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Abraham Tours operates across, Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. Our tours are designed for the independent traveller seeking to experience the true spirit and atmosphere of the region by going beyond the regular tourist trail.
Member since: 07 Aug 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Abraham Tours prides itself on only working with local businesses. On all of our tours our travelers stay at our chain
of Abraham Hostels which is locally owned and operated, where strive to hire local people. We pride ourselves in
employing people from all walks of life while providing equal employment opportunities to local residents,
minorities and new immigrants On our tours we only work with local tour guides and use local suppliers for any
tours that we do not operate in house.
We also strive to source all of our products locally. All meals on our tours are made up of locally sourced food from
all over Israel. We also promote two local micro-breweries in all of our locations, Shapira and Taybeh. In addition on
our packaged tours, our customers take part in our culinary workshop where all the food is locally sourced; many a
time from the local markets and a local guide leads the workshop.

In regards to our Economic impact we have just created a new position in the company called our "Impact Coordinator." We are currently interviewing potential candidates and the job will entail the exact things you mentioned

Environmental responsibility

We at Abraham Tours and Hostels take our environmental initiatives very seriously. We have recycling receptacles in
all of our hostels and we encourage our travelers to recycle while on their tours. We also have paper recycling in each
and every office for all of our staff members, so not only can our travelers recycle but so that our staff can as well. In
addition, in our Jerusalem hostel, we have shower heaters on a timer in order to reduce our electricity use. We have
also switched over LED lighting in all our locations in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.
We have recently undertaken urban gardening initiatives where we now have 2 active urban gardens in our Jerusalem
As we are located in the Middle East we encourage all of our travelers to minimize their shower time if possible. We
also have filtered water coolers in all of our hostels where we encourage our guests to simply refill their water bottles
rather than buying new ones.
Our tour also visit many areas in nature including many Nature reserves, where our travelers are instructed not to interfere with the habitat and to simply enjoy the nature while not disturbing it.

In regards to eradicating single use products, we strive to not have these types of products in house. We have daily breakfast as well as a full bar where we only used glass and ceramic dishware.

In regards to lowering our carbon emissions we offer a free shuttle daily between all of our branches for our staff so that they do not need to use their own cars to get to work. As well we have just updated our fleet of mini-buses to the newest line of Mercedes which cut back on carbon emissions. As well we piggy-back our different tours on the same bus so that instead of having to send out for example 3 buses we will only send out 1 that just makes many stops.
We also pride our selves on the amount of walking and bike tours that we offer in order to again lower our carbon emissions foot print.

Social responsibility

At the beginning of each of our tours our travelers are given an introduction to the area that they will visit that day.
Our guides provide in-depth information, both politically and socially for the tours.
Our guides encourage our travelers to interact with all the locals and the local community in order to learn about their
societies and heritage. We always stress that our travelers be respectful and understanding with everyone they meet.
On our tours that visit local communities we only use a local guide. For example on our Kibbutz tour, the guide is actually from the Kibbutz. On our Hebron tour, the guides are local and live in Hebron.

in regards to Social, on our itineraries, when ever there is a culturally sensitive tour we advise our customers to prepare ahead of time.

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