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Wolf watching holiday in Canada

Wild wolves remain one of the world's most intelligent and elusive creatures. Following centuries of persecution, hunting, and even sanctioned poisoning by trappers, ranchers and intolerant Governments throughout the world - the wilds of northern Canada remain one of the last strongholds - and even here wolves rightfully tend to be shy of humans and their activities. We are proud that we are one of the only companies anywhere that offers a high degree of success to encounter wild wolves in their natural habitat. We accomplish this without the use of any artificial means such as captivity, feeding or implanted radio devices: Instead we take advantage of traditional wilderness knowledge ... Read more >
From CA $5,450 including domestic flights only

Arctic wildlife holiday in Canada

Join us on the mainland Canadian Arctic during the brief late summer & early autumn period at a remote, catered wildlife tent camp strategically positioned for encounters with large musk-oxen herds, barrenland caribou and ancient aboriginal historical sites! Exploring by overland & water, we will spend a wonderful week exploring the beautiful remote countryside for musk-oxen, caribou, possible wild wolves, and incredible archaeology and aboriginal (Inuit) history. Musk-oxen herds are scattered throughout northern Canada from the Arctic coastal regions of northern Labrador through the barrengrounds of the Ungava Peninsula; across the tundra plains to the west of Hudson Bay. There are also ... Read more >
From CA $3,995 excluding flights

Caribou migration holiday in Canada

Join us at Canada's mainland Arctic to encounter the mid-summer southbound migration of the ‘barrenground’ caribou herds - one of the last great wildlife spectacles in North America since the bygone days of the buffalo: and a special phenomena that is rarely seen by anyone! We will start this unique wildlife adventure by flying to an isolated traditional Arctic Inuit settlement along the coast of Ungava Bay, and then embark with Inuit guides on boat trip up a remote Arctic river deep into the Ungava Peninsula in Nunavik. We will then set up camp at a major caribou water crossing of the Leaf River herd - At 332,000 animals is the largest caribou herd remaining in Canada. Every year ... Read more >
From CA $5,995 including domestic flights only

Polar bears and wildlife in the Arctic, Canada

Travel with us to Canada's northern wilderness on our newest expedition to the deep wilderness of Ungava bay and Leaf Inlet in the remote region of Nunavik in northern Quebec. Encounter musk-oxen herds, seals, icebergs, and experience awesome sightings of polar bears on the numerous islands along the coastline! This little-explored and remote wilderness is hauntingly beautiful, historically significant and wildlife-rich. The skies here are often filled with a variety of seabirds, shorebirds, migratory waterfowl and birds-of-prey. Seals and beluga whales wander up Leaf Inlet from the open sea. Musk-oxen range and graze along the shores and hills. Polar bears spend the summertime on ... Read more >
From CA $5,450 including domestic flights only

Tundra wildlife holiday in Canada

Join us at a special guided & catered wildlife basecamp trip in Canada’s Far North to see musk-oxen herds in full winter pelage, migratory waterfowl, beautiful fall colours & fantastic displays of aurora borealis! Early autumn on the remote tundra of northern Canada briefly offers one of the most spectacular displays of nature to be experienced... musk-oxen herds gather into bigger groups for the mating season, with a backdrop of beautiful tundra autumn colours. During this period the low-bush bearberry turns fire red, and the dwarf birch and willows evolve to displays of brilliant oranges, yellows and gold - the riot of autumn colours are near blinding. Often on clear nights the aurora ... Read more >
From CA $4,995 including domestic flights only
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