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Great Bear Sea wildlife sailing cruise, Canada

Our Islands, Otters, Bears, and Ancient Forests expedition takes us into the southern end of the world-renowned Great Bear Rainforest. These are rich waters that offer some of the best wildlife-viewing opportunities in Canada – from bubble-net feeding humpback whales and massive fin whales to roaming pods of orcas, Pacific white-sided dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, and sea otters. Under the distant gaze of the snow-capped coastal mountain ranges, we’ll explore island archipelagos, dramatic rocky shores, current-swept passages, kelp forests, and white-sand beaches. On shore excursions and inflatable boat tours, we’ll be able to get up close with brilliantly coloured tide pool ... Read more >
From CA $4,895 excluding flights

Vancouver Island whale watching tours, Canada

This Northern Vancouver Island whale watching holiday takes place in the waters of Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound, considered by many to be one of the top places on the planet to see killer and humpback whales as well as many other marine wildlife species. This is thanks to a natural bottleneck between the coastline of Vancouver Island, mainland British Columbia and the region’s other islands , as well as a proliferation of migratory salmon which the whales feast on during the time of our trips. Just sit back and watch these magnificent mammals feast, fluke, bubble, and breach. As well as having plenty of time to observe and learn about wildlife behaviour from on board, which also ... Read more >
From CA $2,800 excluding flights

Vancouver Pacific coast sailing cruise

There are few places in the world that can match the natural beauty of Vancouver Island’s remote west coast wilderness. And nowhere exemplifies this region like Barkley Sound’s Broken Group Islands, the jewel of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Join us aboard the schooner Passing Cloud for a sailing expedition into a sprawling archipelago of ancient rainforests and storm-carved coastlines, a magical place where bears forage on beaches while just offshore, grey whales sift the shallows and killer whales hunt for fish and seals. Through shore excursions, inflatable boat tours, sailing, and kayaking, you’ll have a chance to explore the unique geography of this region – islands, beaches, ... Read more >
From CA $2,800 excluding flights

Great Bear Rainforest sailing cruise, Canada

This Great Bear Rainforest sailing cruise holiday is one of the most magnificent ways to explore this wildlife rich region of British Columbia, Canada. The Great Bear Rainforest is part of the Coast Range Mountains and covers more than 64,000 square kilometres, with temperate rainforest meeting the coast which means that sailing along it and anchoring beside it allows great access to some of its remote shores. This nine day sailing cruise holiday brings you into inlets and islands that are not only home to some of the earth’s most ancient forests but also to prolific salmon, bears, including the famous spirit bear or Kermode bear, sea otters and whales. On board our sailing boat you will ... Read more >
From CA $6,496 excluding flights

Sailing photography tour in Canada

Situated at the very southern tip of the Haida Gwaii Archipelago, Kunghit Island is named for the Kunghit Haida who occupied this extremely remote island for millennia. We’ve chosen to focus our 2017 Gwaii Haanas photo tour around Kunghit Island because it encapsulates the very essence of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area, and Haida Heritage Site. Within half a day’s travel, we’ll have access to remote white-sand beaches, rugged islets, kelp forests, surge channels, and lagoons teeming with colourful marine life, colonies of tufted puffins, and one of the largest Steller sea lion rookeries in British Columbia. At sea, we are likely to encounter killer ... Read more >
From CA $6,495 excluding flights

Canada nature and wildlife cruise

This 9-day expedition is dedicated to exploring and learning about the ecosystems, wildlife, and cultural heritage of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, Haida Heritage Site, and National Marine Conservation Area. Haida Gwaii, formerly known as "Queen Charlotte's Islands", is a remote island archipelago located 100 km off the northwest coast of British Columbia. This is a world where giant moss-laden spruce and cedar trees tower over enchanted salmon streams, and productive kelp forests and colourful intertidal communities fringe the interface between land and sea. The unparalleled diversity of marine life includes everything from puffins to albatrosses, sunfish to jellyfish, and killer ... Read more >
From CA $6,495 excluding flights
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