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Active Adventures is a locally run travel company based in Ladakh Himalaya arranging adventure, nature, and cultural trips in the Himalaya ! It is our belief that adventure and culture travel are as much philosophy as it is the pursuit to provide an incredible travel experiences. When you join for one of our adventures or cultural trips you leave behind the pressure of modern life, connect with nature in a meaningful way and interact with some of the most fascinating cultures. We have always advocated and practiced that our adventures should demonstrate a commitment to the fragile environments which we come into contact with and the people who live amongst them. While our active adventure are carefully crafted unique and always a lots of fun. Beside offering you a meaningful and joyful trips, our dedicated team much involved with the community and environmental projects that support equally to the natural environment and our host villages.
Member since: 13 Nov 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Our objective is to benefit the maximum positive impact of tourism to our native villagers, we engage local tour guide, cook, potters, and horsemen. We also use local homestays so that the income directly goes to the local people.
In the past years we engaged volunteers to installed solar water heater technologies in few remote schools. These are some of our practices.

We use local vegetable supplier to use vegetable and fruits for trekking. We also add programme for local food making session in villages, share recipe, and encourage to buy may organic product like apricot oil, soap etc.

All our staff and suppliers are 100% locals, Guide, potters, Horseman, cook and homestays, guest houses and small hotels. All our guides and employee are certified with different skill by local govt and we are fully committed to engaged local employee.

We use local bread and sandwitch for day pack lunch to our group.
We use Boiled water from local ecological shop to refill the water bottles to avoid package water bottles.

In the recent years with one of our old friend from Canada, we raised funds to install solar technologies in two schools in the remote village of Nubra.
These technologies are appropriate to deliver hot water for all kids during the harsh winter months and they are 100% environmentally friend.

Environmental responsibility

We were a member for Leve No Trace and our guides joined the LNT training, our practices of responsible tourism
ways are; •    As much as possible we avoid taking unnecessary packaging and waste on the trail. Litter is always brought back to Leh, and tourists are requested to bring back their private non-organic litter also. Picking up other people’s litter along the way is encouraged and sets a good example to others!
•    To minimize pollution of the precious water resources our staffs wash dishes away from streams and rivers in a bucket. We also discourage clients from using shampoos and soaps if washing in rivers.
•    Toilet facilities are also carefully placed outside the campsites by our staff and located to minimize the effect on the area. However if nature calls while walking through the day it is important that trekkers find a site far enough away from any water source and dispose of paper by burning as it will not decompose in the high, dry environment.
•    We provide boiled drinking water on the trek to minimize the waste created by packaged flavored drinks. While in Leh, we encourage tourists to refill their water bottles at water refill shop or treat it themselves with water purification.

In our office we have generated e-vouchers for booking confirmation of hotels, that way we don’t need to print paper vouchers for our travellers.
We use maximum e-based office work so that it reduce the paper usage.

Our destination Ladakh is now facing serious water issues, we suggest our guests to use minimum use of water.
E.g we encourage to use local toilet, instead of flush during their trek in the remote villages. So that it save lots of water.

We give a proper briefing before clients are exposed to any outdoors activity. Ladakh having a fragile environment and its endangered flora and fauna. We discourage our travellers not to disturb the wild life and birds in their habitat, like close photography, discourage feeding to wild life animals like marmot.

We encourage our travellers to watch local documentary film show that developed by NGOs and Ladakh Women Alliance. Some of our tours are community-based tourism to visit some local run NGO project. Like snow leopard conservation work shop and we encourage to book Himalayan homestays to our known customers.

We follow the concept of Leve No Trace, we produced clothes and straw bags for shopping, for re using and big clothes bags for trekking to bring the trash back in the bags. We discourage the minimum use of packets items.

We use solar panel chargers during the trek, we use bicycles for office uses, and cycle tours.

Social responsibility

Our group are normally not less the 10 people.
We give briefing them dos and donts before the trip to respect the local people and code of ethic before visit a monastery, or any other holy place.

We installed solarised technologies in local schools.

We provide accurate pre-trip information on social and political situation in each destination that we operate.

We engaged permanent local guide to accompanies with our groups to visit monasteries, villages and festivals.

There seem many positive changes such as developing local homestays directly benefit the local host community, and indirectly it benefit in snow leopard and lynx conservation. Few education project to restores school, charity of clothes, libraries, relevant technologies are practical examples that once can see in Ladakh.

It is inevitable that tourists leave some impression of their culture by visiting our remote villages of Ladakh. We encourage our guests to consume local products, interact with the local experts, like local healers Amchi, Artista, Astrologers, Singers, Musician and Oracle etc. Most of our tour has a short intreatction session that reflect a meaningful inter-cultural understanding. This gave pride of local people and their identity.

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