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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We offer employment to local community by offering services to local guides. The company makes donations to organisations like CRY to support the local underprivileged children. We also have formed relationships with local communities like Kachpura Walk in Agra where the villager takes the guests on tour and the proceeds of that tour go for betterment of the local population.

Environmental responsibility

All our vehicles are emission-tested vehicles and maintained in a manner that reduces the pollution. We reduce the use of paper by taking printouts when absolutely necessary. Upon your arrival, we share only the most important trip information via paper copies. A majority of all our communication occurs via email.
We generally ask our guests to opt for sharing safaris thus reducing the number of vehicles in the park and hence lesser pollution and interference for animals.
In our final documents, we have a mention of “Travelling Responsibly”.

Social responsibility

We promote tours that support local communities and also offer enriching experiences to our guests. Our partnerships with local NGOs and community members enable us to provide heritage walks and other tours that celebrate the diversity of cultures, capture the feel of places and assure engaging photo walks. A talented storyteller or heritage leader from the community leads you on a heritage walk, narrating facts, anecdotes and interesting tidbits fluently. The fees for heritage walks and slum tours support local economies, improving the quality of medical care and education

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