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Leaving a positive legacy in Africa is the foundation of everything that we do at Ker & Downey Africa. We have crafted a set of pioneering sustainable African safaris that evolve with our traveller and earth’s best interests at heart.
Member since: 31 May 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

All our guides are citizens of the country you are traveling to and our preferred lodges employ and uplift members of the local community. We hire local staff and train our employees locally. We support safari lodges and hotels that empower local communities through job creation and training programmes. These lodes offer skills transfers, providing an invaluable skill set to local communities throughout Africa.

A big part of what we do is to encourage local sourcing of products. We have thoroughly researched to ensure the properties or activities embody our ethos of responsible travel. The lodges source products locally e.g. Babylonstoren or Boschendal in South Africa. We prefer lodges which contribute to their local communities by sourcing locally.

Environmental responsibility

We run a sustainable paperless office with an in-house recycling system.

We support environmental tours that educate future generations on conservation and sustainability.

We support sustainable properties that provide eco-friendly amenities that have a limited impact on their direct environment, who have also implemented energy and water saving systems on the property and recycling. Our eco-safari itineraries promote lodges who activity partake in wildlife conservation through the establishment of their own conservation training programmes or anti-poaching units.

There will usually be conservation levy contribution for each stay in a game park and this money primarily is used to fund anti-poaching units, preserving and protecting wildlife and, conservation projects.

Affiliations with environmental grading systems and causes.

Support responsible tourism practices that connect our clients to Africa without putting strain on the natural resources or wildlife of the country.

Social responsibility

Jumbari supports safari lodges and hotels that connect our guests with Africa diverse cultures.

We support cultural tours that build cultural awareness and respect for others.

The properties should support community outreach programmes that uplift local orphanages, schools, creches and home-based care centres.

We also offer volunteer experiences ranging from half day to full day volunteering at local community projects from soup kitchens to art projects at schools to volunteering at Learning Centres for the Youth. There is also sport development and college training programmes.

Itineraries contain visits to community projects.

We do provide destination Guides 70 days prior to departure for e.g. I have attached our Namibia Guide which contains a lot of pre-trip information so each country has a guide that covers all the required information.
If there is any political or social situation that is out of the ordinary we will always inform the clients as well, however all the information about each country is covered in the Guides.

Travellers are always provided with suggestions of ways to minimise negative impacts on local cultures. Eg.

Please refrain from giving money to beggars. We encourage our travelers to connect with local communities through established organizations. Out of respect for our local communities, always ask before taking photographs of people and respect their wishes should they decline.
Please refrain from giving money to beggars. Most Camps + Lodges have their own charity organisation they work with in the local communities. The best is to speak to your personal inbound consultant about the charities your camps are working with.

There will always be a local representative with the clients including on transfers to the projects

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