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Scotland to Iceland sailing holiday

Whether you sail this route north to Iceland or south to Scotland, you are in for a real treat and one of our classic sailing expeditions. You will have time to explore some of the beautiful west coast of Scotland with its world famous whisky distilleries, the soaring volcanic cliffs of the Faroes with their swirling fogs and millions of birds and the ice capped fjords of eastern Iceland. In between is c.700 miles of open ocean sailing.Read more >
From £2,199 excluding flights

Atlantic sailing holiday, Madeira to Azores

If you've ever dreamt of what it would be like to be sailing out on the open ocean, hundreds of miles from land, then this is the perfect adventure for you. And you don't even need to be experienced. Starting from the Portuguese island of Madeira, over 700nm of Atlantic Ocean lie between you and your destination, the volcanic archipelago of the Azores. Sailing on one of our incredible 60' ocean going yachts and with two top class instructors to guide you, you will experience life on the high seas in all its majesty. Get ready for two weeks of sailing, training and exploring. Two weeks full of challenges, exhilaration, excitement and wonder. Get ready for open ocean sailing from Madeira to ...Read more >
From £1,997 excluding flights

Galicia sailing holiday in Spain

Rocky headlands, winding inlets, small fishing towns, plunging cliffs, wide sweeping bays and many a remote, sandy beach - welcome to beautiful Galicia! Galicia is a unique region in Spain with its own language and distinctive culture. It lies on the county's north west corner, just south of the fearsome Bay of Biscay and the wonderfully named Costa da Morte. Not only is it home to the world famous Santiago de Compostela, its beautiful granite coastline is home to the long, steep sided ‘Rias’. Just a day sail apart, these make it such a special cruising ground. Discover its wonderful towns, anchorages, islands and a national park all steeped in mysteries and legends, add in the top-class ...Read more >
From £2,250 excluding flights

World ARC sailing in Whitsundays & Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a place that needs no introduction. It is one of the natural wonders of the world and the largest coral reef system on the planet. With almost a whole month to sail and explore, we’ll be following in the trail of Captain Cook and Endeavour. There is incredible wildlife with giant clams, manta rays and crocodiles, remote settlements and of course spectacular sailing in the warm trade winds.Read more >
From £4,750 excluding flights

Canaries to Madeira sailing holiday

A UNESCO biosphere reserve, Lanzarote is a beautiful, volcanic island with little towns and anchorages just waiting to be explored. Each day we’ll sail to somewhere new and then have time to swim and explore ashore. Some nights we’ll be at anchor, others in a marina. Later in the trip, we have an exciting overnight sail to the island of Madeira. Throughout, you’ll be fully involved, getting top class training and constantly building your sailing skills and experience.Read more >
From £1,799 excluding flights

Norwegian Fjords sailing holiday

This two week small group sailing holiday starts in Alesund before setting sail south around islands and skerries, and along Norway’s fjord fringed coastline, before berthing in Bergen. All ages and levels of experience are welcome aboard and full training and safety procedures will be given by two highly competent instructors, including essential sailing exercises and drills. Solo passengers are very much the norm and no sooner than you’ve set sail you'll be making friends and chatting to the crew about what you can expect from the voyage ahead. Sheer cliff faces and mountainous frozen fjords make absolutely majestic backdrops where sea eagles and puffins plunge from high and seal ...Read more >
From £1,950 excluding flights

Sailing course holiday in Norway

A superb sailing course along the coast of Norway that will transform your existing sailing qualifications into real world skills. Once you have your RYA or ASA qualifications, it is hard to take the next step into skippering your own passages with no instructor on board to guide you. Added to that, skills fade without constant use. For a great many sailors with their RYA Day Skipper or Yachtmaster, that jump has not been made and there is no obvious way to progress. The Passage Making Masterclass was designed to address this exact problem. You will spend two weeks with our leading expedition skippers refreshing your previous skills, learning new techniques and getting huge amounts of real ...Read more >
From £2,099 excluding flights

Jamaica to Cuba sailing adventure

Two weeks of adventure sailing up the coast of Cuba, exploring UNESCO listed cities, deserted paradise islands and extraordinary communes. Cuba remains one of the most spectacular coasts to sail and explore, with so many hidden treasures that are only really discoverable by sea. We start on the coast of Jamaica for an exhilarating overnight sail across a stretch of the Caribbean Sea before making landfall in southern Cuba. We then work our way north, mixing visits to intoxicating Cuban towns with anchoring off islands fringed with coral reef and flamingoes. Two incredible weeks of adventure sailing and exploring! NO PREVIOUS SAILING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. JOIN SOLO OR AS A GROUPRead more >
From £2,249 excluding flights

Norway and Scottish Islands sailing holiday

Spend two weeks exploring the magnificent islands of Norway and Scotland in the beautiful late summer / early autumn period in which this area is often at its most beautiful. Two days of sailing and exploring the archipelago around Bergen is followed by an exciting 190nm offshore passage to the Shetland Isles. A few days to sail around and explore these islands is followed by the 60nm passage to the Orkneys where we can explore further. We finish with a passage around Cape Wrath and our arrival in the Hebrides. Superb sailing, gorgeous islands to explore and wildlife such as puffins, otters, rare seabirds and even a whale if you're lucky! Highlights: Majestical islands to explore Some ...Read more >
From £1,799 excluding flights

Stockholm to Copenhagen sailing holiday

Adventure sailing holiday from Stockholm, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark Two wonderful weeks of Scandinavian sailing on board one of our fabulous 60' expedition yachts as we head from the heart of Stockholm, down the gorgeous Blue Coast of Sweden and around its southern tip to the very heart of Copenhagen in Denmark. Idyllic, lazy summer days of sailing, exploring and discovering hidden gems in one of the world's finest sailing grounds. NO PREVIOUS SAILING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. FULL TUITION GIVENRead more >
From £1,999 excluding flights

World ARC sailing Fiji to Australia

Take part in the World ARC and be part of a truly huge adventure at sea. Join a 60' expedition yacht on an epic 15-month circumnavigation, taking in the world’s most beautiful places along the way. The full circumnavigation is divided into legs, sand this trip is leg 2. In doing so, you will be taking part in some of the finest sailing you will ever experience and exploring parts of the world that remain mythical to most sailors. All this and more in the true adventure of a lifetime.Read more >
From €4,930 excluding flights

Sail across the English Channel, Cherbourg Route

This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the thrill of sailing through the crowded shipping lanes from England to France. You will stay at least a night in France before sailing back to England. Lots of training, build your experience and have a fantastic week of sailing. If you're a beginner you can earn your RYA Competent Crew certificate.Read more >
From £499 excluding flights

Bodo to Alesund advanced sailing course in Norway

Once you have your RYA qualifications, or have a fair amount of skills or experience, it's really hard to progress any further and turn your RYA skills into real world capabilities and experience. The Passage Making Masterclass™ was designed specifically to take people like you to the next level, opening up huge potential for you as a skipper. You will face constant challenges, be asked to make decisions and then act on them. All the time under the watchful guidance and explanation of very experienced skippers.Read more >
From £1,996 excluding flights

Norway to Iceland sailing holiday

True ocean adventure sailing between Iceland and Norway The passage between Norway and Iceland has everything: incredible coastline and coastal exploration, open ocean sailing, the Arctic Circle, whales and more. For a true, incredible adventure with loads of learning included, there is simply nothing to beat this. NO PREVIOUS SAILING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. FULL TUITION GIVEN.Read more >
From £2,219 excluding flights

Galicia to The Canaries sailing holiday

Two wonderful weeks of offshore sailing and close to 1000nm in the logbook. Warm winter sun makes this a lovely break from the cold winter and the open ocean is a truly special place. We begin with some training in the charming Spanish rias, before setting off for the 700nm sail to the Portuguese island of Madeira. A couple of days to explore there before the final 300nm charge to Gran Canaria. (A Yachtmaster Ocean qualifying passage for watch leaders).Read more >
From £1,599 excluding flights

Scotland to Norway sailing holiday

The stunning western isles of Scotland, the incredible Faroe Islands and the beautiful archipelagos off the north west coast of Norway. In between, enjoy some lovely open ocean sailing, with a shorter passage to the Faroes and then a 600nm ocean passage up to Norway. En route, cross the Arctic Circle at sea. This ocean adventure sailing trip is a yachtmaster ocean qualifying passage, giving you an opportunity to further your skills.Read more >
From £2,240 excluding flights

Grenadines Christmas sailing holiday

Two weeks of sailing and exploring in the beautiful Grenadines over Christmas and New Year. Explore Mustique, dive in the Tobago Cays and wander through rainforests and perfect white beaches. Set amid tropical seas between the islands of St Vincent and Grenada, these tiny emerald-clad volcanic islands are a gorgeous alternative to the Caribbean's larger islands further north. They are renowned for their untouched beauty and natural landscapes. Gorgeous villages, tropical rainforests, powdery white-sand beaches and lighter winds make them a perfect sailing ground and our current absolute must visit place! Throughout, you’ll be fully involved, getting top class training and constantly ...Read more >
From £2,179 excluding flights

Passage Making Master sailing course

Join us for two weeks of sailing, training and adventure that will take your seamanship and skippering skills to a new level. Building the next level of skills after doing your RYA or ASA qualifications can be hard. This course is designed for everyone who has done their basic qualifications (from Day Skipper up) and now wishes to make a really big jump in their skills and experience levels. As we sail between the UK, France, Ireland and Scotland you will face constant challenges, be asked to make decisions and then act on them, all the time under the watchful guidance and explanation of top skippers. Fantastic tuition and great sailing.Read more >
From £1,980 excluding flights

Azores to Coruna sailing holiday

A magical sailing experience as you head out into the vast expanse of the eastern Atlantic Ocean for the 1000nm journey to the western edge of the European continent. Starting from the volcanic archipelago of the Azores, you will soon be hundreds of miles out to sea, helming, trimming sails and navigating as you work with the ocean environment.Read more >
From £2,159 excluding flights

Martinique to Grenada sailing holiday

A true sailing adventure in the southern Caribbean as we sail through the spice-laden Windward Islands, with rainforests, volcanoes, coral reefs and tropical fish This is the Caribbean of days gone by, with deep turquoise waters, hidden anchorages and tropical islands lined with white sand beaches and soaring green mountains. Sailing either from Martinique to Grenada, or Grenada to Martinique, you'll be exploring little-known isles that are off the beaten track. Bequia and Mayreau in the Grenadines are magical stop overs, as are the open-air markets of exciting St. George’s. This truly is a part of the Caribbean that remains authentic and unspoiled. Throughout, you’ll be fully involved, ...Read more >
From £2,250 excluding flights
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