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Trinidad and Tobago bird watching holidays

Trinidad’s Asa Wright Nature Centre is the oldest nature centre in the Caribbean islands and one of the region’s top spots for bird watching; around 159 species have been observed here, with some 450 species recorded on the two islands. This Trinidad and Tobago bird watching holiday is based mostly at the Centre, with daily field trips to different habitats and a few days spent in neighbouring Tobago. Trinidad sits just seven miles from the South American mainland, giving it one of the highest densities of bird species in the world. This incredible biodiversity, along with the delicious food, comfortable lodging, superb local guides and welcoming, English speaking residents makes this the ... Read more >
From £3,095 including UK flights

Trinidad and Tobago holidays

Nature lovers and twitchers will be thoroughly in their element in Trinidad and Tobago, a twin-island nation just off the shore of Venezuela. But this is also one of the Caribbean’s most cosmopolitan and outgoing cultures – which has produced calypso, carnival, the steel pan, limbo dance and a wonderful fusion of food, infused with all of the country’s multicultural influences. These Trinidad and Tobago holidays introduce you to this local flavour on both islands, as well as traversing the varied ecosystems. We travel from city to coast, rainforest to reef and from wetlands to tiny islets, in search of Trinidad and Tobago’s most notable wildlife, both on land and beneath the waves. This ... Read more >
From £2,795 including UK flights

Grenada nature holiday

Perhaps the Caribbean’s most friendly and picturesque island, Grenada is the perfect place for a nature holiday that combines relaxation and some sightseeing, too. Grenada’s tropical landscapes are home to various plant and animal species, and the island also boasts more than 40 beautiful white sand beaches, colonial architecture and lush gardens, so there is lots to see and enjoy. This is a tailor made tour, and the suggested itinerary below includes nature hikes and some sightseeing tours, with plenty of time for swimming, snorkelling in the turquoise waters, relaxing and enjoying the vibrant flowers and birdlife of the island. The tour can be completely tailored to your interests and ... Read more >
From £1,795 including UK flights

Trinidad and Tobago nature tours

This Trinidad and Tobago nature tour is a tailor made eco adventure to discover the rich flora and fauna of these two islands, while also including every comfort and time to relax. The dual island nation of Trinidad and Tobago lies just seven miles off the coast of South America. They are the most southerly Caribbean islands and also the most exciting and least explored. Despite forming one country, the two islands offer very different landscapes, from the tropical rainforests and exotic wildlife of Trinidad to the silver beaches and spectacular coral reefs of Tobago. On this tailor made nature tour, we hope to show you some of the 2,300 species of flowering plants, 600 or so different ... Read more >
From £2,895 including UK flights

St Lucia birdwatching tour, tailor made

The twin peaks of the Pitons Mountains make Saint Lucia one of the most instantly recognisable islands in the Caribbean islands. Located in the Windward Islands, between the landmasses of North and South America, Saint Lucia is located right on the migratory flight path of many species of birds, and despite its tiny size, it has at least six endemic species. There are also many endemic subspecies, and Caribbean endemics in its forests, wetlands and around its coast. It is easy to travel around this little country, meaning you can explore the many diverse landscapes and see a great nu,ber of bird species in just a few days. One of the endemic species we hope to observe on this holiday is ... Read more >
From £1,795 including UK flights

Cuba birdwatching tour

Cuba is a fantastic birding destination as well as being a fascinating island to visit. There is a long list of both resident and migrant birds to be found in a variety of habitats including approximately 25 endemic species, about half of which are endangered. This itinerary will provide plenty of opportunity to see all of these as well as many other Caribbean and North American species. You will travel through a great variety of landscapes and habitats, from lush forests to craggy hills and vast wetlands. This is a suggested itinerary for a tailor made trip to Cuba. You will be accompanied throughout the tour by a Cuban bilingual guide, as well as local specialist ornithologist guides in ... Read more >
From £3,195 including UK flights

Colombia bird watching tour

Colombia has almost 1900 bird species, more birds than any other country in the world and this number is growing every year, but it is not only the sheer number of species that are impressive, but also the extraordinary number of endemics found within its boundaries. Colombia is a wonderful country in so many ways and although it has not always been the case, it is now stable and safe for birders to visit. It is still however, a very new destination and very few birders have ventured here so far. There is so much to experience and discover in Colombia, that it would be impossible to cover all the regions of this amazing country on one trip, so by way of introduction on this tour, we will ... Read more >
From £3,895 including UK flights

Birdwatching in Trinidad & Tobago, small group tour

This is an opportunity to do a bird watching tour, in the company of a small group of like-mended travellers, at a very special price. You will enjoy 5 nights at the world renowned birding lodge, The Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad, followed by 5 nights in Tobago at the idyllic Blue Waters Inn. Flights, accommodation, birding tours and transfers are included as described. You will travel as part of a small group with a maximum of 10 fellow travellers and will be led by the very best, knowledgeable and experienced local guides when in the islands, but you will not be accompanied by a UK leader. Read more >
From £2,645 including UK flights

Guyana tour, wildlife and birdwatching

This is a unique opportunity to join a small group wildlife and birdwatching tour to Guyana and discover a country full of geographical extremes, as well as biological and cultural diversity. You will have time to marvel at the unique treasures to be found in the very different areas of this undiscovered wilderness, such as the Iwokrama Reserve and Surama Lodge – where you may be lucky enough to see an active nest of Harpy Eagles and you may even have a chance encounter with the elusive Jaguar. There will be many opportunities to interact with the local people and learn about their culture, while staying in their villages and jungle lodges. If you wish, you can add on an optional ... Read more >
From £3,185 including UK flights

Trinidad & Tobago birdwatching small group tour

This twin-centre bird watching tour to Trinidad & Tobago offers the perfect introduction to South America’s wonderful birdlife, as well as a welcome escape from mid-winter. Join us for 5 nights birding on Trinidad staying at the world famous Asa Wright Nature Centre, followed by 5 nights at an idyllic beachfront hotel situated at the edge of the Main Ridge Rainforest on Tobago, where the birding is very different but equally amazing. This is a relaxing birding tour, yet will be a rewarding and exciting experience, as you can hope to achieve a long list of neo-tropical species. The proximity to the South American mainland, which is only 7 miles away and the diversity of habitats means a ... Read more >
From £2,895 including UK flights

Tobago tailor made holiday, culture, nature & birds

On this 12 day Tobago tailor made holiday, you’ll discover the culture, nature and birds of this small, beautiful island. Tobago is an unspoiled treat, with rainforest that’s been protected for over 200 years, pristine sandy beaches, reefs that you can snorkel around and abundant bird and wildlife. Meeting the people of Tobago is another delight, and you’ll have lots of opportunity to chat with the welcoming, relaxed locals at the small, locally owned hotels you’ll be staying in. To make sure you see the island's most beautiful spots and its secret corners only locals know about, you’ll take trips with our excellent and incredibly knowledgeable guides. This is a tailor made holiday, so ... Read more >
From £1,855 including UK flights

Guatemala and Belize Birdwatching small group tour

This stunning 16 day Guatemala and Belize tour, provides a mixture of the best birdwatching destinations, as well as some of the most splendid Mayan ruins, colourful traditional villages and stunning scenery. Guatemala is a fantastic destination for birding with over 720 species recorded and lots of regional specialities, such as their national bird, the stunning Resplendent Quetzal. Belize is now one of the world’s leading ecotourism destinations and also offers swathes of untouched rainforest, endless savannah, mangroves and the most incredible coral reefs in the western hemisphere. In both countries, amazing Mayan pyramids at sites such as Tikal, are hidden by luxuriant tropical ... Read more >
From £3,995 including UK flights

Birdwatching & wildlife holiday, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to a rich diversity of birds and wildlife and this birdwatching and wildlife holiday takes you to several of the best places in the country to see it all. Costa Rica has long enjoyed a reputation for being a birdwatcher’s paradise. There are 900 species of birds here, and some 70 of those can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. Wildlife abounds in Costa Rica, too, thanks to the enormous range of habitats here. Explore the country’s cloud forest, mountains, mangroves and coral reefs, its humid Caribbean lowlands and dry Pacific forests, binoculars at the ready for unusual flora and fauna. It’s not possible to see everything in 16 days, but this tour is designed to give ... Read more >
From £3,195 including UK flights

Trinidad and Tobago small group tour

There are lots of opportunities to spot rare and exotic birdlife on this Trinidad and Tobago small group tour, but the pace remains relaxed and there’s time for swimming, snorkelling and dozing on the beach, too. As you explore the diverse landscapes on these two very different islands, you’ll discover Trinidad and Tobago’s wildlife as well as its birds, including the giant Leatherback turtles that nest on the coast here. We’ve chosen unique hotels and off the beaten track jungle lodges for your accommodation, tucked away in some of the most beautiful corners of the islands. The diversity of birdlife is really special – Tobago alone is home to over 200 species – and when out on field ... Read more >
From £3,395 including UK flights

Dominica nature holiday

Dominica is without doubt the 'Nature Island' of the Caribbean and one of its best-kept secrets. The largest and most mountainous of the Windward Islands, Dominica encompasses an area of nearly 290 square miles. Of volcanic origins with mountains reaching heights of nearly 5,000 feet, rainforests that are considered among the last true island-based rainforests in the world, more than 365 rivers, waterfalls, boiling lakes, and pristine coral reefs, Dominica’s natural diversity is truly unique. Our Dominica Nature Holiday is a suggested itinerary that has been created to highlight some of the many outstanding natural features of this incredible island, whilst staying in two very different ... Read more >
From £1,995 including UK flights
Book a holiday including four nights at participating Dominica hotels and get one night free, plus a $100 coupon to use at participating restaurants and activities. Book by 30 Jun for travel in 1 Jul-14 Oct or 9 Nov-15 Dec 2018. Quote "Dom 2018"

Trinidad and Guyana birdwatching & nature holiday

This Trinidad and Guyana birdwatching and nature holiday is tailor made and split between two centres. Begin with five days in Trinidad, where our base will be the famous Asa Wright Nature Centre, which is lovely and undemanding introduction to birding in South America. Next, move over to mainland South America and spend eight nights in Guyana, the gateway to Amazonia and the Caribbean. It sits on the northeastern shoulder of the continent and is only an hour’s flight from Trinidad. Guyana’s interior is still little visited, but it’s one of the world’s most exciting nature and adventure destinations. Here, discover countless rivers and tumbling waterfalls, pristine rainforest, and vast ... Read more >
From £4,450 including UK flights

Colombia nature & culture tour

On this small group tour to Colombia you will discover a country full of surprises, diverse and breathtaking scenery, and some of the friendliest people in Latin America. You will have many opportunities to interact with the local people, while visiting their colonial cities, unspoilt villages and coffee plantations. From the high Andes Mountains to the Caribbean coast, this is an adventure of a lifetime to a unique destination that is waiting to be discovered. The trip focuses on Colombia’s incredible scenery and nature, with some birding, cultural and coffee excursions, but also some leisure time. It combines some established highlights with some less well-known gems to give you a true ... Read more >
From £3,095 including UK flights

Trinidad & Tobago and St Lucia nature tour

This is a fantastic Caribbean holiday featuring some wonderful bird watching and wildlife experiences, all done at a leisurely pace. We are offering this itinerary as a Small Group Tour departing on the 29th April 2019 and if you prefer to travel independently, the itinerary can also be tailor-made to suit your individual requirements. This carefully designed and well-planned itinerary combines Trinidad and Tobago, the traditional holiday destination for birding in this part of the world with St Lucia, where six endemics and around a dozen other Antillean specialities can be found. Combine this with the opportunity to witness the amazing spectacle of nesting Leatherback turtles, and you ... Read more >
From £3,450 including UK flights

Volunteer in Dominica, help rebuild it

Help rebuild the beautiful island of Dominica, devastated by Hurricane Maria, on a volunteer week. In September 2017, Maria swept across Dominica with winds of almost 160mph, destroying everything in its path: homes, forests, farmland, infrastructure and communication systems. All of the 70,000 residents of Dominica have been terribly affected by this natural disaster. Dominica was known as the ‘nature island’ of the Caribbean, because of its biodiversity. It is home to 365 rivers and pristine rainforest where numerous species of fern, orchid, butterfly and bird thrive. Most of this has been destroyed by the hurricane, along with key natural sites and hiking trails, but the island is now ... Read more >
From £1,900 including UK flights
Book a holiday including four nights at participating Dominica hotels and get one night free, plus a $100 coupon to use at participating restaurants and activities. Book by 30 Jun for travel in 1 Jul-14 Oct or 9 Nov-15 Dec 2018. Quote "Dom 2018"

Caribbean nature tour, Lesser Antilles

This Caribbean nature tour is a glorious exploration of the Lesser Antilles, taking in Antigua, Montserrat, Dominica and St Lucia, four exceptionally beautiful and very different islands with breathtaking scenery and rich birdlife. This 13 day holiday is gently paced, allowing plenty of time to explore each island’s unique landscape. Do some hiking, snorkelling and kayaking, look out for birds in the diverse landscapes, enjoy some cultural visits and, of course, just relax on the beautiful beaches. You’ll be staying in excellent accommodation too, with two nights on Montserrat and three each on Antigua, Dominica and St Lucia. Remember, though, that this holiday is tailor made and you’re ... Read more >
From £3,295 including UK flights
Book a holiday including four nights at participating Dominica hotels and get one night free, plus a $100 coupon to use at participating restaurants and activities. Book by 30 Jun for travel in 1 Jul-14 Oct or 9 Nov-15 Dec 2018. Quote "Dom 2018"
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