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Alpland GmbH bridges the gap in travel between Switzerland and Finland. We operate year-around in Swiss Alpine locations and in Finnish Lapland. We are effective, hands on and we fully arrange your most memorable Alpine and Lappish experiences. Our company“s roots are authentic, from both Finnish Lapland and Switzerland. We know our locations thoroughly and we value our expertise to the core. With us you will experience detailed personal service. We specialize in these two countries because we want you to experience the best of both worlds. Nature, heritage and colorful culture makes traveling to our locations interesting and beyond to keep you coming back for more.
Member since: 20 Jun 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

In both of our markets we only use services and products we know are local. For example in Engelberg we take our
guests only to local cheese factories instead of supermarkets. In Lapland we familiarize our guests with local souvenir
producers instead of mass and low quality products. We are building an original Lapland Village in the future and for
that the workforce will come from local people and we also want to recruit senior citizens and long-term unemployed
people to work for us. Our biggest goal is to have a local, county, country and ultimately worldwide effect on tourism in
a sustainable way

Environmental responsibility

In Lapland we utilize old houses and unutilized land for tourism. As we have over 800 hectars of our own family land
we show our guests how the wildlife lives in the Arctic, teach them to respect the natures peace and to listen. One of
our main products the Wilderness Cabin tour utilizes an old log house built in 1950“s: This house used to belong to my
grandfather and they used to live in this house. Now we can share, reflect and enjoy the stunning ambience of this
house with our guests.
In Switzerland we also teach our guests to respect the nature: In that market recycling in on another level and it comes
naturally without having to force anyone to do it. When we explore the nature we always respect the local regulations
on the wildlife and the seasons which means not taking certain paths during certain times of the year. Also in our rental
houses in Lapland everything is always recycled and if possible re-used as we avoid single use materials.

Social responsibility

Building a Lapland Village is the ultimate demonstration on how we see cultural background and tourism fitting in
together. We want to show our guests how life was lived in the Arctic back in the day and bring back the art of
handicraft work. We believe locality comes from the people who know the area and those people need to be recruited
to all projects happening in a marketplace. In Lapland it means baking bread, knitting wool socks, carving kuksas
playing card, going fishing year-around and of course having saunas daily. What you sell and show needs to be local
and in both of our markets we do only that.

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