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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

With our strong emphasis on CBT we try to bring as much benefit as possible to the local communities with which we work. This comes in the form of fair payment for services provided, employment of local people as guides, drivers, porters, etc. Any provisions required for the tour are bought from local markets and shops. Clients are encouraged to support the local handicrafts industry by the purchase of souvenirs and patronise local shops for any other shopping they need to do.
Some tours provide clients with the opportunity to make donations to local temples and charities. For example:
We provide ad hoc support for specific community projects such as refurbishing a village school, improving irrigation systems or creating firebreaks in a community forest. We will also provide help if improvements in health, safety and sanitation are required in a community before it is able to welcome overseas visitors.
In addition, as a company we regularly donate time and money to a local project where we have identified a need or have been asked for help. These activities come under our policy of CSR.

Environmental responsibility

Our responsibility to the environment is reflected in operations of our tours and in our office housekeeping.

Tour operations and protecting the environment – local and global
• We always endeavour to instill pride among community members in their natural heritage and in their traditional cultural heritage, as the two are often intimately entwined. With pride in these aspects of their lives, from knowing that visitors have come half away round the world to experience them, will come the desire to preserve them.
• The additional employment and economic stimulus that visitors will bring may reduce harmful activities such as illegal logging and poaching, and so aid the aim of environmental protection.
The company’s activities extend beyond CBT however and we are engaged in more general tourism activi-ties: soft adventure and activity holidays, general sightseeing, beach breaks and teach and travel pro-grammes.
Our commitment to sustainable operations extends to all of these areas, influencing our choice of hotels, transport and activities.
• All our tours are structured in a way to reduce their environmental impact and all associated transport, with a strong preference for public surface transport rather than flights or private transport.
• All food is purchased locally, to boost the local economy and reduce any impact on the environment.
• Trekking, kayaking, rafting and cycling are major activities in many of our programmes.
• We avoid environmentally harmful activities such as off-road racing, mountain biking, zip lining, etc.
• Captive animals are featured in our tours only if they are humanely treated, well housed, well fed and with good medical care. Only domesticated animals may be used for riding and no animals used for performing tricks.
• Wild animals may only be viewed from afar with no interaction with people.

Social responsibility

An important aspect of our CBT programmes is instilling pride among local people in their traditional culture by showing them that it is important enough and valuable enough for people to come half way around the world to experience it. We encourage them to maintain their old traditions and ceremonies, not so they can put on special shows for our clients, which we never do, but so these valuable customs are preserved for future generations. Very often these old traditions are closely connected with the protection and preservation of their local environment and are so doubly important.

The additional income that tourism provides gives a boost to the local economy and additional employment may prevent some young people from migrating to the cities to find jobs and so help keep families together and foster social cohesion. These two benefits of tourism make the preservation of local culture that much easier.

At least once a year, Nutty’s Adventures, our sister company ABT Journeys and our restaurant Raan Tha Luang, take on a project to help a local community or institution, in or around Ayutthaya, where we have identified a need or where we have received a request for assistance. For this we will raise the necessary funds and then all the staff, along with family and friends donate a weekend of their time to implement the project. Examples of the projects carried out in recent years:
• Clean Wat Bang Tan Temple at Ban Sai Noi.
• Clean and repair paintwork at Wat Tha Sutthawat Temple in Ban Sai Noi.
• Clean and decorate school library at Wat Pichan Sophon School, Pa Mok.
• Clean and decorate school canteen and kitchen at Wat Amphawa, Bang Ban.
• Clean and decorate school canteen and school lunch project at Wat Lad Chado School, Pak Hai.
• Save four buffaloes from an abattoir and donate them to local rice farmers for the community to re-establish traditional farming methods.
• Donate medical equipment and other items to Ayutthaya Prison for the benefit of the female prisoners.
• In cooperation with Thailand Association of the Blind, provide a free one-day tour of Ayutthaya Historical Park for blind Thai people.
• Provide lunch boxes for the staff at hospitals around Ayutthaya during the Covid-19 outbreak.
In this way we stay involved with the local communities around us and give something back to society in general.

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