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Yoga holiday in Portugal

There’s a characterful restored farmhouse just underneath the wonderfully rustic village of Amieira within the remote mountainous region of central Portugal. This idyllic setting provides the backdrop to this yoga holiday in Portugal where you’ll be invited to stay in one of the farm’s lovingly restored stone cottages or in one of the bedrooms within the farmhouse or, perhaps, a super Soulpad belle tent within the surrounding forest. The choice, is yours. As you’d expect of a yoga holiday in Portugal - that featured in the Guardian’s top 25 retreats - the surrounding natural world works in harmony with the restored accommodation with woodlands, gardens, fruit orchards and natural pools and ...Read more >
From €960 excluding flights

Yoga & ayurveda holiday in Portugal

We find joy and inspiration when we are truly connected to our deepest truths and heartfelt desires… when we align body, head and heart. But sometimes our busy lives leave us feeling a little dizzy and unsure of our true north. Perhaps some space to breath, reflect and dream is what we deserve? Give yourself that space to reconnect to your inner compass. During twice daily yoga, inspired by ashtanga vinyasa, vinyasa flow, and yin yoga, we will delve deep into our hearts to shed light on our truth. We will connect with nature and its rhythm to release old stories and invite new perspectives to our lives. We will explore the power of journaling, rituals, breathing exercises, sound, touch and ...Read more >
From €960 excluding flights

Yoga & relaxation holiday in Portugal

Being enclosed by the gentle rolling green hills of the Portuguese Forests easily invites our attention inward away from the normal concerns of daily life, heightening our awareness of our more intuitive or creative capacities. Released from the bombardment of modern stimuli, the countryside softens us and we become more conscious of our experience in each moment, fostering a childlike joy in the now, in the play of light through a window, through a Forest or through our own eyelashes. As we take our early Morning walks we become more attentive to the details of the Forest, the texture of stone or the smell of the woodland floor underfoot. We earn and give ourselves the time to observe the ...Read more >
From €960 excluding flights

Yoga retreat in Portugal with Tashi Dawa

A week of fun, dynamic and healing yoga practice with Tashi Dawa. Moving the body with awareness and experiencing the rhythmic breath allows us to move into a state of ease, space and a willingness to surrender. We naturally release from tension as we witness the transformation of doubt, agitation and stagnant energy when we embrace yoga as a life practice. This retreat will focus on how we can use our yoga practice to expand our center, to live with steady ease, to create the platform for more skillful action in all aspects of our life. Drawing on philosophy, nature, creativity and human experience Tashi encourages the group to creatively explore their experience of yoga. 960€ to stay ...Read more >
From €960 excluding flights

Portugal Vinyasa flow yoga retreat

A week of Yoga, Music, Massage and Mud Baths with Fleur van Hille in the Portuguese mountains at this retreat featured by National Geographic Traveller and The Guardian as one of the best retreats in the world. The hectic pace of life for many of us these days asks a lot of our 'head'. Getting caught up in our thoughts can make life difficult, it moves us away from our true selves and we might even forget what we really want in life. Instead of nourishing these restless thoughts, we invite you to open and listen to your heart. Maybe suddenly life is not so confusing anymore. Fleur provides a safe environment in which you feel challenged to try new things. Whether you are new to yoga or ...Read more >
From €960 excluding flights

Portugal yoga & massage holiday

This retreat was featured by National Geographic and The Guardian as one of the best retreats in the world. Everyone is welcome whatever their experience of yoga practice might be. Being cared for on retreat; having a simple and comfortable space to rest; wholesome food to nourish; revitalizing mud for the skin; experienced therapists to ease away persistent aches and pains; good company with time for meaningful conversation; silence and opportunity for reflection; early morning walks and late afternoon swims; visits to remote country villages, sampling the local fair. All of these things makes it just a little easier for those of us feeling stressed out and pulled in all directions, to ...Read more >
From €960 excluding flights

Yoga and Thai massage retreat in Portugal

Breath by breath, layer by layer. This retreat is about coming home to yourself- finding time and space to reconnect to what is important in life. Through yoga – meditation, pranayama and asana practices we discover and unravel. With joyful focus we practice and then we reap the benefits of the practice. Through movement, rest and nourishing food we find balance. A calm nervous system, a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Acceptance, understanding and connection. Enjoying the simple abundance of the present moment, the magnificence of life itself. A rejuvenating, inspiring and cleansing experience. A sense of coming home to yourself. This retreat is for all levels, ages and shapes of ...Read more >
From €960 excluding flights
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