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Our agency offers fully guided tours around Montenegro. Our tours are made to suit the need of outdoor enthusiast but also leisure travellers. During your stay you will not only see the cultural and natural landmarks but also meet the locals experiencing the country through the eyes of the native population. Taste the diverse gastronomical dishes and enjoy craft beers and family produced wines! The price of the tour includes licenced tour guides, transportation, accommodation, breakfast and diners, entrance fees and taxes. We have additional options that travers can adjust to their activity and fitness level.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Out tours employ licensed tourist guides from Montenegro. All our providers are form the country so we boost local economy by bringing tourists to the north region that is somewhat neglected compared to the more trustily visited south. We work together with Durmitor Adventure company from Zabljak, who is run by local people. Then family houshodls the so called Katuns of Katun Eko Selo Camp that is operated by a family. We also offer accommodation in luxury mountain huts were we have cooking class that is done by a local lady who worked as a chef in a Zabljak hotel for 30 years. We also bring our guests to a souvenir workshop DOO Breza SSV that is operated by a family from Kolasin.

In Podgorica we take our guests to the Radevic Estate winery that is privately owned. And we take our guests to the not valorised settlement of Zabljak Crnojevici where we bring to the attention of the locals the valour of this location.

Also our main co-operators are local touristic organisations of the visited towns.

During our tours we see to it that our guests eat and drink locally produced food and drinks. On our tour we bring Guests to the local production of wine, beer, honey, souvenir workplaces, and producers of local vegetables and fruits. As far as our influence goes we try to have the guests supplied with Montenegrin products..

Environmental responsibility

Nomad – A Sustainable and Respectful Tour Company

Nomad Tours have been in operation since 2018. From the beginning, our main focus has been protecting Montenegro’s ecosystems. Conscious that our tours would bring new tourists to our beloved country, we felt the need to protect our natural environment.

We commit to a code of best practice in all aspects of our business, including our relationship with, and effect on the environment and the communities that we visit.

As our tours rely heavily on our natural environment, it in our best interest to preserve our surroundings.

Carbon Neutral Adventures

In 2018, we partnered with the “Towards Carbon Neutral Tourism” project, implemented by and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. We’re dedicated to offsetting our Co2 emissions and for this reason, have taken the responsibility of planting new trees each year to give back to nature and promote cleaner air quality.

Our CO2 Emissions:

We carefully examined our diesel, electricity and heating consumption and calculated our CO2 from business-related flights. To offset these emissions, we follow a sustainability program:

Nomad Forest

Our goal is to plant new trees to, one day, create a Nomad forest. Whit this in mind we started a collaboration with the NGO “KOD” that has a project of planting 100.000 trees in Podgorica

It’s on us!

We’d like to stress that the cost of planting the trees and maintenance of environmental programs comes from our own profits. This has had no effect on the price of our tours – it’s our social responsibility.

Carbon Calculator

We are all conscious of the carbon footprint we create in our travels; “Climate Care” is an appropriate non-profit organisation which provides a means to help balance this. Since its foundation in 1997, it has supported numerous humanitarian and environmental projects globally.

Reducing Paper waste

All Nomad customer correspondence and booking confirmations are sent by email, while our office paper is carefully recycled. We also try to process most payments online. What’s more, we carefully recycle all office materials and dispose of them at a local recycling plant. These include:
Office paper
Hard and soft plastic
Batteries, phones and printer cartridges
Metals and glass
Food waste bin

Vehicle Related:

Fuel efficient vehicles:

Our fleet of new vehicles meets standards regarding CO2 emissions. When compared with other vehicles carrying 12 passengers and luggage, our Ford vans produce relatively small amounts of CO2 emissions per person.

Driving practices:

Our trained drivers opt for comfort and passenger safety, for a smooth ride. Careful driving significantly reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles.

Off-road driving:

Consistent with our appreciation of the natural landscape, our off-road routes are always along previously man-made tracks and never across un-broken virgin land. Local consent and advice are always obtained before driving off road and we remain careful to avoid damaging sensitive ecosystems.

We take part in the project of protecting the authentic Montenegrin flora and fauna and cultural heritage that is part of the Dinarid Mountain project. This project is partly financed by the USAID and the project coordinator is Parks Dinarides who coordinates all actions with local partners, tourist agencies and NGOs for environment protection. We took part in the project of working together with rangers form national parks of Durmitor and Biogradska gora in collecting bear DNK for the counting and monitoring the brown bear population of Montenegro.

We are also part of the NGO “KOD” whose project is to plant 100.000 trees around Podgorica with whom we helped create a chestnut plantation from where they will take trees to plant around the city, and also we are the one financing the buying of trees from our own sources.

1. We indirectly give suggestions about water consumption, especially in the summer months when it is important to not waste water. To have a better protection of water resources we work with Eco labeled hotels in the Bay of Kotor as with Eco Hotel Carrubba.

2. The next step in our environmental protection plan is to give as presents to our guests upon arrival reusable aluminium bottles. And we are going to use paper cups that can be recycled that will be available to our guests to use during the tour (for coffee stops for example)

3. During the tour we inform the guests about the local ecosystem how to preserve it and not to damage it. For example during hikes we don't go through not walked paths, and when we do off road driving it is on paths that are designed for this. We don’t encourage guests to leave food for the animals in the forests.

5. We do recycling in our office and all plastic is broth to the recycling points. Also in the office we don't use plastic cups, and on the tours we are planing form 2020 to use reusable aluminium bottles on the tours.
6. Our employees are encouraged to use shared transport, and to walk or bike to work. Also the vehicles we use for the tours are of a lower fuel consumption and C02 emission. During the maintenance we check the quantity of emission gases for cars.

7. We encourage the production of local authentic food and drinks like: wine, beer, honey, cheese and prosciutto. We do this by bringing our guests to these local small family owned and operated farm holds or guest houses.
One of our main goals is to promote the cultural and national diversity of Montenegro. Beside this we are proud that we are part of the Dinarides project (Parcs Dinarides) that is supported by the USAID and WWF, and whose main goals is to preserve the natural beauty of this region and to protect the wild life. We took part in educational trails with the rangers of national parks and also helped in collecting bear DNK in a project of protecting and counting the brown bear population of Montenegro.

Social responsibility

Before arriving in Montenegro we send our guests a detailed General information brochure about the country. Also we are there to provide them with all information about the country and the situation in it. We don't operate in more countries just local in Montenegro so we give out all the information about it.

2. As our tours are fully guided before arriving at some cultural sight, the guide gives detailed information about it and how to behave so as not to negatively impact the local community.

3. Yes our guide is all the time with the guests, he is accommodated in the same facility or close to the guests so he can be close in the case of need. Also the guests are provided with phone numbers of the guide, back office and the owner of the company so there is always someone to respond in case of need.

4. We take great pride that in the winter months on our initiative with our providers and local suppliers have meetings about the betterment of our services, how and what we should do to better our tour. Also we encourage them to implement new projects to expand their services.

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