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The European Safari Company offers unique experiences that directly support wild nature and wildlife comeback in some of Europe’s most special places. Places that often suffer from rural depopulation, land abandonment and economic downturn, where rewilding can breath new life and prosperity into these landscapes. The European Sa-fari Company hand picks untouched nature based experiences, hard to find or hear about to bring you the ulti-mate nature based getaways.Travellers with the European Safari Company not only experience some of Europe’s finest nature, but directly learn about and contribute to rewilding and support local communities.
Member since: 11 Feb 2021

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Rewilding Europe Levy

5% of your booking sum goes directly to the local Rewilding Europe organisation. This is used to fund local projects, such as bear corridors in the Central Appenines, European bison release in the Southern Carpathians, or developing wildlife reserves in the Velebit Mountains

Environmental responsibility

Ethical approach to wildlife watching

Wildlife is observed from a safe distance, bearing in mind to have as little impact on the animals’ natural behaviour where possible. Strict rules of engagement, attraction and monitoring of animals in the wild are followed. We do not support the hunting or persecution of wildlife and aim to have a low level of impact on all wildlife when in nature or elsewhere in relation to our supported areas and partners.


Train before plane

If you live in Europe, it is often possible to reach our European destinations by train. And while we do not book your transport to the safari starting point for you, we are happy to help if guests run into problems finding the best travel option.

Local transport

If clients book a safari with us, they are free to choose your own transport to the starting point of your safari. This can be a bigger city, but is very often a small rural village that is hard to reach by public transport. If public transport is not an option, the second best option is to rent a (hybrid) car.

Reduce the CO2 emissions of your journey 

While CO2 offsetting may not be the answer we are looking for, we still believe that it has a role to play in the current travel industry. You can arrange your personal offsetting for instance through here: While we look for more long-term solutions, we can already start changing our (travel) behaviours by, for instance, cycling more often, eating less or no meat, flying less frequently to faraway destinations and choosing used over new items. After all, what you don’t emit, you don’t need to offset. 

Social responsibility

Travellers with the European Safari Company not only experience some of Europe’s finest nature, but directly learn about and contribute to rewilding, and support local communities. Dedicated levies from each booking support rewilding initiatives, while local nature-based businesses benefit from income, job creation and developmental support from Rewilding Europe

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