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Albania 4X4 tour, 7 days

Our 4x4 Explorer tours are unique chance to join us as we research new off-road and trekking routes in the mountains or Albania. Quite simply, we load up our Land Rovers with camping equipment and everything we need to be self-sufficient, and then strike out into the mountains to see what we will find. As you'll soon discover if you join us, Albania is the wildest place in Europe. It is criss-crossed with old and disused military roads dating back even as far as the 1930s, many of which haven't been driven in decades. We give them a go! Obviously, the nature of these trips means its impossible to plan where we'll end up each night. You'll have to be relaxed and happy to go with the flow ... Read more >
From £790 excluding flights

Albania mountain bike tour, 8 days

This one-week mountain bike adventure will take you through some of the wildest and most beautiful countryside in Albania. It is aimed at fit, experienced bikers who appreciate a challenge, and like getting well away from the beaten track. Albania is Europe's last frontier. From WWII to the 1990s it languished under the rule of a paranoid isolationist (rather like North Korea today), then after the collapse of communism it descended into anarchy. Only over the past decade has it truly opened up to tourism, which makes travelling there a unique experience. What does Albania have to offer the adventurous rider? Well, expect traditional stone villages, welcoming locals, wonderful organic ... Read more >
From £890 excluding flights

Albania & Kosovo tour, 4 x 4 adventure

This two-week tour of Albania & Kosovo uses Land Rovers to access the more remote and hard-to-reach rural areas. Instead of sticking to the main Tarmac roads, we strike out along Albania's myriad network of dirt tracks which criss-cross often spectacular mountain terrain - through empty forests, along dramatic canyons and across crystal-clear rivers. In the evenings we return to 'civilisation', and overnight in the more charming towns and cities such as Shkodėr, Gjakova, Prizren, Elbasan, Berat and Gjirokastra. The tour even includes a night in a guesthouse just a few metres from the Ionian Sea. All our routes stick to mapped roads used by locals, and forgotten Communist military roads ... Read more >
From £1,990 excluding flights

Albania and Kosovo Easter holiday

Looking for something a little out-of-the-ordinary this Easter? Our 11-day tour through Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia by Land Rover will take you well off-the-beaten-track to some of the most beautiful, wild and fascinating parts of the western Balkans. Our tour kicks off in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Ohrid, Macedonia, then winds its way through Kosovo with nights in Prizren, Gjakova and Bogė. We then cut back into rarely visited eastern Albania, staying in a small village in the shade of Mt Korabi, and then Alpine Fushe-Studė, Orenjė and Lin. Never heard of most of the places? Well, you're probably not alone... This tour is aimed at adventurous travellers who appreciate ... Read more >
From £1,390 excluding flights

Walking holiday in rural Albania

This is a unique village adventure for couples, friends or families who would like to experience rural Albanian life. We'll take you to a traditional stone house in the village of Orenjė, in central-eastern Albania, where you'll be guests of the Balla family. You'll have your own upstairs apartment with master bedroom, children's bedroom, kitchen-living room, and WC-shower, plus a more-or-less private garden. The Balla family will cook for you and generally shower you with kindness, but do not speak any English (we can arrange a student-translator for your stay for a small fee if the communication gap scares you!). The Ballas have a long history of hospitality - the house you will be ... Read more >
From £690 excluding flights
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