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Owner operator providing cooking and mixed activity holidays and vacations in Scotland and Greece.
Member since: 26 Aug 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

All associated tours included in the weekly itinerary are carefully chosen to support small local businesses and registered charities which are staffed by local people and all of which are deeply committed yo ethical practices. Many of the charitable organisations we support are involved in the regeneration and conservation of habitats and monuments.

Our guest accommodations are owned and serviced locally. Most of our staff are indigenous and all live in the neighbourhood. We use local guides and local transport on excursions where needed, sometimes this means bicycles and kayaks!

For our cookery classes, if we cannot grow it ourselves, we buy all our produce from neighbouring farms and small producers.

Environmental responsibility

Our cookery classes operate a zero waste policy whereby absolutely nothing is wasted. What is not eaten is either recycled or composted in the kitchen gardens along with other biodegradeable waste to make compost for next years' food. We use organic produce wherever possible and much of it grown in our own or neighbouring gardens. We are committed to eliminating single use plastics and now use alternatives. We use paper packaging, re-useable water bottles and cloth napkins for our picnic lunches.

Many of our excursions are to places of significant historical or biological interest and we take care to educate our guests about the uniqueness of these environments, the history and required practices needed to conserve, preserve and nurture these places.

Our guest accommodations take care to observe sustainable living practices in every respect from the locally sourced, handmade toiletries provided for guests to comprehensive information on how they can help to reduce their carbon footprint during their stay with us.

Social responsibility

We are surrounded by astonishing local sites of ancient history in Scotland and in Greece. We have created excursions which encourage people to learn about the history of the area, be it farming, fishing, cheese making, olive picking and how this has shaped the culture over time.

Where appropriate we take people to eat out at small cafes, restaurants and pubs and give them opportunities to shop from other independent producers. We encourage our guests to buy souvenirs from small shops nearby and from artists producing hand made crafts and art.

We also encourage people to visit nearby wildlife trusts and conservation initiatives. In Scotland we are proud to take our guests for a walk to the local beaver project where beavers have been re-introduced to the wild after 400 years.

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