Desert Island Survival

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Desert island survival adventure, Panama

Calling all wannabe castaways. This is your chance to become Ďstrandedí on a desert island in Panama and survive using your wits and a few tried and tested techniques as taught by the resident survival guide. There arenít too many opportunities to make a desert island survival adventure so much fun but, believe you me, when itís finally time to leave, you wonít want to be rescued. Listen to the rise and fall of the waves as the salty sea breeze tickles the palms and helps your beach fire, that you started without matches, toast freshly collected coconuts. Sometimes only a swim in the ocean is whatís required to cool off at the end of each and every day with sunset strolls, along the sand, ...Read more >
From US $2,450 excluding flights

Desert Island survival in Tonga

There can be few experiences quite as thrilling as being cast away on a desert island. Combine that with a day of swimming face to face with Humpback whales and you really have a double bucket list experience for many. Survival is simply going to be a way of life. Do you think you could cope? Have you got what it takes to keep the fire going, catch fish, live life without technology? Right here is where you put your answers to the test as you embark on a ten-day adventure holiday in Tonga. Surrounded by the beautiful blue/green waves of the Pacific you'll be marooned with a small group and taught the basic skills required to survive on a desert island. With limited equipment and the ...Read more >
From US $3,200 excluding flights