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Avventura Travels is a luxury adventure travel company providing small group journeys and tailor-made itineraries to Madagascar, Colombia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Vietnam and Cambodia. Established in 2019, Avventura Travels is firmly committed to delivering real and authentic adventure experiences in the most sustainable and responsible manner possible.
Member since: 25 Jan 2020

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Avventura Travels is firmly committed to “local delivery”. This stance is defined by our commitment to only
use local guides and tour support staff. Avventura Travels does not employ Tour Leaders from the UK; all
tour leaders, guides and support staff are always 100% local.
Whilst not always possible, Avventura Travels and its partners endeavour to work with locally owned
accommodation rather than international chains. This is augmented with a proactive approach to using
properties that use ethically sourced local produce.
As a new company, Avventura Travels does not yet have the financial headroom to significantly contribute
directly to charities. However, through our partners, Avventura Travels does support local NGOs and
charitable bodies. As the business grows the level of direct financial contribution will grow but this will
always be undertaken through and in consultation with our local partners, ensuring that investment has a
local focus and is made in the most appropriate and beneficial manner possible.

Supporting the local community
Wherever possible, purchase locally made gifts and crafts that contribute to the economic development of the local community.
Wherever possible, the accommodation we promote uses responsibly produced local ingredients and produce.
All Avventura Travel interactions during community visits are carefully crafted to be meaningful, authentic and symbiotic with
local people and their culture. Local communities are opening up their families, customs and traditions for you to experience
and enjoy – please fully respect this as a personal gesture to you as their valued guest.

Environmental responsibility

Our sustainability efforts start “at home”.
Every effort is made by staff both professionally and personally to reduce waste and to promote
sustainable practices. Single-use plastics are not allowed in the office. Office cleaning is conducted using
eco-friendly detergents and products.
Anything that can be recycled is. Paper, toner cartridges, batteries, mobile phones are recycled or disposed
of in the most sustainable manner possible. Avventura Travels only produces electronic brochures.
The office building has recently (October 2019) been re-insulated to meet the latest standards for heat
efficiency. The heating system is timer-based to limit waste. LED lighting is used throughout the office.

Our customer documentation contains the Avventura Travels Code of Conduct which sets out the
minimum standards of behaviour, courtesy and environmental awareness we expect from our guests [See
Section 6].
Our Local Partners and Suppliers
All partners and suppliers have eliminated the use of single-use plastic water bottles and have replaced
with reusable water containers.
We and our partners do not promote any captive animal experiences other than those required to protect
and nurture endangered species. Such operations must demonstrate they are operating to the highest
ethical, welfare and ecological standards - as independently audited by an NGO, charity or government
approved body, before being considered.

Some notable initiatives include:
Water for Cambodia – installing filters to ensure local communities have safe, clean water.
HeroRats – supporting APOPO train mine detection rats in supporting the clearance of war ordinance and
return safe land back to the communities.
Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica – contribute to the experiments and assist the collection of research samples
under the guidance of world-renown volcanologist Gino González.
Visit to BRAVE, Cape Town - BRAVE provides a safe space for girls between the ages of 10-14 in an
afterschool leadership workshop and holiday programme, helping them gain confidence, resilience and
life skills to stay in school.

Reducing water consumption
Many destinations suffer from acute clean water shortages. By managing your consumption while travelling you will contribute
directly to conserving essential water supplies. Leaving taps running, excessive toilet flushing and having baths rather than
showers all use up this vital local resource we take for granted.
Other environmental considerations
Water is not the only scarce resource and other activities can help limit our personal impact, such as:
• Avoiding leaving lights on and phones or electronic equipment on constant charge
• Minimising the use of air conditioning equipment
• Not using single-use plastics and plastic bags
• Disposing of litter and waste materials in an appropriate manner (always seek local guidance if unsure)
• Not removing any objects from their natural environment
• Ensuring personal toiletries are biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Social responsibility

All our partners actively give priority to local suppliers and service providers that demonstrate an active
stance regarding their employees social and economic rights.
All our partners abide by the WTO Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual
Exploitation in Travel and Tourism and must prove they have adopted a “zero tolerance” position.
All our partners take positive steps to ensure their employees are treated fairly and all abide by the
prevailing national employment legislation as a minimum; invariably exceeding such legislation.

Our tours and tailor-made itineraries provide the opportunity to visit local social projects (e.g. Hero Rats)
either as an included activity or as an optional excursion. All such projects are vetted to ensure they
provide either financial, social or community benefit.
Zero tolerance
Avventura Travels and its partners will not tolerate under any circumstances the following actions by
guests. If suspected or proven, this would result in the immediate cessation of their holiday and would be
reported to the appropriate authorities:
• Any kind of sexual tourism activities whatsoever
• Any aggressive and/or discriminatory behaviour whatsoever
• The removal or purchase of any artefacts, relics or similar
• The trafficking or purchase of any endemic endangered animals or organic matter or items made
from the same.
Every itinerary has an up to date information pack that accompanies the client fulfilment documentation.
An important part of this pack is the Avventura Travels Code of Conduct. This code outlines the standards
expected by our guests; from behaviour and conduct through to environmental and social best practice
guidelines. As per this overall policy, the code will be amended and updated on a continuous basis to
ensure our guests travel in the most responsible manner possible

Conduct and behaviour
It is of vital importance that you conduct yourself and behave in a culturally sensitive manner. We expect our guests to be both
polite and respectful to local people, their fellow guests and our local staff.
We expect our guests to be mindful of local customs. Your guides will brief you when you arrive on the cultural “dos” and
“don’ts”. Here are some of the most important considerations for [Destination(s)]:
Visiting religious or sacred sites and buildings
Visits to religious or scared sites may form part of your local immersion and experience. Your guide will provide specific
guidance but please be aware that you will invariably need to be dressed appropriately and conduct oneself with decency and
with a respect for the solemnity of the location.
You should always seek guidance and permission before taking photographs of or conversing with local clerical staff in religious
or sacred settings.
Tipping and begging
Receiving gratuities can be a way of life for some. Your guide will provide local guidance on tipping; the protocols, its
appropriateness, prevalence and level.
Begging can unfortunately also be a part of everyday life and is regularly orchestrated behind the scenes by organised teams
or gangs. If approached, the general guidance is to politely decline. Do not hand out anything without seeking advice from your
guides. In many places, such “generosity” only serves to fuel a begging mentality. We recommend that should you wish to give
something, please seek advice from your guide who will recommend a recognised local charity/NGO for such donations.

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