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Valday Forest wilderness holiday in Russia

Valday forest The Valday forest has the typical vegetation of birches and different evergreen trees as the pine cedar. The dimension of the territories and the nature in Russia are something unusual for people of western countries. They are always surprised to find immense spaces where it is possible to travel for hours finding no houses or people around. Many villages in this areas are inhabited only in summer as holiday houses. About the 90 % of the territory is covered by forest. Accomodation at The Bears’ Farmhouse located half way between Moscow and Saint Petersburg in the countryside of Valday Forest near Bologoye city. It is easily reachable by SapSan, the high speed train in about ... Read more >
From €1,950 excluding flights

Siberia adventure holiday in Russia

The trip permits us to visit one of the last virgin area of the world located in the north central area of Siberia. The weather in the period we propose the trip, July-August, is quite acceptable with a range of temperatures during the day from 15 to 25 Celsius and in the night from 5 to 15 Celsius. In this period of the year there is alway sun because the latitude. The starting point of the trip is quite far away from the last inhabited village that is about 2,5 hours of helicopter fly. The trip is the exploration of the area with two special catamarans assisted by two inflatable boats with motor. We will descend the river Kotui for about 300 kms in 8 days. In some places it will be ... Read more >
From €7,000 including domestic flights only

Ukok plateau tour in the Altai Mountains

TRIP DESCRIPTION: The Ukok plateau is a dive into the world of the virgin nature and the powerful energy. To reach the Plateau the road runs along the beautiful highway of Siberia – Chuisky highway. The journey impresses with its elegant landscapes, splendid countryside and mysterious places. The Ukok plateau is a high, beautiful mountains with a maximum height of 4 374. Tour to Ukok plateau by ATV will begin with safety instructions and distribution of equipment. The route starts from Kosh-Agach to the village of Dzhazator (140 km). Tour to Ukok plateau is along the border area and participants will pass the check on the way. The assistance of our team will manage all the duties of the ... Read more >
From €6,000 including domestic flights only

Kamchatka Peninsula holiday in Russia

TRIP DESCRIPTION: This trip in Kamchatka permits to explore the area in the world with the largest number of active vulcans distributed on a peninsula long nearly as Italy, sorrounded by seas and localized in the most easter area of Russia. The climate of the period in which we propose the trip, June, July, September, is more than acceptable. The temperature can variate between Celsius 15 and 25 during the day and 5 to 15 during the night. At this latitude, in this period of the year, there is mostly of the sun light and when the first shirt nights are coming also the possibility to see aurora borealis. The starting point it is about at 1,0 hours of helicopter form ... Read more >
From €6,000 including domestic flights only

Siberia holiday, trekking and adventure

When we think at Siberia, we have an immediate imagine of a immense sleeping and flat country covered by the snow the whole year with nobody around. The truth is that we have to consider that Siberia is a continent ten time zones large and included between a large range of latitudes degrees that include completely different types of climatic regions as Tundra and Taiga, mountains, steppe and seaside, dry zones and regions crossed by hundreds of rivers, waterfalls and lakes. So that is not quite true. The exploration of Siberia started with the Pazyryk and the Xiognu populations before the Christian Era but there are still many areas not really explored. We have of course satellite ... Read more >
From €7,000 including domestic flights only
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