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Rains Down Africa is an Eco-tourism Company, founded out of the passion for good service and our home, Tanzania. With twenty years of combined experience in wildlife and people, tied with personal passions and professional strengths, We guarantee Safari to be not only be Memorable but Educational and a real life-changing experience.  The two Owners, My wife Agnes was born at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Kim- the husband was born on the slopes of beautiful Mt. Meru. Both these areas boast abundant flora and fauna, encompassed by beautiful national parks. It was predestined we would spend our lives with a love of nature. Our passions for nature were nurtured through our studies at College of African Wildlife Management and later working with Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI). Both experiences opened our eyes to the complexities of conservation and its invaluable importance for Tanzania and the World. We carried our experience with us into the tourism industry, learning new skills and discovering new passions which brought us to Rains Down Africa.  Simply, Rains Down Africa Safari is a Conservation Travel Brand started out of two Proud Conservationist with the VISION of Conserving these Beautiful places out of Commerce.  Our 3C's for Rains Down Africa Safari stand for Conservation, Community and Commerce.
Member since: 24 Jul 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Rains Down Africa is an Eco-tourism Company, founded out of the passion for good service and our home, Tanzania.

-That means, Rains Down Africa Safari is 100% owned by Tanzanians, with the dream of Conserving this beautiful home, Its Community through Commerce. This also means the Rains Downer team is surrounded with locals consider not, their tribe unless their is a need of an expert to share/transfer of experience and knowledge.

- Rains Down Africa doesn’t own any property BUT we very sensitive to companies with properties. We choose companies with best reputation in funding Conservation and Community projects. We don’t just send the guest everywhere.

Our believe with KIDS ; Rains Down Africa believe to protect its stunning Wildlife and People through Eco-Tourism. There is a good reason we don’t want to loose focus on our children; whether they both have parents or orphans but through our own research findings, it articulates if a child needs ‘‘FACE’’ Care. Then, we strongly Support. ‘‘FACE’’ Care is our Children Program that deals with FOOD, ACCOMMODATION ,CLOTHING, EDUCATION.

Environmental responsibility

Re-usable drinking water bottles
When the guest arrived at the Airport is given the Rains Downer re-usable bottle and s/he is going to use right from the beginning to the end of Safari. This bottle is personallized printed the name of each guest and explain why we using it.They will able to re-fill right from the vehicles then to any property they go through the whole Safari and the guest can take them back home without any extra charges. Due to healthy issues, the guest will be provided with infos on how to thoroughly cleaning their bottles on the way.

-Avoiding any plastics
In any way possible we are trying to avoid the use of plastics and to ensure that we normally provide a list of what we do when on travel with some details. The list carries the following, wooden toothbrush if they can buy and travel with it, wooden matches instead of plastic lighters, avoiding plastic straws anywhere, re-usable bags, packed breakfast or lunch on re-usable containers- this is going to be provided with us. The message here is to make the guest it is possible now to live a free-plastic world.

Conservation Education programs
School Children will have the opportunity to be visited at school, as every after five month our professional guides will have topics to talk about anything concern the environment or conservation but we also have world days like World Rhino Day, Earth Day, Elephant Day, Lion Day where we have to go to schools with programs that talks about that specific animal and sometimes we carry cakes to celebrate the day.
We take Children from different schools and make a simple competition and the winners will have the opportunity to go on SAFARI with Rains Down Africa. We come to realise most of the kids even those in rural are not in a position to understand better about these beautiful Creatures hence education is the only way to prepare them to be future conservationist.
We are also in process of developing Adult programs, this will be totally differ from kids programs and this kind of program is aiming to change the mindsets. The history of Conservation shows, Local Communities adjacent to the protected areas were and still are moved by force, fines and fencing therefore they have create negative minds towards wildlife and any conservation related matters. Therefore as Rains Downers’ we want be part of that Change.

Volunteer on Wild dog project
Its forever our culture to volunteer on Serengeti Wild dog project even before Rains Down Africa started. It has been over 10 years follow up on Wild Dog Project and we work very close with them now more than even before. During the high season, we can be so occupied BUT we always find time for the wild dogs as making the project prosper has been our priority.

Volunteer on collecting data on Cheetah project
Cheetah population is at stake and we have to do anything we can to elevate their number and Rains down Africa is part of the team. We feel so responsible for these beautiful fastest creatures and as part of our responsibility is to take every picture we get once we are on the field and try to send it to Serengeti Cheetah project for their data base hence will help to establish any monitoring programms or conservation initiatives plans.

Volunteer on Animal Census
With less amount of money we have, we trying to make sure that whenever there is a chance to volunteer on animal census in any of the protected areas in Tanzania. Rains Down Africa will send a person with professionals so as part of the data collection team and all the expenses will be covered with the Company.

Focus on Small Scale -Tourism and not mass tourism
Rains Down Africa is an Eco-tourism Company, we don’t believe on conquering the world and We don’t believe on Mass Tourism. We dealing with mid-range to high end guest who are not in volume based. Rains Down Africa vision is to make BIODIVERSITY in Africa, Best even for Generation after us.

Tree planting
We volunteer randomly to plant trees to every place we think its habitat needs to be restored. Starting from the schools, Catchment areas, along the road and to some towns. End of this year we want to establish the data base which will set the goals to achieve. The database will state how many trees we are suppose to plant every year and to identify the areas too.

World Clean Up
We are so happy to join the World Cleaning Up Day, our team make sure it goes out and join the individuals and companies on clean up all the respected areas arranged accordingly to planners.

Social responsibility

Rains Down Africa feel so responsible on preserving the local culture and at the same time making sure the locals are benefited from preserving it.
One of the big challenge on this is, many people have tried to shift, instead of providing a real cultural experience they have turned it to be so touristic and turn most villages into business entity.
With Rains Down Africa,we try our best to make sure the locals culture is preserved so we can get the real local experience for our guest.We don’t tell the local what to show our guest but let them go ahead doing their daily activities and our guest will be part of it.

The properties that we are work with they have also succeeded to play a big role on the local community adjacent to their properties and those are the companies we are happy to send our guest to so as they can continue provide best to the locals.
-In all these properties where our guest overnight we make sure they will get time to go out and enjoy local activities as much as we can so as to facilitate their economy and continue to appreciate their culture

shopping- We encourage all our guest on local shopping areas
-Involving guest in local activity Eg. Bidding, Cow milking, Coffee tour, walkings, School visit, Water projects visits, Healthy projects visits
- Once we go for camping, we employ locals, buy most of the food from locals when possible.