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Long Way Expedition was founded by Abubakar Omar and his wife Ann Abubakar in 2017. Abuu has travelled a long and varied road before he started his own business. Born in Tanzania in the small town of Tanga, not far from the Indian Ocean, Abu knew since his childhood that he was born to work with people. Abuu worked for over 15 years for several of the major tour companies in Tanzania. Abuu’s expertise with nature is reflected in the intense bush experience that Long Way Expedition specializes in.What sets him apart from others is his bush experience, he knows the seasons, the land and it’s secrets and he will share the lives of the animals with you,while Ann has been working as hotels manager for over 10yrs in Arusha also dealing with booking and reservation.
Member since: 22 Jun 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Long way Expedition is locally owned and we also all our employee are all local and we always support them to upgrade their studies and have some training and evening study depending each employee interest.

Long Way Expeditions We are working with a local Training Institute called Action Training Institute, whereby the girls who were rejected by their parents or guardians after got pregnancy are studying in this institute with their children. We give them opportunities of internship in our company. We also help them to get a jobs in lodges and hotels which are our business partner.

Team long Way Expeditions we support the local soccer team for both boys and girls under 14, knowing that sports can generates employments, we support these team in terms of sport kits and coaching expenses. These young talents if they well nurtured they will become great players of their clubs and our National team as well in the nearer future.

On the lodges/hotel mostly they provide local food, fruits and
beverages made locally and we explain to our client that it is safe to
eat and drink as some do not
have any idea on what to expect.
•        We also take them to see local people hand crafting things and if
they are interested they can take as souvenirs back home.

Environmental responsibility

Reducing environmental impact all of our properties are designed to have low environmental impact and practice energy and water conservation. Initiatives include building structures and furniture from local and sustainable materials, recycling all plastic and removing all waste from camps investing in solar panels.

We support the effort to minimize environmental pollution by encouraging our client lunch boxes not to use plastic papers so we use material that decompose

We are supporting on the big campain on getting rid of use of plastic bags.
•        We also avoid a lot of printing and for bookings and other related
issues with paper will try to do online in order to avoid printing a
lot and hence saving some trees!

For energy at our office we use solar energy    unless when there is
no sun that is when we use the electric energy.

On safari we give our client free refilling bottle to refill water
whenever possible.

We always give our client briefing before the safari on what is
expected from them not to litter anywhere and also in the parks
•        During the Ngorongoro crater tour we explain to our client that the
maximum game drive not more than 6 hour to avoid environmental impact
that is caused by so many cars being at the crater for many hours.
•        We always explain to our clients that we do not go off road during
the game viewing as this will have the negative impact on sustainable

For the tree planting project like the friends of Usambara mountains
the clients are able to participate in planting trees together with
the school children,also they can buy trees from the village trees
nursery and donate to the project.  .

When we take our client to the hotel or lodges we explain to them
that it is very important if they have no use of lights or when they
are out of there room we request them to switch off the lights to save
• On the accomodations where the clients have more than one night we
encourage them not to request to change their bed linen and towels in
order to try to save water
.On the tented camps in Serengeti we advice to  use 10lts bucket of
water for the bush  shower per person either in the morning or

Social responsibility

With regard to your own social behavior, it is important to be aware of the local community’s culture and traditions and to respect local etiquette. We would hope that all our clients intend a cultural exchange during their visit to learn more about the host community. We suggest that…
a. You maintain a level of respect for all local people and avoid “high-handed foreigner” attitudes
b. You ask before you take photographs of local people and please respect their privacy and b. also government buildings like military is prohibited taking photo.
c. You try to learn simple words or phrases from the local language to reflect your interest – greetings are vital like Jambo which is hallo.
d. You ask your local guides about their customs – they’re the best ones to advise you in Africa.
We are culturally sensitive, encourages respect between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence

We usually give our clients pre trip information when they book with
us  what they need to know before they travel to our country to be
aware about the politic stability, local culture,language, religion
and  belief just to make sure they will have a great experience in all
places they will visit.

Our driver guides always accompany the client to visit the local
community as it also make it easy where there is a language barrier so
that he can explain to our client.

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