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Husky safari in Finland

The Finnish wilderness is an incredible place to escape civilisation and truly get away from it all. On this Husky safari in Finland holiday you will spend five magical days driving your team of dogs through the stunning scenery of Pallas-Ylläs National Park in northwestern Lapland, travelling from cabin to remote cabin, through Christmas-card scenes of snowy forests and frozen lakes, in an area renowned for having the cleanest air in Europe. Beginning at the Harriniva Wilderness Hotel, you’ll meet your team of four to six huskies – just some of the 400 that are cared for at the Arctic Sled Dog Centre. Here, experienced mushers will talk you through working with your dogs, as you learn how ... Read more >
From £2,155 including UK flights

Finnish Lapland activity holiday with log cabin

This eight-day activity holiday is an excellent introduction to the picture-perfect wonderland that is Lapland in winter. During this week in Luosto, Finland, you’ll the chance to try out a range of Nordic activities as you enjoy a real snow-filled adventure. You’ll travel by snowmobile to the Lampivaara Amethyst Mine, enjoy a cross-country ski lesson before taking to the plethora of trails that criss-cross Luosto and visit a reindeer park for a magical reindeer-sleigh ride through the forest. A real highlight of this holiday is a husky safari, where you’ll experience the exhilaration of travelling at speed through breathtaking snow-covered forests and across frozen lakes. The ... Read more >
From £1,675 including UK flights

Winter adventure in Finland

This winter adventure holiday in Finland, far north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland is not only an exciting outdoor experience but also packed with typical Finnish things to do, wilderness being our middle name. Based in the charming, remote Harriniva Hotel, located by the Muonio River and on the outskirts of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. The national park boasts over a thousand square kilometres of boreal forest, high fells and myriad snowshoeing and cross country skiing trails, and has a very untouched feel about it. It is, therefore, the perfect location for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, visiting a reindeer farm and, the highlight for many, going on a husky safari. No ... Read more >
From £1,995 including UK flights

Winter cottage holiday in Finnish Lapland

Escape from everyday life on this winter cottage holiday in Finnish Lapland. This seven-night escape captures the essence of Lapland and experienced guides ensure you enjoy the best and most unique experiences the area has to offer. Enjoy an exciting mix of unforgettable activities and rare encounters which will leave you feeling refreshed and exhilarated. One of the highlights of the trip is the chance to meet local reindeer herders and find out about their way of life and the importance of their animals. Then take a three-kilometre long sleigh for a ride through the forests with the reindeer pulling you along. You’ll also enjoy an unforgettable husky safari, which really provides a ... Read more >
From £1,845 including UK flights

Lapland husky safari holiday, Finland

This Lapland husky safari holiday in Finland really is the ultimate winter experience for anyone who loves wilderness, and dogs, staying in a lakeside lodge in Saija where the frozen waters of Lake Jokijärvi are the icing on an already gorgeous cake. And for those who choose the late December departure, a Christmas cake. For dog lovers, this is also a dream come true as you train to manage your own team of huskies, and then go on several safaris with them, one by night, through pristine Arctic forest, frozen wetland, more lakes and remote rivers. The contrast of everything being so still, and frozen, while you speed through it, well wrapped up and warm against the winter elements, is a ... Read more >
From £2,095 including UK flights

Madeira small group holiday, gardens & levadas

Although relatively small in size, Madeira is absolutely brimming with flora and fauna. Thanks to the sub-tropical climate, the island enjoys warm temperatures for most of the year. The tall mountains capture the water from the clouds and irrigate the lands below, creating landscapes full of colour and beauty. Flowers and fruit trees line the hills and terraces and every possible bit of space is utilised to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in the fertile volcanic soil. The island has several fantastic landscaped gardens, as well as many beautiful household plots. This trip includes a visit to one of the smaller, yet more interesting private gardens of Palheiro, as well as stops at ... Read more >
From £1,255 including UK flights

Lapland husky safari short break, Norway

Authenticity explains the popularity of the Karasjok husky safari, which was created by Sven Engholm, (Scandinavia's 11 times winner of the Finnmarkslopet longest dog sled race in Europe and also a top ten finisher in the Iditarod 1800km North American mushing race). The passion for mushing and the excitement of the trail is simply contagious in his company. Your wilderness adventure lasts three days and two nights, covering up to 25km to 50km a day. With breathtaking winter scenery as your backdrop, look out for local wildlife such as reindeer and moose in their natural habitats. ACCOMMODATION Your accommodation is a mix of log cabins at Engholm Husky Farm (6km from Karasjok). A launch ... Read more >
From £2,055 including UK flights

Arctic cruise to Greenland and Iceland

During this unforgettable thirteen night holiday, you will enjoy the long days of the Arctic summer whilst also making the most of the captivating and wild beauty of Greenland and the magnificent natural wonders of Iceland. You will also have time to explore Reykjavik, one of the smallest capitals in the world. Boarding the boat in Greenland, you will explore the rugged and remote west coast, a region that reflects and promotes the traditional way of life which is widely embraced on the island. The landscape throughout is dominated by steep fjords, floating icebergs and immense glaciers and there is some staggering scenery to enjoy. In Iceland, you will visit the Westman Islands and ... Read more >
From £4,895 excluding flights

Azores small group tour, volcanic wonderland

Buffeted by the vast Atlantic Ocean, the lush, volcanic island of São Miguel offers an adventure playground for activity and wildlife lovers alike. This seven-night small group tour will see you snorkelling with wild dolphins, kayaking on crater lakes and swimming in ocean hot springs. This trip is a real celebration of the Azores’ two big draws – the wild Atlantic Ocean and spectacular volcanic landscapes. Led by an expert guide, you and your small group of like-minded fellow travellers will be cycling through lush forests, kayaking on the crater lakes of the Sete Cidades lagoon and taking a leisurely walk through São Miguel’s largest lava tunnel. You’ll be swimming in the Atlantic ... Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Croatia cruise, Dalmatian islands and towns

The Croatian islands that are dotted along the Adriatic Coast are home to beautiful beaches, secluded coves and charming towns and villages. You will travel aboard an intimate small ship, with a maximum capacity of either 32 or 42 people, sailing from the ancient and beautiful town of Dubrovnik to a variety of islands and towns filled with history, culture and beauty. The pace of this Croatia cruise holiday is relaxed and you are free to sit back and unwind on the deck or head out to explore the sights that you will be visiting along the way. Sailing through the Adriatic and along the coast of middle Dalmatia, the vistas are simply stunning. With jagged mountains, rolling hills and ... Read more >
From £745 excluding flights

Madeira small group holiday, wildlife & nature

The landscape of Madeira is simply stunning and for such a small island, it has a huge variety of scenery. Towering mountain peaks covered in thick, green forests are home to a wealth of flora and fauna and the terraced hillsides are packed with colourful flowers and blooming fruit trees. The Atlantic Ocean wraps around the Madeiran archipelago and the Gulf Stream makes the sea warm and pleasant and also a perfect year-round home for all sorts of marine life. Bottlenose and Atlantic-spotted dolphins, as well as humpback and short-finned pilot whales, are often found here in abundance, making it a wildlife lover’s paradise. This itinerary has been designed for you to explore as much of ... Read more >
From £1,310 including UK flights

Winter holiday in Finnish Lapland, tailor made

OVERVIEW This holiday allows you to experience Lapland your way, you can choose the duration of your holiday, the activities you would like to include and the experiences you would like to have. In terms of accommodation, you may also choose between a welcoming hotel and a selection of cosy winter cottage options. There are also extremely innovative places in which you can spend the night, including the Aurora Domes and the nearby Torassieppi Winter Village. Jeris has an idyllic setting on the banks of a frozen lake and the accommodation is surrounded by pine forests. The hotel forms the focal point for guests with the winter cottages dotted between five and ten minutes from the building, ... Read more >
From £785 including UK flights

Finnish Lapland winter holiday, husky safari

No trip to Lapland in winter is complete without feeling the wind in your hair as a team of huskies propel you at speed through the snow-covered wilderness. This five-day husky safari holiday in Finnish Lapland goes one step further; giving you the opportunity to really live like a musher, learning to drive and look after your own team of dogs. From your base at the traditional Hotel Ivalo (where you’ll spend the first and last nights of your trip) you’ll be speeding across the spectacular frozen landscape of Lake Inari and its islands. You’ll cover between 30 to 50km a day during your two-night, three-day journey; a simply extraordinary Arctic experience. Each night you’ll be responsible ... Read more >
From £1,795 including UK flights

Winter cottage short break in Finland

Experience the delights of Lapland at your own pace and in your own way. You have six full days to play within this winter wonderland as well as evenings to enjoy Northern Lights activities so there is plenty of time for you to be as active or relaxed as you wish. Jeris provides its guests with an idyllic setting in the pine forests of North West Finland, close to the edge of Lake Jerisjarvi. It’s ideally located for exploring the delights of Finnish Lapland as it is surrounded by forested-fells and lies on the perimeter of the Pallas National Park. As this is a veritable adventure playground the options available to you are varied and plentiful. You choose from leisurely experiences ... Read more >
From £1,115 including UK flights

Finnish Lapland holiday, Luosto activity week

OVERVIEW Our Taster Week in Luosto takes you right into the heart of a beautiful landscape, giving you the chance to take part in a full range of Nordic activities, all while finding out more about the local culture. Get familiar with the winter wonderland around Luosto on snowmobiles - easily one of the most popular ways to get about in Finland. You will drive them all the way to the famous Lampivaara Amethyst Mine, where you will be able to dig for your own amethysts. Connect with nature as you learn how to cross-country ski on delightful trails. As Luosto is right inside the Aurora Zone, a snowshoe hunt for the Northern Lights has been included in your itinerary. There is also the ... Read more >
From £1,620 including UK flights

Yukon winter activity and northern lights holiday

Available departure dates between 01 Dec 2019 and 04 Apr 2020. The Yukon is famed for incredible Northern Lights displays, dramatic unending wilderness and a wealth of exhilarating winter activities, making it one of the most appealing winter destinations around. This combination tour starts with an overnight stay in the small town of Whitehorse where you will have the chance to acclimatise to your surroundings and explore this fascinating part of the world. After Whitehorse, you will then stay in one of the most beautiful lodges in the Yukon, the Northern Lights Resort and Spa. With stunning views of the surrounding mountains and snow-covered forests, it is the perfect place to stay to ... Read more >
From £1,165 excluding flights

Log cabin holiday in Finland, with activities

Departures between 28 November 2018 and 31 March 2019 Create your own Arctic adventure on this tailor-made holiday to Finnish Lapland, choosing from a list of adventurous activity ingredients and combining them into your perfect winter wilderness trip of a lifetime. Your base is a cosy log cabin with a private sauna in the traditional Finnish ski resort of Luosto. One of the region’s best-kept secrets, this small village backed by frozen lakes and forested slopes offers a lovely mix of authentic Lappish charm and a myriad of exciting winter activities. This trip really is tailored just for you. You can choose to enjoy the exhilaration of a husky safari, snowmobile ride or a day on the ski ... Read more >
From £1,085 including UK flights

Spitsbergen summer holiday, glaciers of Isfjorden

Largest of the islands in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, Spitsbergen is a wonderfully scenic destination for an Arctic summer holiday, shedding its winter coat for pleasantly cool temperatures and glorious Midnight Sun. This six-night holiday transports you to the town of Longyearbyen, tucked away in its own bay next to the sublime Isfjorden. There will be two one-day trips by boat over its tranquil waters. The first goes to the staggering Esmark Glacier before stopping at the Russian town of Barentsburg and continuing past the cliffs of Fuglefjella, which are lined with seabird nests. The second heads to Nordenskiöld Glacier and the ghost town of Pyramiden, where Soviet buildings ... Read more >
From £2,295 including UK flights

Azores island hopping holiday

Situated in the centre of the Azores archipelago, the islands of Faial, São Jorge, and Pico make a triangle rich in natural beauty and local culture. This ten-night holiday gives you a full introduction to the region, with a few nights in each location and visits to the prime attractions. On a van tour of Faial, you will see the mighty volcanic crater of Caldeira which rises above the island. There will be a trip to the sea-facing Capelinhos volcano and the iconic Ponta dos Capelinhos lighthouse which stands below. While exploring Sao Jorge, you can look forward to the greenery of Sete Fontes Forest Park and the picture-perfect viewpoints of Fajã dos Cubres and Fajã do Ouvidor, as well as ... Read more >
From £1,075 excluding flights

Winter tailor-made holiday in Finland

Enjoy a winter escape to Finnish Lapland, on this holiday that captures the essence of this unique part of the world. You can pick and choose from the top traditional and most exciting experiences, tailoring this trip to suit your family and friends. You will be based in Harriniva, more than 230km north of the Arctic Circle, in the heart of Finnish Lapland. Your base is the Harriniva Wilderness Hotel, owned and run by the Pietikäinen family, and you have complete freedom to create your own itinerary, deciding how to spend each wonderful day. Choose from our range of activities, special nights and little extras to get the right balance of action and relaxation. A husky safari tends to be ... Read more >
From £785 including UK flights
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