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House renovation volunteering in Portugal

In Portugal, over two million people are in danger of living in poverty, including 500 thousand children and their families. This program directly helps these families by giving them a decent home. We mobilize national and international volunteers to rebuild and repair their houses so they have a healthier and happier place to live. The volunteers will have the opportunity to be integrated into a team of volunteers from all over the world that have a common mission. Painting doors, repairing the rooms’ floor or fixing the bathroom wall will be part of your daily tasks. You don’t have to have any experience in construction as there will always be a technical supervisor explaining how to ... Read more >
From €949 excluding flights

Summer volunteering in Portugal

The Summer Rural Bootcamp is a volunteer home renovation program in rural areas of Portugal. For 12 days you can join a group of volunteers from all over the world, in a Portuguese village, to help create a welcoming and cosy home for those who need it the most. Divided into teams, each group of participants will have a home that will renovate it from the beginning to the end of the program. At night the group joins all together in the accommodation, for fun times and sharing of experiences and culture. The days start early and are very busy with the renovation, ending at the end of the afternoon. After work it's time to chill and enjoy the sunset and relax before dinner. The official ... Read more >
From US $900 excluding flights

Marine conservation holiday in Portugal

This marine conservation holiday in Portugal is a week of working hand in hand with local experts, working tirelessly to protect the marine ecosystems of their Atlantic coastline. This is a great way to learn how to dive, if you are a beginner, learning with a local diving school with excellent responsible diving practices. You will get a chance to gain internationally recognised diving certificates and see Portugal’s marine ecosystem for yourself. Beginners will start off with the Open Water Dive Certification. However, the program is not only for beginners but also for certified divers who want to improve their diving skills while having a positive impact on Portugal's marine environment. ... Read more >
From US $1,299 excluding flights

Azores holiday, Faial and Pico

Come discover the beautiful island of Faial in the Azores, where the countryside and the sea merge into one, and where it is possible to contribute to the conservation of the Ocean and the endemic species in a unique travel experience. Spend 1 to 5 days on this beautiful island and help preserve the environment. The crystalline waters and biodiversity are the perfect invitation for those who are passionate about the sea and its preservation; as well as the lush landscapes that delight those who enjoy adventure and fresh air. An adventure not to be missed! Read more >
From €390 excluding flights
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