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Polar bear watching cruise in Svalbard, Norway

This polar bear watching expedition can either be 9 days or 11 days long. No matter which option you choose, the arrival of summer in the Svalbard archipelago creates the most perfect habitat and viewing time to see polar bears. The ice starts to recede allowing our expedition ship to access the northern waters where polar bears still travel across the pack ice or on ice floes. This is also a stunning time to watch the frozen terrain change before your eyes, as frozen waterfalls melt down sheer walls of dramatic fjords, white peaks start to reveal the hidden colours of land beneath, yet glaciers are still solid enough for us to explore and marvel at. As well as keeping an eye out for ... Read more >
From £4,495 excluding flights

Arctic wildlife holiday, Polar bear explorer

Explore the wildlife capital of the Arctic on this 11-day wildlife focused trip, accompanied by an expert naturalist guide. You will travel aboard one of the smallest expedition ships to cruise the icy waters of the Svalbard Archipelago. True gems of the Arctic, the M/S Malmo, M/S Freya, M/S Sjoveien and MV Kinfish carry a maximum of 12-16 passengers creating a unique and intimate wildlife experience. Start the adventure by heading north from Longyearbyen in search of the mighty polar bear, as well as other Arctic wildlife, including colonies of walrus, seals, whales, Svalbard reindeer and Arctic fox. This trip departs during the Arctic summer when the sea ice breaks up sending ice floes ... Read more >
From £7,495 excluding flights

Churchill polar bear tour in Canada

This fantastic classic trip, gives guests an amazing opportunity to come face to face with the magnificent polar bears, and with the climate slowly warming and the ice melting, what better time to see them! Explore the icy landscape alongside these awe inspiring creatures in our specialised tundra buggies. See the bears, white on white, in the day, watch their nocturnal activities as you navigate the Arctic by night and keep your eyes peeled when it’s clear for glimpses of the dancing Northern Lights. Taking place at a time just before the bay freezes, when the Polar Bears are eagerly awaiting the seal hunting season, the tour allows you to capture them on the tundra. Here they may be ... Read more >
From £5,995 excluding flights

Arctic polar bear fly in safari, Canada

Spend five days on this thrilling safari based from the perfectly located Arviat Polar Bear Cabins in the middle of Polar Bear Alley. Arriving into Churchill from Winnipeg you then connect with a waiting private charter flight to take you a further 40 minutes into the wilderness and the warmth of the Arviat Polar Bear Cabins. This is the perfect spot for your wildlife experience, as the polar bears move through Polar Bear Alley right outside your lodge. Aside from polar bear encounters on foot you also have a great chance of spotting the Northern Lights. Read more >
From £6,525 excluding flights

Arctic Canada wildife holiday, birds, bears & belugas

An expedition exploring the wild corners of Arctic Canada - home to polar bears, Beluga whales, Arctic foxes, wolves, black bears and many other Arctic fauna. You will fly in to the small town of Churchill from which you will be transferred to the Seal River Heritage Lodge. You will have six full days to learn about your stunning surroundings and the wildlife that calls it home. Your days will be spent venturing into this unique region; there will be tundra trekking, drives along the coast in a tundra tracker, kayaking and many more. During your stay at the lodge do not be alarmed if you are awoken to spot a polar bear which has wandered into the grounds! Included in this eight-day ... Read more >
From £7,495 excluding flights

Madagascar Lemurs safari, tailor made

Perfect for those who have a limited time in Madagascar, or want a quick wildlife burst before heading off to relax on a beautiful beach. Starting in the stunning Andasibe National Park, scour for lemurs such as the indri, brown lemur, lesser bamboo lemur and the greater dwarf lemur, as well as a huge array of other wildlife and reptiles. From here, you move on to Palmarium where you have the wonderful opportunity to visit a small island, home to the bizarre and elusive aye aye. Read more >
From £1,600 excluding flights

Gorilla tracking holiday in Rwanda

This once-in-a-lifetime Gorilla tracking holiday trip in Rwanda is a six day, tailor made experience. After relaxing in Kigali on your first night you’ll head to famous Volcanoes National Park, where you’ll spend two full days tracking and encountering the mountain gorillas and coming face-to-face with these animals in their natural habitat; surely one of the greatest wildlife experiences imaginable. You’ll also spend a day walking through the stunning foothills of the volcanoes to visit the graves of Dian Fossey and the gorillas with which she worked. You’ll spend your fifth day in search of the delightfully cheeky golden monkeys, with time in the afternoon to relax or to explore the local ... Read more >
From £3,815 excluding flights

Lowland Gorilla safari in the Congo

This adventurous lowland gorilla safari takes you deep into Congo’s Odkala-Kokoua National Park to look for gorillas, chimpanzees and other wildlife, including elephant and buffalo. You’ll also take a night walk in the forest, explore the Lekoli River by kayak and learn from expert primatologists about their research in the park. After arriving at the airport in Brazzaville, there’s time to explore the city before heading out to your camp the next day, where you’ll walk in the forest and learn about lowland gorillas from a research team. Over the following two days you’ll rise at dawn to track gorillas in the company of a local guide, on treks lasting anything from two hours to a full ... Read more >
From £5,975 excluding flights

Polar Bear watching in Canada

A once in a lifetime experience where you can live out on the Arctic Tundra surrounded by snow and ice, among the polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. Wake up every morning to see a mother nurturing her cubs out of the window, or two males sparring outside as you eat your breakfast. You will be staying at the Tundra Lodge, a strategically placed ‘train’ of carriages, moved according to the wildlife at the beginning of the season. Your days can be spent out in tundra buggies exploring the icy wilderness, where not only will you see the polar bears, but perhaps and Arctic fox or snowy owl, although you might find it hard to tear yourself away from the lodge! Here there is ample space and ... Read more >
From £6,745 excluding flights

Snow leopard tracking in Ladakh, India

In the cold winter months, we head out into the wild, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and stunning vistas for the rare opportunity to track the elusive snow leopards of Ladakh. In the company of experienced snow leopard spotters K.C Namgyal and Tsering Gurmet we head to relatively untravelled and remote parts of northern India. As well as tracking snow leopards, you will also spend time with locals, taste authentic cuisine and experience local cultures, traditions and religions. Accommodation is in intimate tented camps and village home stays. We cannot guarantee sightings of snow leopards on this trip, after all they are wild and therefore unpredictable. When we do spot them they are ... Read more >
From £3,875 excluding flights

Brazil wildlife holiday, Amazon and Pantanal

This 11 day Brazil wildlife holiday takes you to both the Amazon jungle and the wetlands of the Pantanal, in search of a colourful cast of local wildlife. The trip is tailor made, so you’re able to tweak the itinerary as you see fit, and you’ll be accompanied by knowledgeable local guides to help you make the most of your time. Your first stop is the Pantanal, where you’ll follow the Transpantaneira Highway through these tropical wetlands, spotting flocks of water birds and caiman filled waters along the way. You’ll stay at two different lodges here, both of which are perfectly placed to take in the region’s bird, plant and animal life, which includes rare pink river dolphins, piranha, ... Read more >
From £5,575 excluding flights

Costa Rica wildlife holiday, Jungles & Beaches

Costa Rica is synonymous with rainforests and tropical beauty, and on this trip we take you to the renowned ‘land of the turtles’ Tortuguero National Park, whose canals, rivers, beaches and lakes are a working laboratory of rain forest, freshwater, and marine biology. Experience the contrasting Pacific region in Manuel Antonio and Corcovado National Parks, with marine reserves, pristine beaches, snorkeling amongst rays and turtles in an ancient Indian burial ground and excellent primate-spotting, before completing your adventure with a day of beautiful waterfalls and coffee estates. Read more >
From £3,295 excluding flights

Spitsbergen polar bear watching cruise

On this trip you will scour the tundra searching for roaming polar bears and herds of grazing reindeer. Discover the far north, exploring the land where polar bears are king and learn how in this harsh land the wildlife has adapted to survive. You will, with the help of your expert guide, watch and listen out for colonies of Arctic birdlife and take in the otherworldly scenery. Your journey will start in Longyearbyen, where you will board the M/S Expedition for either 8 or 11 days. This ship was newly renovated in 2009 and offers comfortable accommodation combined with spacious common areas and observation decks. This trip embraces the spirit of expedition and the full itinerary ... Read more >
From £2,399 excluding flights

Greenland photography small ship cruise holiday

On this Greenland photography small ship cruise holiday, you’ll cross the ocean from Iceland to Greenland, before honing in on the island’s rugged eastern coastline, which is home to soaring icebergs, wild tundra and wildlife including arctic foxes and muskox. The precise itinerary will depend on weather conditions, but should include a visit to an Inuit community at Ittoqqortoormiit and an exploration of the dramatic fjords at Scoresbysund, the largest fjord system on the planet. You’ll also get to walk across Arctic tundra and, if you’re lucky, spot the elusive polar bear. Of course, the main purpose of this trip is brushing up on your photography skills, and there will be plenty of ... Read more >
From £7,995 excluding flights

Jaguar safari in the Pantanal, brazil

On this trip you will have an incredible 10 days to delve deep into the wetlands of the Pantanal - the largest wetland area in the world - in search of the elusive jaguar. Maximising your chances of seeing as much as possible we incorporate night drives, jungle treks, river boat safaris and horse riding all into your trip. The focus of this trip is to succeed in seeing the elusive jaguar in its natural habitat, and if we do not succeed, you can be safe in the knowledge that there is still plenty else to see in this wonderful area of Brazil. Read more >
From £5,175 excluding flights

Kenya conservation and research safari

Travel to the Laikipia Plateau to assist a team of rangers with important, on-the-ground conservation research in the heart of the Kenyan wilderness. This safari gives you the unique opportunity to have a real positive impact as you travel, tracking and counting wildlife species as part of the annual Lewa and Borana conservancies game census. Learn how to monitor rhino and lion populations using telemetry receivers, and how to identify individual animals using ear notch and whisker spot diagrams. You will also visit local communities to witness conservation education in action, where you will also have the chance help out with a community healthcare or water project. -Track, locate and ... Read more >
From £5,770 excluding flights

Costa Rica wildlife explorer holiday

In the travel world Costa Rica has a magical name conjuring up all sorts of colourful images, dripping rainforests and pristine beaches. This trip explores that realm of mystery as you venture into the renowned Tortuguero National Park in search of manatees, caiman and turtles, breathe in the air of the forest canopy as you explore the luscious countryside and crisp air of the highlands, marvel at the primates of Manuel Antonio National Park or relax on the unhurried Pacific beaches. Read more >
From £2,495 excluding flights

Swim with killer whales and humpback whales in Norway

Surrounded by icy fjords and imposing glaciers this unforgettable trip offers you an incredible opportunity to (hopefully) witness and swim with pods of colossal orcas and humpback whales. Travelling across the Norwegian waters on our very own private chartered boat you will have the advantage of versatility in your routing. As you are in search of wildlife their exact journey (migration) can never be exactly predicted; using a chartered boat you will be able to change direction and stay in specific areas for as long as you wish. If you are lucky enough to get a space on this incredibly exclusive trip (it is limited to just 6 guests per departure, only 4 who are able to get in the water); ... Read more >
From £4,555 excluding flights

Canada Arctic wilderness safari, Polar bears & Narwhals

Camping out on the floe edge, southeast of Bylot Island, this extraordinary safari gives you the chance to do things few would dare to dream of: track polar bears on foot; swim with narwhals, the unicorns of the sea; play in huge icebergs that protrude from the ice and kayak the icy cold Arctic waters of Baffin Bay. Staying at the Arctic Safari Camp, live in absolute comfort as you explore the Arctic wilderness with expert guides and locals whose knowledge of the area is second to none. This is a specialist-led small group departure with a group size of 8-16. Read more >
From £8,245 excluding flights

India tiger watching holidays

India is a fantastic country for cultural and wildlife experiences, and this itinerary includes some of the best of these, taking you to the Taj Mahal and two tiger parks. Among the parks you will visit is Kanha; one of the largest National Parks in India extending over 1945 sq km of undulating country, which includes a core area of 940 sq km. Kanha has some 22 species of mammals, the most easily spotted are the striped palm squirrel, common langur, jackal, wild pig, chital or spotted deer, barasingha or swamp deer, sambhar and black buck. Less commonly seen species are tiger, Indian hare, dhole or Indian wild dog, barking deer and Indian bison or gaur. Other animals found in the park are ... Read more >
From £2,860 excluding flights
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