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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

The entire premise of our business is to market and distribute more responsible holidays, thereby creating more jobs for local people, greater income for local people, increased benefits for conservation and a lower environmental impact, whilst at the same time minimising negative impacts on local environments and cultures.

Environmental responsibility

We aim to fulfil our objectives through the following means:
• Environmental concerns will guide purchases and other aspects of the daily operation.
• The daily operation will be organized in such a way that responsible waste management, i.e. separation, recycling and emptying, becomes a natural and understood part of the company’s functions.
• All employees are encouraged to use environmentally friendly transportation when possible.
• We will seek different ways to promote the link between environmental protection and an individual’s choice regarding their means of transportation, daily life and actions.
• Through our customized travel documents and other day-to-day communications, customers will be informed of ways to respect the environment during their travels

In our office we are having separate bins for recycling materials. We noticed unfortunately that the garbage company is using the same truck and combining recyclable and non-recyclable materials together, therefore we have taken a step further and what we are collecting in our office we are taking it personally twice a month to a private recycling center. In our office, all computers & screens are energy efficient and we installed a separate meeter just for our office to monitor better the use of electrical power. We no longer produce printed brochures that we don’t need. We have e very limited supply of printed materials that we use for promoting our tours at different worldwide travel fairs (WTM, ITB), printed on recycled paper, that we reuse.

In the Danube Delta where we take travelers for boat rides using the local people in order to support the local community cleaning the canals and maintaining the shores & Villages in Transylvania where we stay at local homes and by paying for the accommodation and the food, we provide the locals with a steady income, preventing them to do logging like they did in the previous years in order to make a living. This way, more forests are being saved.

Social responsibility

The entire premise of our business is to market holidays that have a greater positive impact on the local communities, cultures and people visited. Our tours we market help create jobs for local people, greater income for local people and minimize negative impacts on cultures and the environment. All the holidays on our site increase the linkages to local enterprises, thereby increasing the multiplier effect of the amount spent by the tourist in the destination. We require all operators and accommodations listed on the site to provide travelers with information that helps sensitize them to local cultures and different ways of life.

Before the travelers are coming we are preparing a set of informations for them for the country or countries they are visiting, putting into perspective both the social and political situation making them aware of everything around. This is not all, as we are always open for questions and we answer our travelers e-mails in never more than 24hrs in order for them to get all their questions answered. In the same pre-trip information we send them extra info about the places of interest and the things that they can plan ahead.

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