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We are an experience travel company, working with leaders in their field to create immersive travel experiences. We offer over 50 award winning trips around the world with passionate and knowledgeable guides. Our packages include a balance of social, free-time and activities allowing you to become one with your destination.
Member since: 19 Mar 2020

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We employ local guides, drivers etc. within our destinations.
We encourage local suppliers to employ local people, for example, exercising a preference for local agents and accommodation which employ local people.
LOCAL EVERYTHING… We encourage local sourcing of product such as food, drinks, etc.
We take part in the MRP Foundation by sponsoring 3 cyclist and help raise money for the cause. MRP Foundation is a registered non profit with a purpose to enable young people to reach their full potential.
Eco Hotels / Guest Houses / Home Stays. This uplifts families and local and creates a positive environment

Environmental responsibility

We make use of our app in order to apply a paperless environment. Brochures are only printed on request and if print outs are made, there is a designated bin for paper recycling.      
We make use of recycling bins -  we make use of a service called EcoMonkey that collect every second week and sort on our behalf.
  We limit the use of plastic bottles by producing/supplying branded water containers.        
On all our destinations we include local villages that manufacture/grow their own produce (self-sustaining) and do not support major corporations. One of many examples (as before mentioned we include this into all our destinations) is the Spiritual Myanmar Experience “Then, learn more about local culture with a visit to two workshops producing some of Bagan’s most famous products: lacquerware and woodcrafts. Watch as skilled craftsmen use techniques passed down through generations to create beautiful local goods.”
We allow no single use plastics or polystyrene takeaways.      
We support carbon reduction in encouraging some of our staff to work from home (online).
We support local food, we make a point of it to make it compulsory on all Culinary tours (as part of the experience as well.) and when meals are in included in any other of our tour packages… LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL!!!
ZERO PLASTIC; reusable water bottles and no polystyrene takeaways.
No animal cruelty (for example no zoo visits, animal rides or animal exploitation whatsoever).
Use of electronic vehicles where possible for transfer and tour options – end 2021, Asia & India already 65% implemented.

Providing travellers with relevant suggestions on how to reduce water usage within their destination.
Providing travellers with relevant suggestions to minimize damage to the environment and wildlife ecosystems.

Social responsibility

40% of our products/tours/destinations include pre-trip information on the social and political situations in each destination, as we are growing in suppliers and as a business, we are aiming for a 100%
All our destinations include a local guide accompanying group visits to local communities.
We suggest destination visits to appropriate local social projects with direct/indirect benefits to the host communities, mostly within out Eastern destinations. For example in Myanmar we visit cottage industry workshops that allows us to learn about how local crafts, such as walking sticks, wooden pipes and pens, are made.” For example sin Vietnam we travel to one of the villages where everything started. A place where water puppetry is deeply rooted and where locals have been preserving the art in its traditional form. Meet the artisans who make the puppets out of wood, as well as the puppeteers who give them life. Attend a private show and enjoy lunch with the troupe.”
Educating our clients on the local culture of our destinations.

Future Goals:
Provide travellers with suggestions of ways to minimize negative impacts on local cultures.

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