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Northern Lights and whale watching holiday in Norway

The chance to see the Northern Lights is a phenomenal experience, not to be missed, however, when combined with whale watching; Norway holidays totally come into their own. The stunning natural light display of the aurora borealis has captured the imaginations of travellers and sailors down through the centuries and whale watching in Norway gives you every opportunity to enjoy a first-hand encounter to call your very own. In recent years, Norway whale watching trips taking place amongst the fjords northwest of Tromso have achieved remarkable success with any time between November and January providing an ideal chance to see humpbacks and orcas as they follow migrating herring. Although ... Read more >
From NKr8,900 excluding flights

Sailing cruises in Norway

A Norway sailing holiday is exactly what you need to clear your mind of modern clutter as you embark on a voyage in the northernmost Norwegian county of Finnmark flanked by fjords, sounds and giant twinkling glaciers. This week long trip will have you sailing in Norway past bird sanctuaries where thousands of different species make their nests amongst rocks, hillsides and alpine looking mountains. No other coastline in the world can compare to the sharp contrasting landscapes of eastern and western Finnmark where the prospect of never-ending days, sea eagles, puffins, and harbour porpoises never fail to excite and fuel eager imaginations. Exploring on the mainland, getting out the pole ... Read more >
From NKr89,000 excluding flights
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