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Norway wildlife holiday

This Norway wildlife holiday is a five day, tailor made trip to the Vesterålen archipelago, which is located 200 miles north of Arctic Circle and just north of the Lofoten Islands. This is a contrasting landscape of tranquil, white sandy beaches, rugged mountains, fjords and wild places. And wildlife. In particular, whales, the most famous visitors to the archipelago. Looking westwards, there is little else that separates the Vesterålen Islands from Greenland other than a vast spread of ocean. This is where Gulf Stream comes closest to inhabited land providing nutrient-rich ocean currents and an ideal feeding ground for whales and bird life. This wildlife documentary inspired holiday ... Read more >
From £945 excluding flights

Short break to the Norwegian fjords

Retreat to the fjords of Norway to enjoy comfortable and stylish accommodation on a family-run farmstead. The river lodge and architect designed house both offer relaxation and unique accommodation close to the fjord and surrounding mountains. Relax in the hot tub and sauna after a day hiking in the mountains where spectacular views of the fjords and surrounding landscapes await. This short break can be tailored to your requirements and includes guided walks and home-cooked local cuisine. To access this beautiful Aurland region of Norway, fly to either Bergen or Oslo and we can advise on transfers. Car rental is an option, although you can also travel by train, with a superb journey up ... Read more >
From £1,195 excluding flights

Family multi activity holiday in Norway

Enjoy a multi-activity family holiday in Norway near to Lierne National Park. Led by a local guide and nature lover, your week-long holiday will include hiking, wild food foraging, wildlife watching, wild swimming, cycling and fishing. On this holiday you'll be immersed in Norway's wonderful landscapes, deep in bear country near to the border with Sweden. It is a tailor made trip so we can adjust it to suit your timeframe and your family’s interests and age ranges. You will sample plenty of fine local food, stay in a rustic cabin accommodation on a farm owned by your guide for the week, sharing dinner with your host every night. The price of this holiday includes all transfers and ... Read more >
From £1,395 excluding flights

Grizzly bear and wildlife holiday in British Columbia, Canada

This is a spectacular wildlife holiday in British Columbia, in particular because of the presence of the awe-inspiring grizzly bear, a solitary giant considered the master of its environment. Join guides with over 30 years of experience on foot, by drift boat or four wheel drive exploring the idyllic wilderness in search of the great grizzly bear. The wilds of British Columbia are home to this mighty bear, a rare temperate rainforest and the world's deepest lake fjord. Nestled in the Cariboo Mountains is Pyna-tee-ah Lodge where you will join Gary Zorn; better known as the ‘Bear Whisperer’. Gary has devoted his life to studying the social hierarchy, habits, habitat and body language of these ... Read more >
From £1,295 excluding flights

Bear watching in British Columbia, Canada

Situated in the remote First Nations fishing village of Klemtu, Spirit Bear lodge is in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Not surprisingly, an ideal spot for bear watching. Nestled in a calm archipelago of islands, protected from the wild Pacific, Spirit Bear Lodge offers unrivalled access to a profusion of wildlife including grizzly bears, humpback whales, spawning salmon, wolves, cougars and the elusive spirit bear. The lodge is a community based ecotourism venture owned and operated by the Kitasoo/Xai’xais, First Nations people that have lived in the area for generations. They share the forest and salmon with a very special creature they call moskgm'ol, or spirit bear, that some ... Read more >
From £2,995 including domestic flights only

Autumn Northern Lights holiday in Finland

This autumn Northern Lights holiday in Finland is timed at this glorious time of seasonal change. The first snow falls arrive with anticipation in the Arctic region of Finnish Lapland. Witnessing the transition from autumn to Winter is a privilege as is seeing the first displays of the Aurora enliven the night sky. his holiday is designed to give you maximum chances to experience the Northern Lights between September and December. It also offers activities which, while are not snow dependant, area equally as appealing. You'll stay in a cosy family run hotel where you can enjoy the outdoor life by Lake Menesjärvi accompanied by breathtaking views to the fells of Lemmenjoki, the largest ... Read more >
From £975 excluding flights

Treehotel and Northern Lights holiday, Sweden

This four day Northern Lights holiday in Sweden must be one of the most romantic breaks within Aurora Borealis’ boundaries. Staying in an exquisite tree house, designed by a leading Scandinavian architect, you have a bird’s eye view of the forest while wrapped up in all things ecochic. In fact, one of the tree houses is even called Bird’s Nest, the others being quite simply Cabin or more quirkily, UFO, Blue Cone and Mirror Cube. Mirror Cube has been designed to reflect the surrounding trees and Northern Lights if they come out to play. If the Northern Lights are not performing, there is still plenty to do in this remote region of Swedish Lapland. And because this is a tailor made holiday, ... Read more >
From £965 excluding flights

Northern lights winter holiday, Norway

The Aurora captures the imaginations of those lucky enough to experience it. The Sami people liken the colourful show to the tail of a mystical ‘Fire Fox’ dashing over snow covered fells. This Northern Lights winter holiday in Norway brings you to the Land of the Sami people to discover more about the heritage and traditions of this resilient Arctic community and to search for the Aurora. You’ll explore the extraordinary legacy and influence of the Sami people and have the opportunity to visit a vast mountainous region indented by fjords and river tributaries. You’ll spend a full day with a Sami family learning about and participating in the rhythms of their everyday life with their ... Read more >
From £1,450 excluding flights

Northern Lights and dog sledding holiday, Norway

Join us on an Arctic dog-sledding experience in Norway. Husky dogs are working animals and have a year round training programme so they can compete with professional dog mushers. Their strict routine keeps them safe, contented and able to triumph on race day. Behind them is a man or woman who cannot achieve success and reward without dedication to their animals – day in, day out. Theirs is a life rooted in nature based on a symbiotic relationship between man and dog. This trip offers the chance to be close to this routine for over five days with long dog sled journeys on the Finnmark Plateau. Because you will have built a mutual respect with the husky dogs living as a musher, you’ll ... Read more >
From £1,495 excluding flights

Faroe Islands cycling holiday

Explore the rugged Faroe Islands on two wheels with our unique self-guided cycle tour. This week-long adventure brings you close to the island's amazing scenery as you cycle through remote villages, distant islands and the buzzing Nordic city of Torshavn. Travelling by bicycle you feel the landscapes beneath you and spot wildlife that you may otherwise have missed. The Faroe Islands are home to an abundance of birdlife including puffins and sea birds. The itinerary has some flexibility so you can decide how active you'd like to be and includes local support vehicle and luggage transfers where needed. We can also book excursions en route such as hiking tours and boat tours. Read more >
From £1,595 excluding flights

Short break to Lapland in Norway

This short break to Lapland in Norway is located deep in the Arctic forest, at the end of a track, where a mountain lodge is hidden from view. Here the snow piles high and the Northern Lights send flickers of colour across the night sky. This trip enjoys high standard accommodation in a wooden farm lodge surrounded by wilderness and the endless opportunity to enjoy Norway's unspoilt landscapes and rich Sami heritage in a region known as 'Finnmark' which is home to many Sami people and families. Your hosts work in partnership with the Sami people organising optional trips such as experiencing a day with a reindeer herder. Other activities to choose from include dog-sledding, ... Read more >
From £680 excluding flights

Lofoten Islands whale watching & fishing holiday, Norway

The Lofoten Islands have long inspired travellers to their rocky shores. Picturesque fishing villages, pristine beaches and access to seas and mountains make the Lofoten Islands a much loved destination. The ocean with its Gulf Stream brings milder climates and of course the abundance of cod, or ‘skrei’ in Norwegian. Throughout the year we offer tailor made holidays that offer opportunities for nature based activities as well as trips at sea. You’ll be staying in a traditional fisherman’s cabin (Rorbu) overlooking the wild Atlantic coast from where the midnight sun shines from the end of May to mid July each year. We’ll put together a menu of options to choose from to create your perfect ... Read more >
From £795 excluding flights

Fjord sailing & hiking holiday, Greenland

The East coast of Greenland is one of the world's least explored territories - yet is home to an abundance of wildlife and spectacular scenery. During this small group expedition cruise, you'll sail on board a schooner among icebergs and past glacier tongues. Your expert guides will lead you on hikes and visits to remote settlements where you'll meet local people along the vast Scoresby Sound fjord system. The week-long adventure will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be immersed into day after day of stunning landscapes. During this trip, you will sleep on board the sailing vessel which has traditional twin cabins and bunk beds, with shared shower and bathroom facilities. Read more >
From £4,990 excluding flights

Husky farm holiday and the Northern Lights

Where Norway and Russia meet in the far North, there is a husky farm situated in the Pasvik Valley. Here a lady passionate about husky dogs hosts visitors in her cosy guesthouse keen to experience authentic dog-sledding adventures in pristine wilderness. This short break includes a stay at the husky farm guest house and one full day adventure on the husky sleds. The trip can be tailored to your requirements and combined with other Arctic adventures such as an overnight husky sledding expedition or a stay at the magical Snow Hotel in Kirkenes. You can also arrive or depart on a voyage on board the Hurtigruten Coastal Express to other Arctic destinations in Norway. Following strict ... Read more >
From £675 excluding flights

Northern Lights luxury short break, Norway

This dramatic fjordside location in the Lyngen Alps is a perfect spot to view the Northern Lights by night and enjoy some adventurous activities by day. When you’re not stimulating the senses outdoors, sit back and relax in the luxurious mountain lodge where your every whim will be catered for. This small scale accommodation near to the city of Tromsø offers spectacular views, warm hospitality and modern, fresh interiors. The package combines searching for the Northern Lights with the highest standard of lodge accommodation that Northern Norway can offer. Perfect for small groups, couples and honeymooners. About your accommodation The Lodge caters for up to 18 guests in 8 en-suite twin ... Read more >
From £1,449 excluding flights

Sweden treehouse holiday, Grano Beckasin

Stay at a treehouse retreat amongst the wildlife-dense forests of Västerbotten in Swedish Lapland and discover pure nature all around. The six bird's nest hotel rooms offer views over river and forest where winter adventures await, including husky sledding and snowshoeing. The nearby eco-lodge benefits from Lapland's larder serving tastes of the forest, river and sea. This treehouse holiday really does have nature at its heart, and also the local community, with guides and naturalist experts all on the doorstep. It is a certified member of Nature’s Best, Sweden’s ecotourism accreditation scheme. The wooden ‘nest’ rooms have a bedroom space, toilet and a living area, with showers, sauna ... Read more >
From £890 excluding flights

Northern Lights holiday, Finnish Lapland

Winter in Finnish Lapland brings with it polar nights and the elusive aurora borealis. This Northern Lights holiday in Finnish Lapland is based in the beautiful village of Inari perched on the edge of the Lake Inari. The perfect setting for a winter wilderness experience deep in Finnish Lapland. Lake Inari has been the lifeblood of the Sami people for many centuries. Between November and May the sacred islands can be reached on foot on top of the ice. You’ll also find herds of reindeer wandering the fells and forests surrounding the village. You’ll enjoy the comfort of a family run hotel in the village overlooking the River Juutua, home to the kyeli, or ‘white fish’ which features on ... Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Canada wilderness break, Northern Edge of Algonquin

Experience the depths of winter in Algonquin Provincial Park with an activity packed holiday in some of Canada’s most stunning wilderness. Connect with nature, observing a star filled night sky, listening for the night calls of Canadian wildlife and enjoying locally grown organic food, freshly prepared by an award winning chef. Explore the snowy wilderness with included activities such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, kicksledding and lakefront skating. Surrounded by maple and fir forests, this simple lodge is a perfect getaway to get back to basics and switch off from the modern world. Choose to sleep in the fresh forest air of a simple canvas cabin or in the warmth of a timber ... Read more >
From £495 excluding flights

Finnish Lapland winter short break

Lake Menesjarvi in Finnish Lapland is home to a family-run wilderness hotel perched on its frozen shores. In winter when daylight is limited, snow is heavy and the temperatures plummet, Menesjarvi comes alive with winter adventures and the glow of the Northern Lights. This three night short break is the perfect chance to witness the Aurora Borealis away from light pollution and high above the Arctic Circle. Enjoy the informal atmosphere of the hotel, once a Sami elementary school and now a cosy base for Nordic adventure at the edge of Lemmenjoki National Park. Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Wilderness activity and wildlife holiday in Ontario, Canada

Travel by plane to the remote setting of Miminiska Lodge, a wilderness retreat in Canada that is miles away from any roads surrounded by a vast network of lakes and rivers. Canada’s tranquil wilderness envelops you at this private paradise deep in the Boreal forest. Our five day itinerary allows you to explore Northern Ontario’s unique waterways, be it by kayak, canoe, paddle board or fishing boat. Learn about the heritage of the First Nation people, exploring historical sites and experience ceremonial smudging rituals. Indulge in first class food and drink from Ontario’s extensive larder. About your accommodation Located on remote Miminiska Lake, the lodge can only be reached by plane ... Read more >
From £3,490 including domestic flights only
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