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Morocco 8 day tour, mountains & deserts

Morocco is an intoxicating mix of sounds, aroma and colour. The ancient labrynthine medina of Marrakech, astonishing landscape of the Atlas mountains and extraordinary Sahara Desert scenery is just waiting to be explored. This trip is run in conjunction with a local operator.Read more >
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South America overland expedition

Culminating in the Rio Carnival or New Year celebrations, this expedition through South America takes you to many of the continent痴 must-see destinations. But beyond ticking places and experiences off your bucket-list, this is an unmissable opportunity to meet local people far off the beaten track, and see an authentic side to South America that most visitors miss. You値l travel as part of a small group in a purpose-built vehicle, occasionally camping in the wilderness and taking turns in preparing meals from food that you値l buy in local markets along the way. This tour involves long, sometimes arduous journeys across difficult terrain, but also unforgettable landscapes, wildlife ...Read more >
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Morocco express 5 day tour

This Morocco express tour takes you to some of the country痴 top highlights in just five days, along with a small group of likeminded travellers and an expert guide. You値l spend time in Marrakech, where you can explore the souks and have dinner in the Djemaa-el- Fna, the lively main city square. You値l also visit the Sahara Desert, driving through the stunning landscapes of the Atlas Mountains to get there. A camel trek over the sands and a night spent underneath the stars at a Berber camp will make the experience all the more special. As well as the desert and the city, there値l be a chance to breathe in the Atlantic Ocean air with a day in Essaouira. Here you can get involved in an ...Read more >
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Moroccan highlights tour

For a good overview of Morocco and its many highlights, it痴 difficult to beat this eight-day small group tour. It begins in Casablanca, extravagantly beautiful with its mix of Moorish and art deco architecture, rich in culture and possessing a vibrant foodie scene. A three-hour drive brings you to the medieval city of Fes, where you can see the Hassan II Mosque, among the largest in the world. The tour briefly skips south to Meknes, where you can admire more superb architecture, or imbibe the atmosphere in the medina. After a guided tour of Fes, to see its potent dye pits, tanneries and pottery workshops, you値l enjoy an unforgettable evening in the Sahara Desert, trekking by camel to a ...Read more >
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Family small group holiday in Morocco

The sights, sounds and smells make Morocco a fantastic family destination. Explore the ancient labrynthine medina of Marrakech, astonishing landscape of the Atlas Mountains and extraordinary Sahara Desert. This tour has been planned to be suitable for the younger members of your family. It includes shorter drive times, and opportunities to both explore or relax by the pool! This trip is run in conjunction with a local operator.Read more >
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Northern Pakistan tour, small group

Discover the beauty of Northern Pakistan with our stripped back tour that lets the landscape and culture speak for itself. Travelling in open top jeeps with local guides, these small tours journey from Islamabad along the Karakorum highway and though the striking mountain ranges of the Himalaya, Karakorum and Hindu Kush. Leave the tourist trails behind as we take on roads with jaw dropping vistas. Later, trek to the Nanga Parbat base camp and the vast Deosai Plains before hiking the Passu Glacier. Test your nerves as you venture across the death defying suspension bridge before heading back to Islamabad along the Karakorum Highway. With meals and accommodation included throughout, let us ...Read more >
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Pakistan tour, small group

Explore a little travelled part of Pakistan with a tour that journeys from Islamabad to Lahore along the grand trunk road. Here you will have the opportunity to watch the flag lowering ceremony carried out on the Indian border before taking in the sights of the striking Derewar Fort in the Cholistan Desert. Later, find yourself immersed in the 5000-year-old history of the Indus Valley and taking in the sights, sounds and importantly tastes of Karachi and its bazaars. Travelling in small air-conditioned vehicles with local guides and in very small groups, this tour gives you a unique experience of Pakistan which will last a lifetime. All your meals will be included in this tour, so you can ...Read more >
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Bolivia tour, encompassed

See all the highlights that Bolivia has to offer, from the bustling hilly market lined streets of La Paz to the vast Salt Flats of Uyuni. Venture down a mine in Potosi and stare in awe at the dinosaur footprints in Sucre! We stay mostly in small family owned 3 star hotels with en-suite facilities, with some basic accommodation in rural areas. Why not add on a trip to the Bolivian Pampas and Jungle?Read more >
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Kyrgyzstan small group tour, off the beaten track

Get a taste of what this trip is like by watching this short video: Kyrgyzstan Overland Discover the stunning scenery of Kyrgyzstan with a tour that takes you off the beaten track and into the heart of the wilderness. This journey will give you the unique opportunities to swim in the Lake IssyKul, hike to the edges of glaciers and spend the night in a yurt by the banks of the Lake Song Kol. The tour ends as we travel towards the Chinese border to visit Tash Rabat, an ancient Silk Road Caravanserai. A truly once in a lifetime experience, this tour will give you memories to treasure forever. Read more >
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Pakistan 17 day tour

On this 17 day small group tour of Pakistan you値l hit the road less travelled, making your way overland from Karachi to Islamabad in a locally hand-built jeep. You値l usually travel with just two or three other travellers, in order to minimise the trip痴 social and environmental impact. Highlights of your holiday will include watching the flag lowering ceremony at the India/Pakistan border at Wagah; visiting the sprawling 9th-century Derawar Fort, which stands in the vast expanse of the Cholistan Desert; learning about the 5000-year-old heritage of the Indus Valley; and exploring the buzzing bazaars of Karachi. Local guides will accompany you on the adventure, providing insight into the ...Read more >
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Cape Town to Johannesburg 17 day tour

Witness first-hand all that is fantastic about South Africa - stunning beaches, dense forests and abundant marine and bush wildlife. We visit the most southerly point in Africa, venture along the world-renowned Garden Route, the lesser-known Wild Coast & explore the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho completely surrounded by South Africa. This overland tour allows travellers to stay in simple lodges and hostels half of the time, with the other half camping under the stars to really get back to nature and experience the natural beauty of Africa.Read more >
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Bolivia & Amazon jungle holiday

Boasting some of South America痴 most varied and jaw-droppingly beautiful scenery, Bolivia might have been expressly designed for adventure travel. This two-week trip takes you from vast, desolate salt flats to volcanic peaks, lagoons patrolled by elegant pink flamingoes to lush Amazon jungle where you値l track down anacondas, alligators spider monkeys and piranhas. Oh, and you値l also stop for a bite to eat at highest pizza restaurant in the world, where the toppings include slices of llama meat. In La Paz, a guided tour takes you around the wonderfully bizarre Witches Market, a must-see on any visit to the capital, the Incan Gold Museum, and the eerie columns in the Valley of the Moon. ...Read more >
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Trekking in Morocco with a Berber family

If you池e looking for something a bit different, this trip could be for you - you値l join a Berber family as they move their livestock through Morocco痴 mighty Atlas Mountains. The trip departs just two times a year: in May, as they move their sheep, goats, camels and mules up the mountain and in September, as they move them back down again. You値l walk between four and seven hours a day, with rest stops built in, and will reach altitudes of up to 3100m. During the six day trek you値l receive three traditional Moroccan meals a day and spend nights camping underneath the stars. At either end of the trek, there will be time to relax and explore some of the country痴 other highlights. You値l ...Read more >
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Galapagos Island Cruise

These islands are world-renowned for Charles Darwins studies in the 19th century and for the huge number of endemic species that inhabit them. Explore these remote, volcanic islands by yacht and encounter some of their unique wildlife such as Darwins famous Finches, Marine Iguana, Blue-footed Booby and Giant TortoiseRead more >
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Colombia overland tour, Cartagena to Quito

Colombia's equatorial position affords it a diversity of landscapes matched by few countries. Add to this, the fact that it is the second most biodiverse country on the planet Colombia packs a lot in! From unspolied Caribbean beaches; verdant Amazon Jungle; coffee-strewn, emerald-green hilltops; extraordinary archaeological and cultural sites and cobbled photogenic towns and villages this trip is a three week visual feast! Read more >
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Nairobi to Dar es Salaam overland tour

On this overland tour you have the opportunity to get up close to the amazing wildlife in the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, home to Wildebeest, Zebra, Gazelle, Giraffe, Elephants, Rhino and big cats - the opportunity to spot wildlife on offer is second to none. As well as sight-seeing, you can chill out on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Zanzibar and explore the history and culture of Stone Town.Read more >
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Morocco family holiday, souks, sand dunes & surf

Soak up Moroccan culture and traditions with a captivating tour that takes you from exotic Marrakech to a Berber camp in the sun-baked Sahara desert, from driving over the High Atlas Mountains to unwinding on a beautiful beach on Morocco痴 Atlantic coast. Fascinating and fun excursions are combined with plenty of down time, making this small group tour perfect for families that want to take an adventurous holiday with their younger children. Just a few of the many highlights include spending camel trekking over sand dunes to a Berber encampment, where you値l share a traditional meal beneath a canvas of stars; exploring the ancient Kasbahs of At Benhaddou, which have appeared in countless ...Read more >
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Morocco small group holiday, beach & gorges

Morocco is steeped in iconic landmarks such as the kasbahs of Ait Benhaddou and the Hassan Tower of Rabat, and breathtaking natural scenery including the vast Todra Gorge and the Sahara Desert stretching out endlessly under the baking sun. This tour will captivate you from start to finish. A whistle-stop itinerary will see you travelling between Marrakech, Casablanca, Chefchaouen and medieval Fes, all of them must-see destinations in Morocco. There will be fascinating guided tours around maze-like medinas, ancient Roman ruins and the world痴 largest film studio; engaging cultural encounters, and opportunities to form lasting bonds with your fellow travellers. Wander the cobbled streets of ...Read more >
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Addis Ababa to Cairo Ethiopia, Sudan & Egypt tour

This epic tour is just the ticket for adventure seekers, nature lovers and history buffs. You値l travel across Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt over 38 days, taking in fabled cities, ancient temples, hectic modern cities and stunning mountains, desert and coastline along the way. In Ethiopia, a country with more than its fair share of UNESCO World Heritage sites, you値l visit the rock hewn churches at Lalibela, travel to the holy city of Axum, boat across Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, and visit the ancient ruins at Gondar, once the seat of Ethiopia痴 emperors. Sudan is your next stop, where you値l spend time in the Nubian Desert, visit the pyramids at Meroe and explore the souks of ...Read more >
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Morocco holiday, Imperial cities and desert

A trip that explores the iconic highlights of Morocco: feel the difference between the Arab north and Berber South. Visit the 4 majestic Imperial Cities in 1 week, including an amazing night in a Berber camp in the Desert. Highlights range from the dye pits and tanneries of Fes, the UNESCO listed Roman ruins of Volubilis with it's beautiful mosaics to the stunning Todra Gorge and the UNESCO World Heritage Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. This trip provides a great overview of Morocco. This trip is run in conjunction with a local operator.This is a slightly longer version of our 8-day Morocco Highlights tour, which starts in Casablanca and finishes in Marrakech. Read more >
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