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Divemaster and instructor courses in the Caribbean

This two month Divemaster & Instructor course is open to anyone who wants to conserve the coral reefs and marine ecology of the Caribbean as well as unlocking access to marine volunteer projects and careers in diving and conservation ideal for those with a degree in marine science. Our emphasis is on producing environmentally aware and responsible PADI dive professionals through the expert tuition of qualified dive pros and marine scientists who are eagerly waiting to share their knowledge, skills and passion for the underwater world of the Caribbean. This Divemaster & Instructor course is set on and around the incredible Caribbean island of Carriacou which lies close to Grenada within ...Read more >
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Caribbean coral reef conservation in Carriacou

OVERVIEW Open Water Dive training | Advanced Open Water training | Reef monitoring training | Reef monitoring | Coral nursery program | Shark and apex predator surveys | Nudibranch survey | Underwater Photography Course | DESCRIPTION OF CARIBBEAN CORAL REEF CONSERVATION IN CARRIACOU For the last eight years, we have been actively engaged in increasing awareness in marine conservation in the southern Caribbean Island of Carriacou. You can be part of our continuing story and write a chapter in how you helped to make a difference as a volunteer. Upon joining the project, you will be working with an authorized NGO consisting of a team of dive professionals and marine biologists. You will ...Read more >
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Caribbean Lionfish hunting in Carriacou, Grenada

Invasive Lionfish pose a serious threat to small and juvenile reef creatures across the Caribbean. The non-specific nature of their feeding habits means they are directly impacting on both environmentally and commercially important fish and crustacean species. Since their accidental introduction into the waters or the western Atlantic and Caribbean Sea, Lionfish have demonstrated their ability to out-compete almost all other marine species. Their ability to breed in almost any conditions combined with their voracious appetite for anything which will fit in their mouths, means they have a devastating impact on small fish populations on the reef. Scientists have estimated that it may take ...Read more >
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