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Canada family adventure holiday

This Canadian family holiday is a small group, fully guided adventure through some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes. Where outdoor experiences are totally out of this world. Starting in Vancouver where, after some time to enjoy this cosmopolitan and very cool city, you then head up to Whistler, one of British Columbia’s activity hubs in the heart of southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains. Mountains and all the exciting adventures associated with them are a big feature of this trip, your next stop being Well Grey Provincial Park, although there is nothing provincial in feel about these Cariboo Mountains, where you will spend two nights in a lodge. Jasper National Park ... Read more >
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Grand Canyon white water rafting tour

This Grand Canyon white water rafting tour really is a trip of a lifetime, joining a small group tour down the world famous Colorado River for 450km over a week. Rafting your way through the great canyon that it has carved over millions of years. An exhilarating adventure, camping on the riverside throughout, waking up to the sunrise hitting the canyon walls, which are over 1.5 km in depth, and falling asleep under a vast array of stars, let yourself be guided by top expert rafting guides through these mammoth landscapes. This really is a trip that is all about switching off completely and going with the flow. And letting your heart race over the rapids. During this trip you will raft ... Read more >
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Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon holiday

This week long holiday takes in some of the USAs greatest landscapes: Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Parks being the top three, but also Monument Valley. This is a colossal circuit really, travelling in a small group, using private transport and staying in hotels along the way. Starting and ending in Las Vegas, the first stop is Zion National Park, where we will spend a couple of days taking time to really explore. Far from a coach tour, our holidays are about getting out of the car and into the landscape with myriad trails to choose from at all the great places we visit. In Zion, for example, one of the must do’s is Angels Landing Trail which certainly gives the most heavenly ... Read more >
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San Francisco to Yosemite tour, America

This three day trip is perfect for anyone doing the sites of San Francisco but also wanting to experience the wilds and wonders of Yosemite National Park. Travelling with a tour operator that specialises in North America’s great national parks, let us guide you into this great park in the heart of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. With great hiking trails such as the famous Mist Trail, vast forests and the great Vernal and Nevada Waterfalls, camping here means that you can trek to the park’s natural highlights in the early morning light. Just three days away from the ‘Great City by the Bay’ in San Francisco, this trip takes you into one of the great wide open spaces of western USA. ... Read more >
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USA short tours, Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

Perfect for those who want to see a lot of the USA but don’t have much time to do it, this short tour is packed with iconic landscapes and memorable experiences. Starting in ‘Sin City’ itself, Las Vegas, you’ll take the 2.5 hour journey out to stunning Zion National Park, famed for its dramatic red cliffs and many hiking trails. You might take the switchback route to Angles Landing, an obvious highlight, see the beautiful ‘Emerald Pools’, or squeeze through the slot canyons in the ‘Narrows’. You’ll drive through the badlands of the Painted Desert on the way to Monument Valley – an area you may well recognise from countless Hollywood movies. Here you’ll be welcomed by the Navajo community ... Read more >
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Family camping holiday in America

This twelve day family camping holiday in America is a superb adventure through North America’s great western national parks. Camping among canyons and granite peaks, hoodoos and habitats for great wildlife, your journey will take you through some of the most memorable landscapes on the continent. The advantages of this being a small group tour is that all your campsites are booked for you, with guides to get you from one spot to the next during the summer months when booking can be tricky. Especially around hotspots like Grand Canyon National Park. As well as the national parks, we also visit Monument Valley which is a Navajo reservation where you will be led around by a Navajo guide and ... Read more >
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Appalachian Trail walking holiday in America

This wonderful week of wilderness walking in America’s Northeast lets you get back to basics as you discover backcountry hiking against an awesome Appalachian backdrop. Throw off your cares, unshackle your worries, and immerse yourself in all things Appalachian as you walk as part of a small group in the company of experienced Appalachian Mountain Guides. Just remember that this isn’t your average walk in the park so be prepared to carry your own pack in backwoods country as you average daily distances of around 10kms. Each evening you’ll discover more about the natural area surrounding your mountain hut with stunning alpine views over the White Mountains the perfect accompaniment to a ... Read more >
From £1,649 excluding flights

Appalachian Trail walking holiday, America, lodges

At 3500 kilometres the Appalachian Trail is the world’s longest hiking-only trail, and this 11-day trip sees you tackle several of the best-known stretches. Beginning and ending in Boston, a city that has been at the forefront of many key events in American history, the tour involves a series of guided hikes through some of the most captivating scenery in northeast America. The first scheduled hike begins in Stowe. Travelling with a group of fellow walkers, you’ll fuel up with a handful of tasty foodie visits, before joining the well-known Skyline Trail for a full-day trek. It’s a strenuous hike, but well worth the effort. In New Hampshire’s White Mountains National Park, forming the ... Read more >
From £2,829 excluding flights

USA short tour, LA to Vegas

Don’t blame us if you find yourself booking a full-on roadtrip around the US after this fun-packed taster tour, taking you around iconic cities Los Angeles and Las Vegas, via the incredible Grand Canyon. You’ll get the trip underway in Los Angeles, the ‘City of Angels’, with a tour of Hollywood highlights that are immediately recognisable - the Hollywood sign, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills and much more besides. Just make sure your camera is fully charged. Leaving LA, you’ll head out across the atmospheric Mojave Desert, pausing to take in the amazing red rock scenery around the Colorado River. You’ll be spending the night on the shore of beautiful Lake Havasu, and if ... Read more >
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National Parks holidays in America

Starting in San Francisco and ending in Jackson, Wyoming, this national parks holiday takes you to eight of America’s greatest landscapes and wilderness areas. Staying in hotels or local lodges along the way, our adventure begins in Yosemite National Park, where we have two days to take in the great Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. This is an action packed holiday where, although there is a busy schedule, the emphasis in on outdoor time, the next stop being Death Valley National Park, one of the driest places on the planet. Canyons are very much a feature of the next couple of national parks, Zion and Bryce where you can enjoy the views and trails of a lifetime. Highlights include ... Read more >
From £4,649 excluding flights

New York to Niagara Falls tour, 3 days

Featuring one of the great natural wonders of the world, the gorgeous wine country of the Finger Lakes and majestic mountain scenery in every direction, this three-day USA tour is a perfect introduction to what makes upstate New York so very special. You’ll depart from the Big Apple itself, heading toward the Delaware Water Gap that carves its way through the mighty Appalachian Mountains. After a brief pause to goggle at the views in the Pocono Mountains, you’ll arrive at your destination: Niagara Falls. Comprising the Horseshoe Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the American Falls, Niagara Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in North America, and a truly impressive sight. It’s also a ... Read more >
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Canadian Rockies adventure holiday

This Canadian Rockies adventure holiday starts in Vancouver and ends in Calgary, travelling in a small group through some of the country’s most spectacular wilderness landscapes and national parks. Canada is a country that welcomes adventurers with open arms and this holiday is perfect for travellers who want to see the country by canoeing, mountain biking or hiking but also enjoy staying in hotels along the way, rather than full on wilderness camping experiences. Canada’s Rocky Mountains are famously some of the most exquisite elevated landscapes in the world, with dramatic peaks such as Whistler Mountain in Jasper National Park where you have the chance to take an optional cable car ... Read more >
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Canadian Rockies tour

This twelve day Canadian Rockies walking holiday starts in Calgary and ends in Vancouver, with a wealth of heavenly hiking terrain in between. A small group, fully guided tour, travelling during the summer months, this is the most magical time to see the great wildernesses that western Canada has to offer. Spending our time between some of Canada’s greatest national parks and camping along the way, our first stop is in Banff National Park, Canada’s oldest and most famous for its magnificent Rockies mountainscapes and also the turquoise waters of Lake Louise. Yoho National Park is next and the fact that this aboriginal name translates as ‘awe’ says it all really, where magnificent ... Read more >
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Route 66 tour, USA

Follow in the tyre tracks and footsteps of American folklore as you join a small group on a two week tour of one of the USA’s most iconic highways, Route 66. Marrying the Windy City with Californian sunshine is a match made in Hollywood heaven and the penultimate destination of Las Vegas does little to let you down gently. Encompassing eight states on route from Chicago to Los Angeles is about as exciting a tour of the USA as you can hope to imagine in two weeks so make sure you take it all in any which way you can. Thankfully your tour leader and like-minded companions will be with you every line dancing step of the way so get ready to experience life in the USA in classic road trip ... Read more >
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Small group camping holiday in America

Bookended by the vivacious cities of Las Vegas and San Francisco, this 13-day small-group tour around West Coast America introduces you to an astonishingly diverse range of natural scenery, through some of the country’s most beloved national parks. Packed with adventure, cultural history and unforgettable views, the trip thoroughly immerses you in the landscape with tented accommodation and a series of exciting hikes. You’ll journey along Route 66, an American icon, and peer down into the vast Grand Canyon, with time available for plenty of optional activities such as helicopter flights. You’ll catch sunset over Monument Valley, in the heart of Navajo Nation, discovering the magic and ... Read more >
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Yellowstone NP winter wildlife tour, USA

Yellowstone National Park is naturally exciting whichever time of year you care to visit however, covered in white and without another soul in sight makes winter a pretty hard season to beat. Wildlife watching in Yellowstone is intoxicating, to say the least, with pristine wilderness areas, covered in snow, enabling foot prints to appear as an ethereal ambience inhabits the air. This week of wildlife watching, cross-country skiing and snowshoe shuffling will open your eyes to a winter wonderland that the summer crowds could never, ever imagine. As your group will be accompanied by expert wildlife trackers and wolf guides you'll get to learn more about the natural history and the ... Read more >
From £4,179 excluding flights
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Western USA National Parks camping holiday

This extraordinary USA national parks camping holiday takes you to some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes, while organising all the camping and outdoor experiences for you. Following a carefully crafted itinerary, we travel in a small group from San Francisco to Jackson in Wyoming, taking in eight national parks en route. As we will be camping at nearby government regulated campsites, you will have plenty of time to explore the highlights of the parks, as well as their dramatic sunrises and sunsets. These include the dramatic geysers at Yellowstone, the canyons of Bryce and Zion, hiking the trails of Yosemite in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and looking on in awe at the stunning ... Read more >
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New England and Canadian east coast tours

This coastal odyssey takes you far off North America’s tourist trail through Canada’s most underrated Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island await and then down into Maine in the USA. Travelling with a small group, by private bus, this is far from just a ‘coach’ tour, however, taking time to delve deeply into the cultural and natural heritage highlights en route. Starting and finishing in Halifax, the capital of Canada’s Nova Scotia province, this is a beautiful maritime city to lose yourself in, be it in museums, art galleries, waterfront restaurants or boutiques. Then we head south into USA for two days in Maine’s Acadia National Park. The state’s ... Read more >
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Canadian Rockies and National Parks of America

This twenty day trip through the Canadian Rockies and some of the greatest USA national parks follows two of North America’s most famous mountain ranges, heading south to north. The starting points of Denver, otherwise known as Mile High City because of its elevation, and then Boulder, gateway to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park are spectacular introductions to the Rocky Mountains and also the outdoor adventures that this part of the world encapsulate. Sinks Canyon State Park in Wyoming is a lesser known spot, but no less impressive, located at the southern end of the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming, and named after its‘sinks’ where the river disappears underground near the mouth ... Read more >
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Walking holiday in the Yukon and Alaska

There aren’t many destinations that match Alaska and the Yukon province for pure, unadulterated Arctic awesomeness. This fabulous fortnight intends to unveil the extent to which these most northerly of territories have left their mark both in terms of Native American heritage and stunning glacial scenery. Walking as part of a small group whilst accompanied by two leaders is a real privilege and certain to resonate with those who like to learn as well as enjoy the natural peace and tranquillity. Days spent walking average distances of around 12kms provide insight into Inuit and Native American culture alongside adding to organic encounters with indigenous animals including bald eagles, ... Read more >
From £2,340 excluding flights
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