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Baja whale watching holiday in Mexico

This Baja whale watching holiday in Mexico takes you to the lively waters of the Sea of Cortez off Mexico's Baja Peninsula, an area which has close to legendary status amongst divers and marine biologists. During your time here you’ll be helping to track the ocean’s Big Four, travelling overland to various bays where the biggest whales on earth - grey whales, humpback whales, finback whales and blue whales – congregate after a more than 3000 mile journey from Arctic waters. While out on the ocean, in small Mexican boats called pangas, you’re also bound to come across plenty of other marine mammals, including orcas, sperm whales, pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins and sea lions. Particularly ... Read more >
From €2,999 excluding flights

Whale watching catamaran holiday, Mexico

Mexico - “Magic Sea of Cortez 2020” The magical Sea of Cortez is waiting for us! You might encounter Humpback whales, Tropical whale, Finback whales, Orcas, Sperm whales, Pilot whales, Gray whales, Common dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins, Skates, Sea lions, several seabirds and most probably Blue whales - the biggest mammals on earth in a fascinating surrounding. This is, what you might expect on this marvellously journey “Magic Sea of Cortez“! Interested? Then this offer could be for you! This journey is a unique and „Once-in-a-lifetime“- adventure. We spend 9 intensive days in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico (max 6 persons). On board of a catamaran we will have an experienced captain ... Read more >
From €4 excluding flights

Hawaii small group holiday, whales & beaches

HAWAII 2020 Magical Playground of the Gods, Dolphins and Whales Hawaii – a special journey to unique scenic beauties. Let yourself be enchanted by the aloha spirit of the Hawaiian Islands: clear blue water with a rich and colourful underwater world and dreamlike beaches with sea turtles, encounters with whales and swimming with dolphins. The diverse beauty of this unique landscape of the islands are waiting to be discovered. A journey into the nature as breath-taking as its destination und the unforgettable moments: Impressive marine mammals and the lush green and WONDERful nature of Hawaii, active volcanoes, fabulous views, holy bays and temples are waiting for us. Swimming with wild ... Read more >
From €3,099 excluding flights

Holistic holiday in the Canary Islands

Tired, stressed, complex daily life? With our new Relax & Resource program on La Gomera we offer a vitality package for body, mind and soul on this wonderful, energetic island. Why not combine your holiday with relaxation and do something for yourself and your body? Take a break from your everyday duties and regain your strength. For this, the sun spoiled Valle Gran Rey at the west coast of La Gomera is the perfect location. Scientific surveys prove, that just relaxing doesn’t recharge your batteries as much as the right amount of activity and inspiration. A pamper package to refill and restore your equilibrium! This great mixture between beneficial, individual treatments in combination ... Read more >
From €899 excluding flights

Whale and dolphin watching in La Gomera

Fantastic holidays on La Gomera filled with exciting boat trips. Encounter wild dolphins and whales, enjoy swimming and sun bathing, flamboyant sunsets and the beautiful ocean itself. The sea south-west of La Gomera with its unique biodiversity is one of best places in the world where we humans can interact with whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Join our well trained and experienced crew to have an unforgettable encounter with these enchanting creatures. You sail in a former fishing boat, now a licensed Whale Watching boat, allowed to carry ten guests. Our expert team will constantly share their knowledge and experience on board and record each sighting for a research database ... Read more >
From €595 excluding flights
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