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Pausa is a sustainable tourism platform where you can find amazing and high quality travel experiences in alternative destinations in Peru. This experiences are hosted by families, communities or entrepreneurs that have a high commitment with the environment. Pausa offers different kind of experiences like adventure, relax or cultural in different locations: mountains, dessert, rainforest, coast for all kind of travellers. The experiences found in the platform are all included.
Member since: 06 Jun 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Pausa develops close relationships with the communities and families that operate alternative and sustainable touristic attractions. We aim to become the main source of travellers for them, taking charge of the promotion, costumer support, booking and payment process, allowing the communities and families to focus on their conservation efforts. This families expect tourism to contribute with 80% of their income, so that they can expand their sustainability initiatives.

This communities and families employ local guides, cooks and transportation for the experiences (occasionally members of the own community or family) and use local ingredients for the preparation of the food. We are certain of that because we don’t establish a relationship with an intermediary, but the community or family itself.

In order to do that, we establish a fair agreement with the communities, and make sure that part of our income is destinated to improving their experiences, by traveling to the places, living the experiences ourselves and giving feedback of what should be improved and of what clients think after they’ve lived the experience.

Environmental responsibility

Each destination that we promote in our website has a community or team behind it with a conservation goal. We have destinations like Soqtapata, in the jungle highland of Cusco. This experience takes you to one of the 37 biodiversity hotspots in the world, the Tropical Andes, an amazing 9,000 hectares forest, that is being protected by a local family, who have solicited a permit to the government to establish a Private Conservation Area there. The government grants the permit on the condition that the family must report the conservation efforts that are being made in the area and the results they are obtaining.

In this forest we can find endangered species like the spectacled bear or threatened ones like the “otorongo” or jaguar. We can also witness the birth process of the Andean rivers, by the accumulation of water from the humidity. These characteristics make this a unique place, that without the protection of the Pilares family, would be devasteded by the informal mining and illegal logging.

Other experience we promote is Ñape Lodge. This is a beautiful ecolodge in the middle of Tambopata, one of the most biodiverse zones in the world. This lodge is managed by the “Infierno” native community, which is an ancestral community that hasn’t abandoned its historical customs. They will teach the travellers to respect the environment, protect the wildlife, while enjoying nature at its best.

We also have alliances with sustainable travel supplies businesses, like a sustainable water bottles company: Vitae Pro. They produce and distribute water bottles with a build-in filter that allows you to drink water from any source.

To make sure that our experiences have a sustainability focus, we have the expertise of one of our partners: the NGO “Conservamos por Naturaleza” (, which is a platform created by the Peruvian Society of Environmental Law that provides support to voluntary conservation initiatives, promoting alliances and actions to contribute to the care of nature. They act as a filter to make sure our destinations have an environmental focus.

We don't have an office, our hole operation is digital, so we don't have any paper or energy consumption. Also we don't produce printed merchandising, all of our advertising is online.

We have an alliance with a company named VITAE PRO. They produce this water bottle with a filter incorporated, that allows you to drink water from natural sources like rivers, pounds or lakes ir order to reduce manufactured botteled water consumption in their trip. We also make sure that all of our destinations have a sustainable water source.

Social responsibility

Pausa has three kind of experiences: Adventure, Cultural and Experiential. Among the cultural ones we promote destinations like Kuelap, a pre-incan fortress built by the Chachapoyas culture. It’s located in the middle of the Amazon jungle and it’s one of the few big scale sustainable destinations in Peru. In this experience, travellers will learn about the cultural diversity of Peru, a country where the Incas were only one civilization among the dozens that once conquered its lands.

We also have destinations like the Titicaca Islands. The Titicaca is a millennial lake, the deepest navigable lake in the world. Legend has it that this was the place where Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, the founders of the Inca Empire, raised from, with the mission given by the sun god to found his empire.

Among the experiential destinations, Pausa promotes experiences where travellers can get to know local families from the inside, being able to live with a local community or family that lead conservation projects in a beautiful touristic destination. For example, we have destinations like Ñape Lodge, where travellers learn the lifestyle of a native amazonic community. We also have destinations like Berlin Forest, where travellers get to live with the Rimarachin family in the middle of a beautiful forest that is home to an endemic monkey species: the yellow tailed monkey. We also promote destinations like the “Compadre Route”, which is a solar station of a peruvian famous and sustainable coffee brand, where travellers can be a part of the coffee harvesting and toasting process with solar energy, in the middle of a jungle paradise.

When an experience is booked, we give detailed instructions and recommendations to travellers so they have a clear view of what they will find there and how they should behave. We emphasize on the cultural characteristics of the local community and the importance of respecting them.

We don't describe the social, political situation, but mainly because our destinations aren't located in any dangerous or politicaly unstable areas. Cuurently we have destinations in Peru, which is a stable country without a complex political situation. We do describe the idosyncracy of the community they are visiting, and what are the correct ways to approach them.  

We estalbish communication with local people in order to upload a new route to our website. Our destinations are guided by the people that manage them (the local community).

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