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With half a century of experience working in all aspects of the Travel Industry and developing exceptional authentic tours, our company is dedicated to showing the discerning traveller the “real” Land of the Long White Cloud. New Zealand in Style will plan an individual experience by managing your trip, supporting you with expert help on the ground so you can be secure while also confident of following responsible tourism principles. Our special selection of properties let you immerse yourself in nature, culture, beach relaxation, or local food & wine, using our kiwi rating based on experience, not always on price.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Our economic responsibility lies in giving you holiday choices that encompass protecting, preserving and promoting
local communities, with careful consideration into the destinations you visit, the way you travel, and the services you
choose once you arrive.
We recognise the importance of supporting local cultures through tourism, and are proud to use local companies on
the ground which give jobs to people in the area, maintaining the heritage and localised knowledge, as well as
supporting families. We wish for tourism to have a positive effect on the local communities you visit, helping them to
thrive by giving revenue directly to the people. By using locally owned and operated accommodation, local expert
guides, and local producers we can ensure this happens. We also support the Department of Conservation National
Parks which provide employment across the country in conservation, research and tourism.
The Maori cultural heritage is an integral part of New Zealand, and we give you the chance to experience it first-hand
with visits to craft markets, Maori cultural performances and a traditional hangi feast, giving economic benefits to the
There is no better way to learn about the area and community than through the people, and New Zealand excels in
small, family-run bed and breakfasts and farm accommodations with eco-friendly outlooks. Feel the warmth of the Kiwi
people as they open their homes and share their passion for their homeland. We have carefully selected properties
that follow responsible tourism principles; respecting and benefiting local communities and cultures. Here are
examples of some of the ways the properties contribute to the community:
Employing a local manuka honey beekeeper who provides 100% certified manuka honey
Giving redundant appliances and furniture to a local support group
Sponsoring a local Orchestra and Theatre, Arts and Music Festivals, and RISE - Women Seriously in Business
Buying local produce and amenities, and using local service and trades people.
Through initiatives in sustainable tourism, such as the Sustainable Tourism Commitment, and
Qualmark Sustainability Awards, businesses and properties in New Zealand are going one step further to ensure that
the economy, people and environment are better off because of tourism. Many of the suppliers and accommodation
we use, adhere to this ethos and have achieved these awards.
With every booking, we donate to the The Kiwi Trust, a community-based conservation trust led by Te Puke Forest &
Bird and the local community. Following the concern of the declining North Island brown kiwi in the ?tanewainuku
Forest, the trust works to protect and restore the indigenous ecosystem and biodiversity in the forest to enable the kiwi
birds to thrive.

Environmental responsibility

Following New Zealand’s lead, we want to offer environmentally sustainable tours that care for land, sea and nature,
‘treading lightly and leaving no trace’. We believe when we travel, we have a responsibility to ensure the countries we
visit are left in the same or better state than we found them. To do this we are dedicated to educate our clients on the
principles set out by the country, and support businesses that have an environmental and social commitment.
New Zealand is a very environmentally friendly country and the properties we have selected are excelling in their
environmental efforts, conscious of having as little impact on the environment as possible. Some examples are
through recycling and reducing plastic use, minimising energy consumption through energy efficient housing, using
sustainable materials, solar power and rainwater collecting and water conservation initiatives. Also through zero waste
management and composting, and use pesticide free and/or biodegradable products.
Some properties are also leading local conservation efforts with ecosystem restoration, continuous planting
programmes of native trees, creating wilderness areas to attract bird life, supporting Conservation projects such as the
Birdsong Trust, and encouraging clean ecosystems and biodiversity conservation. We also use some properties which
are Kiwi Green Certified, using only eco-friendly products in cleaning and offsetting your carbon footprint through Kiwi
Green Regeneration.
Others have gone the extra mile to join initiatives such, as Qualmark and The Tourism Sustainability Commitment, to
establish that they operate in an ethical, professional and environmentally sustainable way.
For our self-drive itineraries we have chosen a hire car company in lie with the principles we believe in, also
supporting the Tiaki promise. The company offers Hybrid cars and is a carboNZero certified business and uses its
credits to support the Hinewai Reserve – an ecological restoration project in the Banks Peninsula.
New Zealand is abundant with beautiful National Parks which are protected to preserve native wildlife and plant
species. The Department of Conservation manages the largest areas of these, running programmes to restore species
and heritage, and provide opportunities for people to engage with nature. They also manage threats to places and
species, including fire, biosecurity and climate change

Throughout our tours there are many visits to DOC areas, offering education on environmental issues and how to
travel responsibly through the area. We urge our clients to follow their guidelines for the protection of New Zealand’s
national parks, wildlife and marine mammals. Through DOC we can offer a wealth of information including maps,
policies, alerts, weather, track information, safety outdoors, litter guidelines, wildlife protection, and care codes. And
any money for entrance fees and DOC guides mean we are supporting the ongoing conservation efforts on research
and development ideas, and summer scholarship projects, and native species-specific protection programmes.
For our part in the UK, we are a small, independent family run business with our office in our home, so avoid
commuting fuel consumption. And our main vehicle is a hybrid car. We are actively reducing the waste we produce. All
printer cartridges and paper is recycled, we recycle and where possible reuse plastic, and use composting methods
for waste.
We volunteer locally for Marah Trust, a charitable drop-in centre that supports vulnerable families, and do volunteer
work for a Longfield Care Hospice. We are Rotary members and donate to one of their partner projects ShelterBox
which offers support to communities in desperate need of emergency temporary shelter and vital supplies following
natural disasters.

Social responsibility

We have a social responsibility to preserve and celebrate local culture when we visit different destinations, and New
Zealand is pioneering in recognising its native people and traditions.
In 1840, the Treaty of Waitangi between Maori and the Crown was signed guaranteeing Maori full possession of their
land. We want to recognise the importance of this treaty and show the history of the Maori people on our tours, where
possible offering our clients the opportunity to learn about the spiritual heritage of the people, such as visiting the
heritage listed buildings and grounds of the Waitangi Treaty House in the Bay of Islands, taking part in Maori cultural
performances and a traditional hangi in Rotorua, learning about the Maori carvings in Waitakere Ranges Regional
Park, or the deep spiritual respect the Maori’s hold for places like Waipoua Forest.
Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand, which translates as "land of the long white cloud."
With this deep connection that New Zealanders have with their land, the M?ori tradition stems from the belief that if
you look after the land, the land will look after you. This concept has become part of New Zealand’s collective
consciousness as a nation, and we want to echo this through the tourism we offer to New Zealand.
With this is mind, we are supporting the Tiaki Promise and strive to educate our clients on its principles when they visit
New Zealand. The Tiaki Promise has a strong and meaningful foundation in M?ori culture and tradition, Tiaki meaning
To care for people and places.
The NZ Tourist Board has launched this initiative to actively encourage all visitors to experience New Zealand in a way
that keeps them safe and protects the natural environment. The Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive, Stephen
England-Hall says “New Zealand is known for its warm welcome to guests and the Tiaki Promise builds on that by
inviting the world to stand alongside us, so our home can be enjoyed for future generations of Kiwis and visitors. It
reminds people to travel responsibly as they enjoy what our country has to offer, making it clear what behaviours are
expected from putting rubbish in the bin to driving safely and showing care and consideration for all,

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