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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Our holiday policy is to offer an authentic experience of living in this part of Spain and will give an insight into the important industries and history of this area. I have had many years experience of making and selling my own craftwork and have also taught crafts within Community Education. I know how valuable taking part in such activities is for participants wellbeing. It builds confidence and a sense of achievement and is a great activity to break down barriers and aid socialising. As Andalucia has a rich artisan culture, this is the perfect setting for people to explore their own creativity. I have chosen 3 different genres to learn -

1} Tile printing - As the buildings and patios are decorated with the most beautifully designed tiles the guests will find much inspiration here to create their own. Pottery is an industry throughout Andalucia and the previous day we will visit some small factories in a town outside Cordoba, which specialises in ceramics of all types. This will allow guests to buy directly from the makers. On this same trip we will visit a nearby vineyard to learn about their eco methods of production and their wines. Again there will be an opportunity to sample and purchase products directly from the makers.
2} Picture making – We will be drawing inspiration for this activity from the previous day visit to Cordoba’s ancient centre and wandering the Juderia. We will visit 3 sites of importance where there are many opportunities to learn about the history of Cordoba. By visiting these sites they can continue to afford to preserve the historic culture for all. These visits and the touring of the winding streets will foster an appreciative eye as guests will be looking for photo opportunities to translate into paintings the next day.
3} Jewellery making – Cordoba has a long history of jewellery making and much of it’s recent wealth has grown around this. I am a trained practicing jewellery and have recently been using more and more recycled materials to make my own. This particular workshop will use recycled aluminium (old, cleaned pet food tins) to emboss in the typical Moorish method and create a centre piece for an item of jewellery. As a day of inspiration previous to this workshop, we will visit the jewellery park on the outskirts of Cordoba. Here they have a museum and many independent jewellers for the guests to view and have the chance to buy directly from the makers again.
Economic responsibility – e.g. details of: donations to charities, employing local people, etc
As mentioned above, I have factored in visits to many independent companies/makers on our inspirational day trips. This will allow guests to buy products directly from them. As well as this the day trips to the city and nearby towns will give the guests the chance to eat in local restaurants. The visits to all the historic sites will help to keep them protected and restored to their former glory. The Mesquita and the Medina have been given World Heritage Site status and the continued development of the archeological site of the Medina Azahara is very much aided by visitors to the centre.

Environmental responsibility

The area we live in is directly adjacent to a Parque Natural, an area of natural and protected beauty. The guests have access to this area for walks directly from the house. I will offer a refillable water container for these walks to reuse and avoid any litter issues if they choose to visit the area.
I intend to grow our own vegetables or to buy from a local vegetable plot to provide evening meals for guests.
As to the workshops themselves, I will be partly using recycled materials for jewellery making and also have ideas for using recycled materials for making printing blocks for the tile making process.
As to our accommodation itself, as a creative person much of the furnishings are upcycled second hand items. Many of the cabinets, mirrors, tables etc were bought from charity shops both in Scotland and here in Cordoba. This I feel makes an eclectic and creative environment and protects from a throwaway culture.

Social responsibility

As aforementioned, the workshops I have selected are to reflect the specific artisan culture of the region and Cordoba specifically. I have factored in visits to local makers and local industries, especially small independants and within this will be opportunities to purchase directly from them. As within any Spanish city, town and village there are great local markets, so we will also be visiting one that I especially enjoy to buy from small, independent stall holders.
There is a huge wealth of historic culture in Cordoba that was sadly neglected for many years, to the point that many households have items of Roman history in their gardens taken form the Medina Azahara. This is now a protected site and is being further excavated to reveal even more of this major part of Andalucian cultural history. The preservation of this and other sites are aided by the many visitors they now receive in an organised fashion. I am delighted to help financially support this by taking guests to visit and also to help the guests develop an appreciation of the ancient history here.

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