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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Pictus Safaris only use suppliers that employ local people. In the accommodation you stay at, the transfer services you use, the game drives you enjoy, local people are at the heart of it. A local guide will always be with you, wherever possible. This is vitally important. Our mission is to ensure that people see the benefit of ecotourism, and that real value is attached to ecosystems and wildlife across Africa.


  • We always encourage clients to visit local projects, markets or cultural areas during their stay, and purchase local products where possible. All visits to local communities, projects and markets will be accompanied by a Pictus Safaris tour leader and a local guide. We work closely with our suppliers to determine which local projects or areas would most benefit from our visit, to ensure the local community gets the most value possible from our presence.

Environmental responsibility

  • Clients are kindly asked to think carefully about water usage when travelling with us. Many of the local people struggle for water on a daily basis, and we recommend that clients do not take long showers, no matter how much you might want one after a long day!


  • Clients are asked to treat the ecosystems we visit with the utmost care and respect. Visiting these areas is a privilege and should be treated as such. Any intentional distress or damage caused to wildlife or the environment will be taken very seriously. We ask clients not to use drones, as this distresses wildlife. Any behaviour that the Pictus Safaris tour leader believes may distress wildlife, damage ecosystems or upset fellow travellers is grounds for removal from the tour – more information on this can be found in the “Behaviour and Expectations” section of our terms and conditions.


  • Clients are asked not to print out any materials we send them if possible – we operate in a paperless office. Similarly, we strongly discourage the use of single-use plastics, and ask clients to bring re-usable water bottles with them on holiday.


  • Pictus Safaris only use suppliers who employ local guides, cooks and porters. We will never bring any staff into an area when there are local people who would benefit from this employment. All tours are accompanied by a British or French tour leader, who will assist the local team with logistics, game-viewing and taking care of clients.


  • Food and drinks are locally sourced. Clients are provided with water on all tours, with the purchase of soft and alcoholic drinks that are not sustainably sourced strongly discouraged.


  • On many tours, we make a financial contribution to a local project e.g. school construction. We only do this when a local supplier is an international recognised NGO (e.g. Fauna and Flora International) so we can ensure funds are not misappropriated.


Social responsibility

We always ask clients to respect local cultures by dressing modestly and listening closely to the advice of their local guide. We also ask clients to never take photographs of local people without their consent.

We generally encourage at least one visit to a local project, market or community event. In the sample itinerary/social policy attached for Zakouma, that is a visit to a local market - the decision as to what the activity is, is determined by my engagement with local suppliers before the trip. The market visit in Chad is deemed the best way to build relationships with the local community. In other destinations (e.g. Gorongosa) we encourage visits to the local coffee-growing project, for example.

Our pre-trip information has a section dedicated to the local social and political situation, as well as a section on respecting local culture. All tours are guided by a local guide. We recognise that many countries and areas we visit have a poor record when it comes to human rights. We want our clients to be fully informed about the history, politics and culture of each area they visit, and this information will be included in the “About” section of the information document you receive from us after booking your trip.

Pictus Safaris often work with NGOs to fund development projects in some destination countries. We are in the process of arranging this in some countries currently and will share more information soon.

Please treat local people and cultures with respect. Always dress modestly (within reason!) and be respectful of local traditions, taking the advice of your local guide as necessary. Please never take a photograph of anyone without their consent.