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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We at Surprise Tourism always do our best to deal with locally owned suppliers and help to put fair remuneration or profit into the local community. And we ensure that as maximum money as possible remains in the local economy by using local suppliers, local food, and family-owned accommodation or homestays. We believe in fair trade principles; we always encourage our guests to pay a fair price for the high quality and unique products and services they receive from the local organization we deal with. As Surprise tourism is a local tour operator and deals with only local suppliers, when you book with us you, the money you paid goes straight to local people and communities, and you get a better price too. The local suppliers and guides who work with us are redistributing income from tourism to create fair paying jobs and execute sustainable, long-lasting solutions to the obstacles they face in their day to day life.   

Environmental responsibility

Humans in general take our resources for granted and act like these are unlimited. We understand that the planet should be protected and should be conserved for future generations. We aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels and encourage our partners and suppliers to use renewable energy. Our tour programs and operations try to provide the best support we can give to Sustainable agriculture, fishing, and Organic farming. Encourage our team members and customers to take steps to increase tree planting, reducing deforestation, and re-cycling. Our Tours and activities are designed and executed by considering the following environmental pol-icies:

Social responsibility

Our Activities and services are designed in such a way it gives our guests the chance to learn about local customs and traditions. It is included in day to day practice that each guest is educated about the local lan-guage, traditions, and cultural requirements. We try our best to add dining from the locally owned restaurant or tasting a local cuisine ate without the aid of cutlery. Our day trips also include visiting a local camel farm with lunch to support the local farmers. Along with each booking confirmation we send the details about lo-cal traditions and customs to educate the guests about the destination they are visiting. A professional and certified local guide accompanies our guest on each day trips.

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