginning of the first tour of each week, here is a series of rules for participants such as:

1) Do not throw waste but throw it at the end of the tour in the appropriate bins

2) No tearing plants during the tour so you can preserve the local fauna

3) Do not scream in the woods or in uncontaminated natural places

Or during the cooking school, we teach an old tradition of our traditional cooking: do not throw anything away and reuse any kitchen waste. Particularly I do this with my Granma Maria, 86 years old, and I'm really proud of this course.

In the house where the participants will sleep there are some advice about "stop wasting water":

1. Check your house for leaks

2. Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth.

You can use water to wet your brush and rinse your mouth and the sink, but there's no reason to keep the water on while you're not using it.

3. Try to take a shorter shower

5. Never use the toilet as a trash can

Water is one of the most important resources on the planet, and we should think before we waste it unnecessarily. Try these tips to help become more Earth-friendly and save our and your water.

Social responsibility

We provide to all our traveler before the trip about all politics and social condition of every place we will visit

All the traveler will be notified about the ways to minimize negative impacts on local cultures, like: be respectful of the religious places, be respectful of all local people meet.

Many of our tours are in collaboration with local people and with social projects with benefits for the community.

 During the trip there will be meetings with local crafts and cooking classes will be held to learn about the culinary traditions of the place.
We collaborate with the association "Gran Teatro del Click" (here the link: is a local association who work with local guided expert in plants, nature and secret path in the territory and also they use natural and eco producst in every thing they make: like t-shirt, towels, food ect.

The same association has made a project about the regeneration of a abandoned station in a natural oasis "Dune Costiere. Some years ago they created many activities for tourists that you can see here: like walks, bird watichnig, bike rides ect.

Another association is "Cooperativa Serapia": They doing lots of activities with kids and adults about the rediscover of the old italian food and they make trekking tour  in our wonderful region.

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