Rustic Retreats

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We run small seasonal yoga retreats on an off grid site in the Sierra Espuna mountains in southern Spain
Member since: 07 Nov 2019

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Economic responsibility

One day each retreat we offer an alternative treatment day, Reiki, Reflexology and Massage, carried out by 2 fully trained local ladies, We give them spaces to work free of charge.
We have a little shop of local produce which is all stocked from suppliers in the Murcia we do not use large internet based suppliers.
We support the local donkey/dog/charity. The RR team help support directly a family of 5 in Ghana by paying for their school fees,clothing and contribute to emergency medical situations.

Environmental responsibility

We recycle all our own waste grey/black water and composting toilets . Electricity is supplied from our own solar system. Water is from a natural spring which there is a cooperative, this supplies 4 other homes.
Guests are invited to learn and if they want help with every aspect of how we operate this off grid center.
We grow all our vegetables, if we do need to supplement supplies we use the local market. The guests can come with us on these trips, giving them the opportunity to purchase from local traders.
When shopping we use reusable hemp bags for veg, using old olive jars for storage.etc.
We only use organic bathroom products some home made and we encourage people to reuse plastic bottles by operating a deposit scheme on products bought in our little shop.
Being at the base of the Sierra Espuna national park , we have many lovely walks we encourage everyone to collect litter if seen and bring back for recycling.

Social responsibility

Totana is an artesian center so we offer a day out at a local pottery where you can see them working and buy direct from the artist.
We offer visit to a local site called La Bastida it is one of the oldest settlements found in Europe.

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