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We specialise in running remote expeditions to some of the most exciting destinations in the world. We send an International guide and doctor on all expeditions. Whether you want to do a classic trek such as Machu Picchu, Everest Base Camp, or Kilimanjaro or climb something much tougher like Elbrus, Aconcagua or Mera Peak, we have an adventure holiday for you. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality product with a strong emphasis on safety, fun, personal service and professionalism. Our philosophy of ‘Explore, Experience, Evolve’ epitomises our ultimate goal to provide you with a life-changing experience in a safe and fun environment.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Local teams of guides, Sherpas and porters are employed to lead and assist our expeditions on the ground in tandem with the international guide and doctor who travel with each trip. We are in constant communication with our local operators to ensure the best teams possible are working with our clients. Our local guides are highly experienced and very familiar with the expedition route, local history, cultures and customs of the region.

We offer advice on tipping to all our clients. We ensure the money is divided fairly between the local guides, cooks, porters and drivers. We offer specific tipping advice for each of our destinations in keeping with the local guidelines on best practice.

Earth’s Edge is a KPAP (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Programmed) affiliated company. KPAP is an American run Tanzanian based NGO, who are campaigning for porter welfare on Kilimanjaro. When climbing Kilimanjaro, we are all so reliant on the hard work of the porters who carry loads on the mountain. They are the unsung heroes of all climbing teams and without their help we would not be able to experience this wonderful mountain. The reality is the porters are often impoverished Tanzanians who are dependent on this labour-intensive work to feed their families. Unfortunately, the porters have very few working rights and are often exploited. All too often they are underpaid, poorly fed, overloaded and don’t have adequate clothing for the mountain. KPAP send an auditor on each of our expeditions to ensure the porters are not overloaded, that they are fed properly, that they have a proper place to sleep and are paid and tipped correctly.

Porter Scholarship Program – In 2019 we initiated the Porter Scholarship program. Each year we will sponsor one of our senior porters on Kilimanjaro and put them through Guide training, which offers an opportunity of career progression which they would not otherwise be able to obtain.

Guide Exchange programme – every year we reward one of our local guides by taking them to another location. They get to experience another culture and bring home their new learnings and experiences to share with their fellow guides and motivate them to keep working as hard and as well as they do.

Earth’s Edge endeavour to stay in small locally run hotels where possible, avoiding big international chains. We want to put money directly back into the local economies. We encourage clients to visit the local markets and to pay market price, where fair and reasonable. All food supplied on the trail is sourced fresh from local markets. We place a huge emphasis on the importance of sourcing locally wherever possible and educate our clients on the value of this for the communities in which we travel.

Environmental responsibility

Earth’s Edge switched to 100% renewable energy with our electricity supplier in 2017. We introduced a compost bin for use in the office which drastically reduced our general waste week on week. We ran an information session on composting and recycling so the entire office could follow proper procedure. We worked with a national charity ‘Trees on the Land’ to plant indigenous trees in order to offset the carbon emissions emitted during air travel. We planted three trees for every client that travelled with us in 2018 and plan on running the same initiative annually going forward.

Earth’s Edge provide all water on the expedition trails, which is first filtered with Katydn filters and then chlorine tablets are provided for purification. We encourage all clients to bring their own water-bladders and Nalgenes to be filled in an effort to eliminate or minimise the need for the purchase of single use plastic water bottles. We minimise the amount of canned and packaged goods on our expeditions, reducing our non-biodegradable waste. All biodegradable waste is buried deep in the ground, far from water sources, breaking down over a short period of time. All other waste is carried off the expedition and disposed of in a responsible manner.

Earth’s Edge enforce a strict Leave no Trace policy on all expeditions. We educate all our clients in how to minimise their negative impact in the environments in which they travel. We encourage them to take ownership of their interactions with the environment and consciously make every effort to leave it as found. Whatever is brought with us on expedition from equipment to food, must be taken away again. Tracks and trails are followed as much as possible to avoid and additional disturbance to local ecosystems. All clients are encouraged to give any animals they encounter a wide berth, to avoid unnecessary trauma to the animal and potential danger to themselves.

Sustainability plays a significant part in our selection processes for services. We keep group sizes small to minimise our impact. We request and review supplier environmental policies, staff compensation details and their impact on their wider community.

Social responsibility

Earth’s Edge send detailed information to all clients in advance of departure, outlining best practice in their chosen destination. We endeavour to put money directly back into the local economies and minimise the potential harmful effects of a robust tourist industry on the local culture. We educate our clients on local customs and encourage clients to be respectful and aware of local beliefs and to remain mindful of potential differences and pitfalls.

As well as an international guide and doctor that travel with the group, all our expeditions are run in conjunction with a local English-speaking guide. Our local guides are highly experienced and very familiar with the expedition route, local history, cultures and customs of the region. We participate in the continuing professional development of our guides and porters within the industry, providing advice and training whenever possible.

On Earth’s Edge expeditions we try to participate in cultural and social events such as traditional dance and song, local NGOs and co-ops and local religious celebrations. We encourage our clients to partake in local traditions whenever possible.
When on expedition to Kilimanjaro we organise a Safari in Tarangire National park and a visit to a native Masai village where all our clients can experience the ecological and social heritage and diversity of the area. When trekking through Nepal and India we visit many local temples and monasteries and encourage clients to purchase teas, coffees and snacks along the route, interacting with the local communities and directly funding the local economy. Along the trail in Peru we visit a small coffee plantation and natural hot-springs run by the local community.

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