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Egypt & Sudan overland tour

Really experience Egypt and Sudan as we follow the Nile and explore the gems of the ancient civilisations along this mighty river. This trip of course visits the Egyptian highlights of the Pyramids of Giza as well as Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel, but offers so much more. We take an overnight Felucca to experience the life of the river, visit the bustling city of Alexandria and relax on the Red Sea coast. In Sudan we explore the deserts, towns and the great temples and pyramids of the Nubian region, learning about the Kingdom of the Kush. In Khartoum we have the opportunity to witness one of Africa’s geographical highlights, the confluence of the Nile. Locally known as Al Mogran this is where ...Read more >
From £2,110 excluding flights

Annapurna and Chitwan overland truck tour in Nepal

This beautiful little journey shows us some of the less visited parts of Nepal and includes a couple of rural heritage visits to small settlements, with wonderful heritage stays at Nuwakot and Bandipur. No visit to Nepal would be complete without exploring Kathmandu or Pokhara and, of course, the plains of Chitwan National Park in search of rhino, bears, deer and tiger. Although this trip is not designed as a trekking trip, we have a three day period in the Annapurna Region for hikes and village walks along a ridge with marvellous views of the high Himalayas. Here we stay at a remote retreat with yoga, cows to milk and other calming activities.Read more >
From £795 excluding flights

Buenos Aires to Rio De Janeiro overland truck tour

Joining an overland odyssey is an excellent way to see and understand Argentina and Brazil, soaking up its scenery as you are transported from one unforgettable sight to another. This 19-day trip kicks off in beautiful Beunos Aires and travels north to the iconic city of Rio de Janeiro. Making frequent stops of a few nights at a time, there is plenty of opportunity to explore the key destinations along the route, and the range of activities on offer ensures each visit is action-packed. After exploring Buenos Aires, the trip heads for the Igauzu Falls, one of South America’s most impressive sights. You will be able to admire these colossal waterfalls from both sides of the border, before ...Read more >
From £1,010 excluding flights

Silk route, Bishkek to Beijing tour by overland truck

The western end of the Silk Route, is arguably the most historic. This was the end that started it all, when the Han Chinese emperor Wudi commissioned Zhang Qian to open up trade to Central Asia and to map the route. The link between the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan and China is the remote Torugart Pass, and our route takes us through this high Tian Shan mountain pass to the fabled city of Kashgar with its unique Sunday Market. Then there is the vast Taklimakan Desert, the western end of the Gobi and some stunning scenery complete with oasis towns of major historic importance to the Silk Road. The route then climbs onto the lower slopes of the wild Tibetan Plateau through ...Read more >
From £3,445 excluding flights

Rio Carnival small group tour

Rio’s annual Carnival is the greatest party on Earth and a once in a lifetime experience with six days of street festivals, pulsating samba rhythms and a city at one with itself, having the most amazing time. And no visit to Rio de Janeiro would be complete without a visit to explore Sugar Loaf and Corcovado. The highlight of the week is the “premiership” Samba School Parades in the Sambadrome. We take our places in Sector 11, the party sector, to really soak up the atmosphere. If you want to get totally involved, you can join a Samba School in full costume for the parade; an incredible experience. Read more >
From £1,175 excluding flights

China to Laos overland truck tour

Southern China and northern Indo China are extraordinary regions and should be seen together. This trip takes the traveller from some of China’s real tourist highlights such as Xi’an and the Terracotta Army and the Giant Pandas at Chengdu, to some of its wonderful hidden gems such as the trekking in the beautiful Tiger Leaping Gorge or climbing to the summit of Wudang Shan, birthplace of Tai Chi. Of course you can’t travel through this region without embarking on a three gorge cruise, or climbing to the summit of Emei Shan with the other Buddhist pilgrims to see the hundreds of temples. Deep in the south of the country is the extraordinarily beautiful landscape that surrounds the ...Read more >
From £2,570 excluding flights

Rio De Janeiro to Cuzco tour by overland truck

This trip is perhaps the best kept secret of our South American offerings and is (we believe) offered by no other operator. It is an extraordinary journey from Rio, across the heart of Brazil and into the Amazon Jungles of Brazil and Peru. It then climbs through pristine cloud forests, up into the Andes and onto the Peruvian Altiplano, before finishing in the beautiful Urubamba Valley and the heartland of the Inca Empire, Cusco. En route, there is trekking in the beautiful Brazilian table top mountains of Chapada dos Guimaraes, Amazon jungle trips, time to explore the wonderful wetlands of the Pantanals to hopefully find a jaguar and the opportunity to visit unique local communities on ...Read more >
From £1,400 excluding flights

Sudan small group tour, 8 days

As a destination, Sudan is so often overlooked but to journey through the beautiful Nubian desert is a wonderful experience. Clustered along the banks of the Nile, are some of the greatest sites of antiquity. They may not rival Luxor or Abu Simbel in grandeur and scale, but in sheer, artistic beauty and isolation, they are second to none. The petit temples of Naga and Musawwarat are simply lovely, and the experience of camping under the stars in the wilds of the desert behind the Pyramids of Meroe is serene. Add in a boat trip across the Nile to the Temple Of Sulb, with its towering columns and you get a true sense of what is hidden in the Sudanese Sahara. Khartoum, sits on the confluence ...Read more >
From £910 excluding flights

Kathmandu to Delhi overland tour

There is no better way of visiting Northern India, than balancing it with Nepal…. chalk and cheese, or chaos and calm. In Nepal, we hike through the gentle foothills, through rural villages, overlooked by the mighty Annapurnas; we stay in beautiful heritage homes in remote towns and villages and we look for the tigers and rhinos of Chitwan National Park. Crossing into India, the frenetic pace of life is amplified to a crescendo on the banks of the Ganges at Varanasi and in the hustle and bustle of Delhi. Our route takes us through the heartland of the Mogul Empire with its fabulous monuments and forts; the Taj Mahal may be the most famous, but Agra’s Red Fort and Akbar’s great city of ...Read more >
From £1,420 excluding flights

La Paz to Buenos Aires overland truck tour

From Bolivia’s high Altiplano to the heart of Argentina’s grasslands, this trip takes you through some of South America’s most beautiful landscapes. Most stunning of all is the dramatic expanse of the salt plains of Salar de Uyuni and we will cross the Altiplano along remote, seldom travelled routes, criss-crossing wild plateaux studded with volcanoes and lakes full of flamingos; it is truly spectacular. Bolivia was the economic engine of the Spanish empire and nowhere more so than the historic city of Potosi with its giant silver and tin mines and the political centre of La Paz. We descend from the Andes into Chile’s Atacama Desert, to visit the atmospheric town of San Pedro before ...Read more >
From £1,130 excluding flights

Lima to Rio tour by overland truck

This is the quintessential South American overland trip from the land of the Incas to the iconic capital of music and dance, Rio De Janiero. This journey will take you from the high Andes, across the beautiful and wild Altiplano of Bolivia, with its shimmering salt lakes at Uyuni, through the lands of Argentina’s Gauchos and on to the Emerald Coast of Brazil. En route, we journey way off the beaten track and then back to the urban splendour of Buenos Aires and to the mighty Iguazu Falls. We explore the wildlife of the wetlands of the Pantanal, we hike the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu as well as staying in the homes of our hosts such as Quechuan Indians or Argentine Gauchos. We ride ...Read more >
From £3,395 excluding flights
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Kenya to Tanzania family overland adventure

If you have kids aged from 7 to 17, this is the family adventure holiday that you cannot miss. The amazement and pure joy in their faces when you spend two nights camping on the plains of the Serengeti or spotting a rhino at the Ngorongoro Crater will be something you never forget as a parent. This trip is ideal for families, with wild camping, beautiful hotels and so much wildlife. Add to this the cultures of the Massai and walking through the lands of the Irente peoples in the Usambara Mountains and you have a heck of an adventure. Then there is the balance, the beautiful beach hotels on the white sands of the Indian Ocean on Zanzibar and exploring the night food market and hotel bars ...Read more >
From £2,400 excluding flights

Beijing to Bangkok overland truck tour in Asia

Beijing to Bangkok overland does have a certain ring about it and this trip will not disappoint. It takes in some of the greatest sites of China and South East Asia as well as visiting places that most travellers never see. So if you want to see more than just the Great Wall, Pandas, Three Gorges or the Terracotta Warriors, then you might consider this epic journey. There are some great hikes on this trip, including climbing with all the pilgrims to the summit temple of Emei Shan, or through the stunning “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” landscapes of Wudan Shan, or hiking 2 days above the incomparable Tiger Leaping Gorge. In Laos, we get to explore on foot the forests of the Nam Ha ...Read more >
From £5,230 excluding flights

Cairo to Nairobi overland safari truck tour

This trip is about travelling the Nile, or rather the Niles as it travels between the Mediterranean and East Africa, along the course of the Nile as far south as Khartoum and then along the Blue Nile to Lake Tana in the mountains of Ethiopia.  Along the way we pass through the Sahara Desert in both Egypt and Sudan, through the Ethiopian Highlands and then into the Rift Valley of East Africa We explore the Islamic lands of North Africa and enter the lands of Ethiopia’s ancient Christian civilisations. We witness a wealth of extraordinary histories of Ancient Egypt, the Kushite Kingdom of Sudan and then the kingdoms of Ethiopia. Seldom has a trip had such a huge number of ancient historic ...Read more >
From £5,540 excluding flights

Anchorage to Mexico City overland tour

This 55 day trip affords us a wonderful overview of the western side of North America, as we travel down the spine of the continent from Alaska and the Northern Rockies to the capital of Mexico. There is so much stunning wilderness and beauty along the way, with bears, salmon, elk, moose and beaver. If you want to see the national parks of North America, then this IS your trip, as we explore the mountains and glaciers of Denali and Kenai, the great parks of the Rockies, such as Jasper and Banff in Canada and, of course, the stunning landscapes of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, with their wealth of wildlife and biodiversity. Further south we enter the dry lands and deserts of the wild west, ...Read more >
From £3,990 excluding flights

Quito and Lima overland truck tour

Ecuador is all about its Andean heartland and its pristine Amazon jungle and its cities house some of South America’s finest colonial masterpieces. Both Quito and Cuenca, home of the Panama hat, have the most beautiful churches and plazas on the continent. Ecuador is best known for the Galapagos, and if you start or finish this tour in Quito, you must try to add on a trip to the islands. The Ecuadorian Andes are both verdant and magnificent and it is well worth spending time, trekking, climbing or rafting here before heading into the rain forests of the Amazon. Crossing into Northern Peru, you leave the greenery behind you and head into dry deserts with the ancient civilisations and ...Read more >
From £950 excluding flights
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Patagonia overland truck tour, South America

Travelling overland brings you up close to a country and its culture and it’s one of the best ways to experience South America. This trip spends just over three weeks travelling overland by truck through beautiful and exciting Patagonia, beginning in Santiago in Chile, snaking south and ending in remote Ushuaia in Argentina, the world’s southernmost town. Patagonia is the perfect destination for anyone who loves the outdoors, and this 23-day adventure includes lots of camping in National Parks with the chance to hike, cycle, climb and ride horses through breathtaking scenery. The journey begins in the elegant capital of Chile, Santiago, beautifully tucked in amongst the mountains. From ...Read more >
From £1,560 excluding flights

India & Nepal overland truck tour, Kathmandu to Delhi

If you have never visited India and want to see the key must dos, then this is the trip for you. It starts in Kathmandu and travels through the foothills of the Himalayas, allowing enough time in Nepal to see the differences between these two countries and enjoy Chitwan National Park and then it really gets into its stride in India. The chaos of Varanasi can be a bit of a shock to the system, but add in the history and culture of the Mogul heartlands around Agra, Fatehpur Sikri and Delhi and the splendours of the Pink City ofJaipur and you have a glimpse of India you will not forget. For a slower pace of trip, with more in Nepal, there is also a 24 day Northern India & Nepal trip (WND).Read more >
From £985 excluding flights

Laos, Cambodia and Thailand overland truck tour

This is a great trip that links Laos, Cambodia and Thailand together. With over 10 days in Laos, we have plenty of time to slowly explore this beautiful and serene country, with its history, beautiful people and amazing landscapes. By the time we get to Cambodia we will be fully in tune with the Mekong and its stunning sunset views, but there are few better than at Kratie in the northeast of Cambodia. Cambodia’s modern history is not a happy one, but Phnom Penh wears it with resilience in public and no visitor can be left unmoved by their visit to this lovely Mekong City. Of course, no trip to this country would be complete without a thorough exploration of the many incredible temples ...Read more >
From £1,480 excluding flights

West Africa tours, Ghana Togo & Benin

If you are expecting abundant wildlife and a well developed tourist infrastructure, then you won’t find this in West Africa. However, if you are after all things African; colour, music, vibrancy, culture, stunning landscapes, great artefacts, beautiful materials and friendly and open laughter, then you will LOVE West Africa. Ghana, Togo and Benin have all of this in bucket loads. Just check out the local Ghanaian coffin maker and you will understand what we are saying!  Great tribal homestays, cool hill hikes to see butterflies, wonderful palm fringed beaches and not forgetting boat trips to stilt villages. Just because we are in West Africa we don’t forget the wealth of fascinating ...Read more >
From £1,290 excluding flights
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