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Geodyssey started in 1993 as a specialist travel company for Venezuela. We dedicated ourselves to Venezuela for many years and our unique, small group and tailor-made itineraries showcase Venezuela’s extraordinarily rich and diverse regions. We now offer a similarly in-depth travel service for Costa Rica, Ecuador and Trinidad & Tobago.

We try to offer everything that is best about a country. As each is unique what we offer is tailored to what works best in that destination.

Our philosophy is to support local economies, minimise any harmful impact on the natural environment and local cultures, and to encourage conservation wherever we can.
Member since: 26 Feb 2008

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Our philosophy is to support local economies wherever possible, for example by staying at locally owned and run hotels and guesthouses, and employing local guides. We don't bargain hard with local suppliers, we would rather pay the good ones a fair price and allow them to improve still further by sticking with them.
  • Our ideal scenario is to work with locally owned properties who are actively engaged in conservation and have trained in hotel management, providing a really good standard of service whilst also benefiting the local community. This to us is a wonderful thing.
  • We use local guides in all of our destinations. It is our experience that with the right training, local guides with their superior knowledge (often passed down through generations) are best qualified for the job. It is also a fantastic way of helping communities to survive with young people being able to work locally instead of having to leave for the cities to find employment.

Environmental responsibility

  • We give information on carbon balancing including ways our clients can offset their CO2 emissions.
  • We are proud to be the first tour operator in the UK to form a partnership with the Rainforest Alliance to work towards the implementation of best management practices in sustainable tourism. The Alliance brings together various certification programmes under the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas and provide workshops to help businesses reduce their operations costs and increase their overall efficiency whilst maintaining positive relationships within the local community and minimising negative impacts on the environment
  • We work with several partners in conservation including, Bird Life International and the Neotropical Bird Club.

Social responsibility

  • We support Veniños - Venezuelan Children in Need - ia UK registered charity, dedicated to improving the lives of street and shanty town children in urban Venezuela. It has no religious or political affiliation. The funds raised by Veniños are used to support projects run by well-respected non-governmental organisations operating in Venezuela. As Venezuela was the first country we started to sell over fifteen years ago, this charity is very dear to our hearts and we are actively engaged in supporting it.
  • We send all of our clients comprehensive information on their social responsibilities when they travel with us.

This London-based company has over 20 years experience across Latin America and the Caribbean. During this time they have built up lasting relationships with local guides, lodges, guesthouses and drivers, meaning their holidays are both authentic and responsible.
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