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Xperience Pakistan has been developed to get Pakistan on the bucket list of the mainstream traveller, change and challenge peoples perception of Pakistan and to showcase the diverse experiences the country has to offer, from golfing, cultural to the natural beauty on offer in the North. The business model is built of patriotism and a desire to give back to my country and its people, as well as make money. All tours we operate have been developed with local operators to ensure that they we help them grown and with local communities to ensure they benefit from the tourism, be it through job creation or taking tourists direct to artisans so that they can sell their goods directly without going through the middle man.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Wherever possible we use Air BnB and in the North local residence to give our clients a more authentic feel and to ensure the local community benefit from the tourism and have an additional source of income.

Yes a key part of our company’s philosophy is to ensure that the locals benefit from the tourism we bring in. As a result we advise and recommend our clients to permit us to build in our socially responsible experiences in their itinerary eg. Making a tandoori nan, playing street cricket with the local children or food tours which are carried out with local cafes and home chefs. All we request is that our clients tip them, recommending them to tip a minimum of Rs.5000 or if a large group of 12 Rs.1000 each.

£25 is given to the Shahid Afridi Foundation, a charity with whom the company is working, for every transaction made.

We are working with existing local operators to give them a platform to access the overseas market, rather than creating our own local tour company.

As we grow we are looking to work and develop with the local youth to be part of our team, this covers all aspects from the tours to graphics, website development, client managment etc.

Our Food Tours are all about eating locally, all of our tours use local guides and all of our NPD for tours and experiences are focused on working with locals.

We source local products. For example our food tours are all about eating locally

I donate £25 from every transaction to the Shahid Afridi Foundation. In addition I have a link on my page enabling my customer traffic to go their page and donate. I have their logo across all marketing material to raise awareness of them and what they do. My website has a page which provides information on all they do.

Shahid Afridi Foundation was founded in March 2014 by Shahid Afridi, by a Pakistani Cricketer, popularly known as "Boom Boom" worldwide. SAF is a non-profit organization registered in Pakistan, which was coined with the aim to improve the conditions of the most destitute communities of our society. Today, SAF is a global organization with our presence in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. 
Our ethos is to support the most underserved communities in Pakistan as well as globally. Working in the remote areas and post-conflict communities, SAF helps vulnerable families meet their basic needs and provide access to better services in areas of Health, Education and Water along with promoting Global Peace & Goodwill message via sports diplomacy initiatives. As we have grown over the years, SAF has worked hard to ensure that we consider all aspects of rural community development, support for female education and empowerment in all components of everything we do.
Combined with our local skills and knowledge with other organizations and government to promote and improve the health and livelihoods of the rural communities, we work in partnership with local communities to provide employment opportunities across all of our projects. SAF has been successful in building hospitals, developing schools network and initiating water projects across Pakistan. We are committed to serving the people of Pakistan in order to transform the lives of the despaired communities through our humanitarian aid and provide hope for a better future because together we are #HopeNotOut for humanity.

I’m currently in conversation with an ambassador from Pakistan Alliance for Girls’ Education (PAGE), a charity focused on providing education to school going girls who are unable to do so. The capacity in which I plan to work with them is along the lines of employment. Xperience Pakistan has a core focus to education the overseas audience about Pakistan and its history but particularly 3rd & 4th generation overseas Pakistani’s, one of the ways to do this is to educate them of its history, I’m exploring ways on how we can provide some training to these girls so that they can help create content for our youtube channel, which would entail these girls teaching Pakistan studies. All revenue earned from the channels would go back to the girls involved, thus providing them with a source of income. This idea is in its infancy and will probably take 6 months for us to understand fully, how this would work and what other
employment opportunities I could offer so that they can pursue their education

Environmental responsibility

We use digital brochures and leaflets to market all our products and I encourage my team to do the same.

I’m in conversation with the Pakistan tourism panel, providing input on how we ensure cleanliness is maintained i.e. Collection and disposal of rubbish to ensure the environment is protected, whilst also creating job opportunities.

As bins aren’t widely available, we advise all our guests to take a bag with them to ensure they take their rubbish home with them. 

As I am a start-up and this is my first year of operation, this will be in phase 2, my key priority for the first 12 – 18 months is around being economically and socially responsible. There are environmental projects happening and as part of the NPD, I will be looking to add tours around this or understanding how the company can get involved to play a role but being completely transparent I don’t have anything in place for this just yet.

We advise our customers to take bags in which they can store their rubbish, we will be investing in Tote Bags as soon as we have the funds, which will give to all customers so that they can carry their rubbish back with them.

We can advise our customers to have shorter showers.

The tour company we work with in Gilgit has environmental awareness at their forefront and therefore the trekking routes that we use are ones that are not causing excessive damage to the natural habitat.

I provide the Pakistan tourism panel with free consultancy on how we should be ensuring that the accommodation built is in keeping with the natural environment, using local material to recycle natural materials and use local labour force to create employment. I’m also advising them on their tourism strategy to ensure there are enough bins to keep the areas tidy, to ensure a system is in place for rubbish collection and its correct disposal. Focus on responsible tourism promotion to ensure we focus on quality of tourists over quantity so that the natural habitat is preserved.

Social responsibility

Our Swat Artisan tour and Food Tours in Hunza have been developed with the local communities and entrepreneurial women, giving them direct access to tourists to showcase their work and sell to them.

Two projects we focus on are ‘Meet the Artisan’ in Swat, which is a workshop experience we’ve created in collaboration with Swat Valley Guild, who work with the refugees in Swat. The second one we are currently developing is with Kalaash valley but this is to be launched for 2020.

This is a big part of the company’s vision and we will be continuing to evolve and create more projects around this.

I always advise my clients on tipping, what would be considered acceptable and the difference it would make to them.

In Swat we have developed an experience with the Swat Valley Guild, in which we deliver workshops to our clients in conjunction with these ladies, enabling them to learn the dying and weaving processes. During the 4 days they make their own scarf which they are able to take with them. £60 of every package goes towards the Learning and Development of these ladies to ensure they are trained at an international level so that they can become suppliers to a global market. We are in conversation with London School of Fashion, to see if this could become part of an accredited unit for their students. The rational being that these students could be tomorrows couture designers, if they are exposed to the unique work of this region now than tomorrow they could commission this very community with work.

Clients are informed about the political and social situation in Pakistan. Some of it through the videos we share of vloggers, of blogs I write and personal face to face conversations. Its important that our guests visit Pakistan as informed tourists.

we advise all our clients on what is expected and what isn’t, our travel advise page which we are currently updating also provides information on what is accepted and what is not for clothing and drinks

We also recommend we include experiences like street cricket, make your own tandoori nan in their itineraries and that they tip the parties involved directly.  

We ensure that a local guide accompanies all group visits to local communities

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