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Lake Como family walking holiday, Italy

This self guided tour leads through one of the most panoramic areas of the Lake Como region. Tours start and finish near Como, a beautiful city with a rich history. The walled centre, with its narrow alleys, fine squares and impressive dome, reaches right to the shore of the lake. The tour leads over the summits of the Triangolo Lariano, the triangular piece of land surrounded on two sides by the lake and on the third by the plains of the river Po. This situation guarantees splendid views all around; the snow-topped Alps in the north, the steep Grigna in the east and at sunset the Mon Viso in the west on the French border! Closer by, just beneath, is the lake with its characteristic ... Read more >
From €635 excluding flights

Bergamo circular walking tour in Italy

Sel guided hiking holiday in the hills of Bergamo along charming family run accommodations. The ancient city of Bergamo is situated in the north of Italy in the hills fringing the plains of the river Po. The city is 10 minutes distance from the airport Milan-Bergamo (budget flights). Further up north from the city the mountains rise as high as 1150 m., leaving behind the bustling activity of the flat lands and giving way to the intimate quietness of woods and alpine pasture. In ancient days the Via Mercatorum connected the city of Bergamo with the northerly passing villages and alpine settlements. The tour roughly follows the traces of this trade route, along which the surroundings are ... Read more >
From €658 excluding flights

Pisa to Lucca walking holiday in Italy

A selfguided walking holiday in the Pisan Mountains. The Pisan Mountains are the oldest mountain range of Italy, situated between the cities of Pisa and Lucca. Rich with fountains and wells, it provided both cities with fresh water in the 17th and 18th century by means of impressive aqueducts running from the mountains to the city walls. This historical curiosity forms a core part of the tour, following the aqueduct through the flatlands near Pisa high into the mountain range. The walk continues up towards the highest point before heading down over the northern flanks of the mountains to follow the path of another aqueduct leading to the enchanting city of Lucca. This small mountain range, ... Read more >
From €529 excluding flights

Lake Como summits walking holiday, Italy

This week long walking holiday is perfect for travellers who want the best of Italian lakes holidays, but with plenty of time on land as well as on water. For this holiday we provide a tailor made itinerary for hikers who are keen to explore the stunning Triangolo Lariano, a mountain area that kisses the shores of Lake Como in a way that appeals to every walker’s sense of wanderlust. While staying in different locally owned agritourism accommodation and Lake Como hotels along the way. Walking most days for between 5-7 hours, for the first few days the itinerary takes you over some of the region’s finest summits starting with Monte Palanzone on day two, where you can take in superb alpine ... Read more >
From €588 excluding flights

Italian Alps walking holiday

This Italian Alps walking holiday itinerary is a suggested route for a week of independent hiking in the high mountain Orobic range in the north of the country. Although it is tailor made, so we can adjust it according to your interests and abilities. Starting and ending in Lake Como, you take on craggy summits, high valleys and alpine meadows that the Alps are much loved for but without having to be a mountaineer. We recommend the use of cable cars to transfer up to high levels, such as to the Artavaggio Plains between 1600 and 1900m, and then walk along ridges or up and down valleys from those points, to your next bed for the night. Starting in Lecco on, on the SE branch of Lake Como, ... Read more >
From €653 excluding flights
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