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We have grown as a team of creative, professionals who adore India and understand every nuance of what you are looking for when you set out on your journey to explore India. We think outside of the box and offer experiences beyond the mundane, giving you something over and above what everyone else is offering. We offer you the India that you always wanted to see along with the highlights, you will get to discover the little things that make our country what it is lovingly called Incredible India. We offer real experiences-people experience, places less traveled and help you delve into the heart and soul of our beautiful country. We work out unique and innovative tours for every traveler. Your tour will be tailored to your requirement keeping in mind your comfort, safety, likes and dislikes. You will be bowled over by the service you get from us from the moment you set foot in our country to the time you depart for home.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We encourage our guests to interact with the host communities and community-based organizations while maximizing the benefits to local economies and communities. We structure this through the following measures:

Cultural heritage preservation
Mentoring team members
Considerate sourcing of gifts for our guests
Celebrating enriching encounters

We support and promote partners that are guided by strong ethical values and sustainable principles. We create and maintain partnerships with smaller local companies where possible, rather than larger or multinational ones. We will create awareness and steer our partners towards sustainable behavior through making our partner selection criteria transparent. We avoid working with partners and suppliers who we believe have a negative impact on the local environment or treat the local communities or their team disrespectfully. We do not employ foreign tour leaders or guides as we believe that local guides usually do an equally good or better job. We make clear and transparent arrangements with our local partners and suppliers, and make every effort to avoid exploiting them or their team.

Environmental responsibility

‘Responsible Travel’ to us means achieving business success while having a positive impact on the society and environment in which we operate and from which we benefit. When we make our guests’ travel dreams come true and facilitate their journeys to different parts of our amazing planet, it is important to us that through tourism, our guests and we are able to make a positive contribution to the people and places along the way.

We are always working internally to improve our environmental footprint, and choosing partners and accommodation providers who make earnest conservation efforts and with lower ecological impact.

We do not choose to use paper in our organization as we always send e travel documents to our clients by email which travellers can show in their mobile at any necessary place when required as we care about environment.

We also suggest ways our travellers can reduce the use of water by following ways a) Chuck the shower ask for a bucket and mug instead. A bucketful of water limits your use. b) Don't leave the tap running while brushing your teeth or shaving. Only use water while rinsing. Limit the use of plastic bottles by keeping reusable metal travel bottles to save the environment

We do not promote any such tour which gives damage to the environment and wildlife eco systems. We avoid any wildlife tours that promise up-close encounters with animals, as these may be unethical. We do promote safaris as it helps to contribute towards the conservation of wildlife as the money is reinvested into the national park and tiger conservations.

We support carbon reduction schemes as we promote use of electric cars, cycling to work and we do also promote cycling tours, rickshaw ride, battery van to our travellers.

Social responsibility

We support charities and community projects which inspire us and where we believe we can make a difference beyond simply giving donations, through using our skills and capabilities in a way that they have a positive impact and also enrich our team members’ and guests’ experiences.

We also support local community-based projects and small scale businesses and try to ensure that they receive a fair share of the benefits from our guests’ trips. We encourage the employment of local people through the accommodations and projects that we support.

We also organise walking tours to draw attention to lives of street children in India. The tours are conducted in English by teenagers who used to live on streets themselves before joining the Trust. All the proceeds from the walk go towards helping street children in.

We also support Sheroes Hangout, a bright, welcoming café run entirely by survivors of acid attacks; all of them women, their faces, and sometimes necks and arms, damaged by cheap, easily-procured and horrifically corrosive acid. In about half of all cases, it was thrown at them by members of their own families; in almost every case, by someone they knew. The reasons are varied—jealousy, revenge, reproductive ‘failure’—but many attacks aim to disfigure the woman after a rejection of a marriage proposal or sexual advances.

We are always honest in our advice to our guests. We try to give our guests the most realistic picture possible of what their trip will be like – as we believe that matching expectations to the local reality, and then exceeding these expectations, is the way to consistently enchant our guests. We encourage our guests to deepen their understanding of the destination prior to departure so that they are aware of any cultural or environmental issues. We provide our guests with as much relevant information on each destination, culture, traditions, local economy and sensitive areas as we can, in the form of personal advice, informative guidebooks and our own in-house Travel Guides. Travellers are provided accurate information on the social and political situation in each destinations to which traveller is going to travel.

We create awareness among our guests for our partners’ sustainability initiatives and promote activities involving these, e.g., visiting partner-supported local villages. We provide guests access to our Top Tips for Responsible Travel. Our Travel Consultants are happy to share this with our guests.

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