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Northern India Yoga holiday

Welcome to out North India yoga tour. We invite you to spend 12-day holiday in exclusive North India yoga resorts placed deep in mountains of the Himalayan range. Discover your inner self by participating in a daily schedule of instruction in meditation, pranayama, relaxation, hatha yoga, and yoga philosophy. We aim to individualize our programs, taking into account the particular areas of interests of our guests, but all newcomers do go through a series of classes that introduce, orient and share the foundation practices and philosophy of the Himalayan Tradition. Our purpose is to teach and make available the knowledge of yoga meditation within the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters, as ... Read more >
From £1,299 excluding flights

England spiritual tour

England is full of spiritual and sacred sites and on this tour, you will be seeing some of the very best there is to see. World famous destinations such as Avebury, Stonehenge and Glastonbury are steeped in myth and legend, offering some of England’s most spectacular sites. Welcome to Spiritual England. Over the course of a week, you will have the opportunity to visit many of these places and experience them for yourself. Enjoy beautiful scenery, charming English countryside, ancient megaliths and modern hospitality; Immerse yourself in the magic of it all — an absolute treat for the soul. Read more >
From £1,879 excluding flights

Yoga cruise in Greece

Star Clipper Yoga and wellbeing cruise offer an experience that is like no other. If you are looking for an adventure on the waves which includes the atmosphere and character of traditional sailing but still with the comfort and luxury found on most modern cruises; you have come to the right place. Our exclusive yoga and wellbeing cruise will provide the opportunity to meet new people, see new places and, most of all, create the holiday experience of a lifetime. Feel the wind in your hair and the salty breeze in your face as you sail aboard what feels like your own private yacht. Our vessels provide a much more intimate experience than you may expect to find on board a contemporary cruise ... Read more >
From £1,899 excluding flights

Discover Mynamar tour

Discover Myanmar. Extending down from the Himalayas to the Andaman Sea, Myanmar covers a lot of ground. Unsurprisingly, it boasts an enviable collection of sights and natural attractions for visitors. On this journey, guests will encounter wonders such as Bagan and Inle Lake as well as the charismatic commercial hub of Yangon. Read more >
From £999 excluding flights

Bali tailor made holiday, culture & people

Bali is an Indonesian island, well known in the entire world for its natural beauty. Our Bali tour explores its unique culture, beautiful panorama, rice paddies, jungles, long sandy beaches, warm water and friendly people. But, Bali is much more than just the island of popular beaches. We know how to scratch beneath the surface, explore amazing Bali with us. One of the best ways to explore landscapes, everyday life and people is – trekking. We have prepared this special trek tour in order to meet the essence of Bali. You’ll have the pleasure of trekking through the rice fields, plantations growing coffee, vanilla, avocado and see how they are grown and harvested. You’ll taste Balinese ... Read more >
From £999 excluding flights

Scotland Outlander Tour

For any fans of the books and the hit TV series Outlander and for any other travellers interested in discovering some of Scotland’s most impressive medieval castles, mountainous hillsides and ethereal lochs, this tailor made two week tour is an absolute must. The pages of Diana Gabaldon’s saga really come to life on this Scotland Outlander tour and you’ll quickly become entwined in the lives of Claire Randall, Jamie Fraser and the menacing Jonathan Randall as you trace their steps and visit the set locations, including the stones of Craigh na Dun. Other Outlander highlights include Falkland village, Pollok Country Park and everywhere in between from the highlands of Edinburgh to Rannoch ... Read more >
From £3,799 excluding flights

Best of India holiday, private departure

A very special tour of both North and South India. If you want to sense the real spirit of India and breathe its monumental culture, we know where to take you and show you the essence, the best of India. Our special tour is a necklace where all the pearls perfectly fit together.  Stroll around vibrant Delhi, admire its rich history, walk through the famous forts, towers, mosques, temples, churches, museums, marketplaces. Sense the magic of ancient city Agra. Feel your heartbeats at the sight of magnificent Taj Mahal. Dance with exotic Jaipur and let its energy run through your veins. Unveil the beauties of the passionate Southwest coast of India, grasp the spirit of Cochin, the Queen of ... Read more >
From £3,499 excluding flights

16 day India tour

Experience the essence of India on this outstanding introductory tour of the country’s most fabled sights. Exploring the Golden Triangle, this journey combines travelling from the country’s capital city Delhi to the wondrous sites of the Mughal capital of Agra, the legendary Fatehpur Sikri and the Pink City of Jaipur. Enjoy the warmth and colours of exotic Kerala, one of India’s most preferred regions. Backwaters, wildlife, Ayurvedic treatments and spice plantations – Kerala has been blessed with it all! Explore a tranquil world set amidst marvellous mangrove forest, coconut trees and green paddy field culture. Capture the Spirit of India 2018! ADDED EXPERIENCES Stroll through the ... Read more >
From £1,999 excluding flights

Thailand culinary tour

Thailand food has become famous around the world for its light, elegant and fiery cuisine. Now guests can travel across the country to explore the many cultural and historical influences that have combined to shape the country’s famous dishes. From the bustling urban markets of Bangkok to rural restaurants in the north and northeast, this 11-day tour allows visitors to discover the ancient art of Thai food, from sourcing the ingredients to cooking your own authentic dishes. Read more >
From £1,999 excluding flights

Soul of Japan tour

This ten day tailor made tour is just perfect for discovering the cultural heritage and spiritual essence that lies deeply rooted within Japan’s very soul. Starting in Tokyo you’ll gain an immediate first-hand glimpse at how tightly interwoven Japan’s traditions and customs are with contemporary tech and the fast-paced modern world. A sightseeing tour unveils the balance between old and new with a visit to the world’s largest fish market equally as exciting as the electronics district in Akihabara and the shrine to Emperor Meiji. Away from the capital you’ll head to hot springs at Hakone prior to taking your firsts steps within the shadow of Mount Fuji – a truly remarkable natural wonder ... Read more >
From £2,999 excluding flights

Cambodia cooking holiday

Cambodia draws attention of travelers from all over the world with its rich cultural heritage, spirituality and turbulent history. On the other hand, it’s a real paradise for foodies lovers. We take you on an unforgettable culinary tour of Cambodia. Wander through the lively Phnom Penh, the city of great contrasts. Meet its two sides, spirituality and tradition on one hand and modern tendencies on the other. Reach the higher level of wisdom in Cambodia’s major tourist hub, Siem Reap. Visit the famous temples, but also, explore other treasures of this multifaceted city. Immerse into the distinguished Khmer cuisine through many exciting activities. Learn how to get a bit of every flavour in ... Read more >
From £1,199 excluding flights

Spicelands of Kerala small group tour

Enjoy the warmth and colours of exotic Kerala, one of India’s most preferred regions. Backwaters, wildlife, Ayurvedic treatments and spice plantations – Kerala has been blessed with it all! Explore a tranquil world set amidst marvellous mangrove forest, coconut trees and green paddy field culture. Explore this colourful region with our Space lands of Kerala tour. ADDED EXPERIENCES Help fishermen pull the catch of the day at Chinese Fishing Nets Enjoy a walk through the heritage area of Fort Kochi Stroll through the spice market in Thekkady Visit Fisherman village and get insight into their lives Read more >
From £699 excluding flights

Cycle Hanoi to Saigon tour

Our Cycling tour Hanoi to Saigon is taking you across beautiful scenery, picturesque landscapes, white sandy beaches, simple village life. This special cycling tour will show you Vietnam from a different point of view. The terrain, sometimes challenging, is taking you through wonderful charms of Vietnam’s nature, perfect beaches, tropical forests, historical and religious monuments, everyday life of generous local people. Cycle to Hoam Kiem lake where local Vietnamese practice Tai Chi, then go through the outskirts of the capital, route follows the Red rive, insight into life outside the big capital. Cycling through Hue – Vietnam’s cultural capital, gives you the opportunity to explore its ... Read more >
From £1,999 excluding flights

Scotland whisky tour

If you want to experience the world’s most popular drink and taste some amazing whisky, join our Scotland whisky tour. Though whisky belongs to the whole world, Scotland is its true homeland. The best quality whiskies are only made in Scotland. We offer you this exquisite tour with a first hand experience of the whisky making process from mashing and fermenting to distilling and maturation. You will have a chance to try over 120 Malt whiskies and much more. Grasp the adventurous history of this Uisge Beatha ‘water of life’, and learn about various legends and myths as an important part of the rich and long tradition and historical heritage of this magical potion. On your way from ... Read more >
From £1,999 excluding flights

Japan culture and cuisine tour

Our Culture and Cuisine tour through Japan is an unique journey. If you want to learn more about Japanese cultural and historical heritage but also to grasp the smells and tastes of Japanese remarkable cuisine, you’re in the right place. Our team knows how to make your tour through Japan unforgettable. Japan is a fascinating country with an interesting mixture of modern and traditional. You notice this at every step. On one hand, Japan is a powerful country, constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible. On the other hand, its rich tradition dates back thousands of years. Our experienced team will walk with you through the busy streets of Tokyo, show you the city’s nightlife with all ... Read more >
From £3,299 excluding flights

India flora and fauna tour

India can boast in wide variety of flora and fauna species. Thanks to its diverse climatic conditions, India has got a rich flora like no other country in the world. On the other hand, there’s an abundance of fauna species. There are around 500 species of mammals and 2000 species of birds. Our tour offers the best of India’s outstanding flora and fauna world. Your adventure starts in the Kanha National Park, known as the jewel of Kanha. Here, you’ll enjoy exclusive jeep safaris, the best way to experience the charms of this fabulous place. The list of the flora and fauna species is enormous. There are more than 300 species of birds, such as the Black Ibis, Bee-eaters and many others. You’ll ... Read more >
From £4,599 excluding flights
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