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Myanmar cultural tour

In two weeks, ride through the picturesque Shan Hills by scenic train, cycle through the romantic temple complex in Bagan, take a boat onto Inle Lake, stopping at traditional markets and floating gardens before culminating in Yangon, home to the golden Shwedagon Pagoda . This is the Burma of Rudyard Kipling. Read more >
From £1,178 excluding flights

Wildlife holiday in Costa Rica

Swim in warm waters, relax on sandy beaches and observe some of the richest wildlife in the world. Costa Rica is covered in protected national parks with an abundance of wildlife, active volcanoes and friendly locals. On this short tour you will get to experience this incredibly diverse country at its best. Read more >
From £579 excluding flights

Russia holiday, Moscow to St Petersburg

Compare Russia’s exciting capitals during this brief tour for a unique insight into Russian culture. Explore Lenin’s mausoleum, then wander the Kremlin’s red brick towers and gaze over the city’s iconic onion domes, including the flamboyant St Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square. By contrast, St Petersburg offers a ‘window to the west’, with a Venetian-style canal network, neo-classical architectural style and European-influenced sophistication. Read more >
From £ excluding flights

Adventure holiday in Nepal

The beautiful Annapurna region of Nepal offers some of the world's most spectacular vistas and picturesque trails. The incredible Himalayan scenery includes fresh water lakes, rivers, waterfalls and streams winding through arid landscapes. Trek past quaint villages, encounter friendly local mountain tribes, view impressive fauna and flora and admire many sacred Buddhist and Hindu shrines set against the backdrop of majestic snowcapped mountains. Read more >
From £649 excluding flights

Colombia holiday, small group

A feisty country with some of the most stunning landscapes, adventurers have been drawn to Colombia for many years. This two week tour will take you to some of the country’s highlights as we wander through colonial cities, roam through wildlife-rich national parks which hide sun-kissed beaches and uncover the fascinating ancient stone monuments of San Agustín. Read more >
From £1,229 excluding flights

Peru to Chile small group holiday

This cracking three week tour takes travellers as part of a small group from Lima in Peru to Chile's Santiago via a whole host of South American highlights, including trekking the Inca Trail to the ruined citadel of Machu Picchu. From vast salt flats and lunar desert scenes to the high Andes and the Amazon jungle, this small group holiday provides the perfect introduction to life in South America with overland travel and domestic flights making short shrift of distances en-route from Peru to Chile. Cobbled streets in Cuzco, floating islands on Lake Titicaca and a 35km canoe ride into the Amazon rainforest are all featured throughout the holiday with plenty of time to explore independently ... Read more >
From £2,599 excluding flights

Colombia tour, Colombia encompassed

This three week tour of Colombia will have you airborne and active as you experience the country’s highlights on a round-trip from Bogotá as part of a small group of like-minded travellers. There’s just something about Colombia that encompasses the natural rhythm and drive of South America with the waft of freshly ground coffee on the warm breeze and the sounds of mambo, salsa and hands tapping on the skin of a cununo drum all helping to concoct a wonderfully wild, tropical vibe. Away from Bogotá you’ll become immersed in the jungles and coastline of Tayrona National Park whilst a guided hike through the valleys and plantations south of Medellín always provide the perfect antidote to a ... Read more >
From £1,779 excluding flights

Circuit of Iceland holiday, small group

Marvel at the unspoilt landscapes of Iceland on this eight day loop around the country. Discover the ‘land of fire and ice’ as you hike along black lava beaches, admire vast glaciers and spot unique lava formations. Visit small fishing villages, relax in bubbling pools and see Europe’s biggest glacier. Read more >
From £1,899 excluding flights

Mexico, Belize and Guatemala holiday

Bask in the sun on a beautiful Caribbean beach, explore Mayan ruins surrounded by deep jungle, and visit laid-back local villages on this quick adventure through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Read more >
From £627 excluding flights

Costa Rica holiday, encompassed

This is the ultimate tour for nature lovers who want to experience Costa Rica’s complete spectrum. From outstanding national parks to volcanoes, exceptional beaches, coral reef and a plethora of wildlife, Costa Rica has it all. Explore the misty cloud forest of Monteverde, hike up Arenal Volcano, then enjoy some amazing underwater scenery at the reefs of Cahuita National Park. Read more >
From £919 excluding flights

Bolivia, Chile and Argentina holiday

Start your tour in La Paz and end it in one of South America’s most popular cities. Drive through empty salt flats reflected for miles around under the stunning blue sky, taste world-class Malbecs in Mendoza and learn to tango in Buenos Aires. A short but fulfilling adventure across the continent. Read more >
From £1,689 excluding flights

Patagonia tour, 24 day itinerary

Don’t miss out on any of Patagonia’s highlights on this 24 day tour. From the Chilean Lake District in the north to the imposing towers of Torres del Paine in the south, you can start in Santiago or Buenos Aires, to make it easy to access the remote region. Conquer world-famous hikes and admire expanding glaciers, this tour will show you how diverse Patagonia really is. Read more >
From £ excluding flights

Japan small group tour

This tour holds a light to the mysterious face of Japan, revealing bold bright cities, beautiful lakes, deep woodlands and the glory of Mount Fuji. Gain insight into Japan's turbulent history and learn about traditional ways of life which have survived war, industrialisation, the influence of modern technology and the emergence of western ideas in today's youth culture. A land of palaces, temples, shrines and beautiful geishas endures. Read more >
From £2,159 excluding flights

Iceland Northern Lights holiday, 8 days

In eight days maximise your chances of seeing the spectacular Northern Lights as well as packing in some of the top highlights of Iceland. Discover active volcanoes, admire tumbling waterfalls, see Icelandic horses and take a dip in the relaxing warm waters of the Blue Lagoon. Staying in handpicked hotels, we chase the northern lights on this whirlwind Icelandic adventure. Read more >
From £1,979 excluding flights

Mexico small group tour

From the buzzing metropolis of Mexico City to the sugar-white sand beaches of Playa del Carmen, this tour offers a comprehensive overview of Mexico's highlights. Discover the magic of the pyramids at Teotihuacan, peruse the colonial architecture at Oaxaca, enjoy stunning views from the Zapotec site of Monte Alban, visit indigenous villages around San Cristobal de las Casas, hear the hoots of monkeys in the jungle around Palenque and explore the World Heritage site of Chichén Itzá. Read more >
From £759 excluding flights

Central America tours

Discover why Honduras and Nicaragua are two of Central America’s best kept secrets. Explore the Mayan site of Copán, known for its remarkable stone sculptures. At the idyllic Roatán Island there are opportunities for some amazing snorkelling. Enjoy volcaic views and authentic colonial architecture in León, while Granada is similarly beautiful, on the edge of Lake Nicaragua. On Ometepe Island you can admire the twin volcanic peaks and explore the pristine beaches. Read more >
From £1,029 excluding flights

Small group hiking holiday in Romania, 9 days

Get off the beaten track as you trek through Romanian countryside. Staying in local guesthouses, you will discover rural villages and rich traditions. This nine day adventure takes you through two regions, Bucovina and Maramures, as you pass spectacular landscapes, beautiful monasteries and traditional architecture. Read more >
From £769 excluding flights

Southern Patagonia holiday, 13 days

Concentrating on just the southern tip of South America, this short tour is rich in hiking trails, icy glaciers and windswept landscapes. Packed with adventure, culture and wildlife, each day will bring azure lakes, sweeping forests and granite mountains. Finishing in Buenos Aires, you get a touch of city life before returning to normality. Read more >
From £1,344 excluding flights

Eastern Europe cultural tour

Turn back time and descend in to the dark ages on this tour of Dracula's country. Medieval castles stand beside heavily fortified towns frozen in time. From ancient Byzantine churches in one town to Ottoman Mosques in the next you will be charmed by the country so raw and real right in front of you. Read more >
From £1,059 excluding flights

Peru, Bolivia and Chile holiday

This two week holiday in Chile, Peru and Bolivia is just as amazing as you'd imagine with an array of included outdoor activities and cultural excursions ensuring no Inca stone is left unturned when it comes to all of your South American adventure dreams coming true. From Cuzco and Machu Picchu to a three day 4WD tour of the Uyuni salt flats, this two week holiday in Chile, Peru and Bolivia is just what you're looking for if you've got an appetite to explore all the way from Lima to Santiago. Read more >
From £1,799 excluding flights
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