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Italy wine tour for over 50s

To visit Prosecco area in autumn is a unique experience because all the struggles of the year to make the best grapes are concretized in each bottle of wine. The harvest has just ended and probably in the villages nearby there are local sagre (festival) to celebrate it. Only in this period of the year you can experience this joy that will affected you as well. WHERE? Between the outstanding Dolomites Mountains and the unique Venetian Lagoon, there is a land celebrated worldwide for the production of prosecco wine. We want you to picture yourself in your accommodation, chose especially for you, while sipping prosecco wine and looking outside at the beauty of the nature. Whether you choose ... Read more >
From €1,845 excluding flights

Padova to Venice holiday, Italy

Padova is famous for its art and for the college “atmosphere” you could breathe all around. A young and dynamic gateway where to discover the history of Veneto from a different perspective. Here you will have a taste of the traditional appetizers while wandering around with your local guide: outstanding buildings, churches, medieval markets, one of the biggest square in Italy and so more. Southwest of Padova there is an interesting and rich territory to be discovered as well, called Colli Euganei (Euganean Hills): rolling hills, famous for the delicious wine produced on their slopes and hot-springs. You will visit two medieval villages immersed in Colli Euganei, where the renowned ... Read more >
From €1,578 excluding flights

Sicily short break

Your amazing travel experience starts in Agrigento. This city does not need any presentation but we want to assure you the best experience ever wandering around, tasting the best gastronomy Sicily could offer. You will not be disappointed! Do you know the so famous 500 vintage car? Have you ever thought how it is to have a ride on it? Well, we have organized it especially for you! And you can’t say to have visited Agrigento if you haven’t had a stop in the outstanding Valley of Temples…and we wanted for you something different: what do you think to admire this unique archaeological site from a horse back or a bicycle? We choose your accommodation specifically thinking to your need: ... Read more >
From €1,159 excluding flights

Venice, Verona and Lake Garda holiday

Your first five days of this travel experience will be in a beautiful B&B in Venice. Here you will meet your local guide, that like a local friend, will show you the best and hidden places of Venice, distant from the usual tourism routes. You will discover then the Venice lagoon by two different activities. In the first one, you will have a practical workshop on Murano Island: you will learn how to work the glass guided by a local artisan. The visit to a Murano furnace means to discover secrets of some sort of magic. Men handle a delicate material, tame it with fire and handle it gently to obtain the shape they are looking for. It is not only about technique, but it is a matter of the ... Read more >
From €3,606 excluding flights

Catania and Etna holiday, Sicily

It’s easy to find the smell of fresh citrus and the sound of folk fest in the Sicilian squares. Enjoy it during 5 days in the centre of Catania, as well as its colours and scents. The last 2 days will be spent in the middle of the green and black nature of the Etna, an amazing experience for every traveller. You cannot miss the opportunity of hiking Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe! During the travel experience you will have a local guide, or better a local friend that let you discover new and wonderful corners not present in tourist guides. The local guide will introduce you to his/her native places and you will enjoy with him/her the day- to- day living actions his town ... Read more >
From €1,575 excluding flights

Sicily holiday for over 50s, Italy

This Sicily holiday, aimed at the over 50’s, is a tailor made trip around the hilltop, coastal city of Agrigento region, where you will experience not only the ancient urban archaeology but also real, rural life, travelling with an expert local guide throughout. Based in two different accommodations, you will also have a chance to meet local shepherds, farmers and dairymen, listen to their stories and learn about traditional lives here in the heart of Sicily. This holiday really is a chance to catch a glimpse of everyday life in both a town, and countryside which feel as if they have been suspended in time. Agrigento is the place where the glory of nature meets history: not even Greece ... Read more >
From €2,585 excluding flights

Southern Sicily holiday for over 50s

Ragusa is like a jewel in the southern region of Sicily: part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2002, is an outstanding baroque town on the hilltop with a breath-taking view on the valley. It’s divided in two parts, the oldest one called Ibla: just imagine baroque buildings facing narrow streets, picturesque lanes, café, wonderful churches and lovely gardens. You will explore it, admiring the architecture and tasting the best street food the town could offer. Then you will spend a day in the Ragusa countryside, where you will discover the world of homemakers and farmers, meeting them, sharing their stories and tasting what they produce with all the care and efforts. According to the ... Read more >
From €2,174 excluding flights

Italy family holiday, Venice & Lake Garda

This Italy family holiday is divided between two of the country’s most stunning spots: Venice and Lake Garda, two popular tourist spots but the difference with this trip being that it is tailor made, with an itinerary adapted to your family’s interests and age groups. But also that you are travelling with an expert local guide throughout who will add an educational, very local and definitely fun aspect to the trip. This holiday starts in the great city of Venice, with plenty of time to stroll around, learning the history and interesting anecdotes of the city while playing funny games and eating tasteful food. You then get to explore the lagoon from the water, on an eco friendly sailing ... Read more >
From €2,755 excluding flights

Catania and Mount Etna for over 50s

An everlasting experience will welcome you in Catania: are you ready? Just imagine Catania’s colourful streets and its exceptional local food: your local guide will lead you through its traditional center, showing you the city through his eyes. You will find out the best place where have a stop and taste the delicious street food, while admiring the architectural beauties of different period and different civilizations. Near Catania there is the Mount Etna, the most famous and active volcano in Europe (UNESCO World Heritage since 2013). Prepare your shoes and be ready to have the best hike ever. It does not matter to reach the top: just have a look around and you will realize how amazing ... Read more >
From €1,059 excluding flights

Venice and Verona family holiday

This Venice and Verona holiday is a tailor made trip that can be done at any time of year, but we do highly recommend it during the festive period of Christmas when these towns and surrounding medieval villages are stunningly beautiful with all their winter traditions in place. You can also fit in some perfect Christmas shopping while you are there. This wonderful family holiday in Italy starts in Venice where, in winter, the canals, campi (squares) and ornate architecture are lit up with Christmas decorations everywhere. The streets are also less crowded than in the height of the tourist season, festive songs are sung at special concerts in churches and in several campi there are small ... Read more >
From €1,975 excluding flights

Highlights of Sicily holiday for over 50s

This Sicily holiday starts in Catania, a perfect location to gain a sense of what we have in store for you on this island itinerary. Just imagine its colourful streets and vivid atmosphere, no matter what the time of year. Enjoy a guided tour of the city, learning its history and gaining a great introduction to its gastronomic highlights too. Food plays an important part of any Sicilian holiday which is why we include a cookery lesson with a professional chef, who will teach you Italian while showing you how to cook fresh vegetables or fish that you have bought together. This Sicily holiday also includes a trip to Mount Etna, Europe’s most famous active volcano and UNESCO World Heritage ... Read more >
From €2,396 excluding flights

Family holiday near Venice

This trip is meant for you to experience Veneto and to build wonderful memories with the entire family. Starting from your lovely accommodation: an agritourism in Treviso area where you will be immersed in the daily farm life. It is the right place for your family to enjoy the countryside and for your kids to live in a natural environment. The first activity will be a slow walk around Prosecco Hills: you will taste prosecco wine and all your family discover this territory full of stories and marvellous places like an ancient watermill immersed in the forest. You will try the life in a farm as well: there are a lot of activities suited for all the components of the family: from cooking ... Read more >
From €1,515 excluding flights

Active holiday in Sicily

This holiday to Sicily is a fairly active one, exploring the island’s cultural and natural heritage on boat trips, by trekking and cycling. Starting in Siracusa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, discover this impressive, intriguing, solemn yet sumptuous city, packed with stories from ancient times. Especially its old centre, known as Ortigia, which feels like a place where time has stopped. You will start this amazing travel experience by tasting delicious Sicilian street food: your local guide, who will be with you throughout the holiday, will lead you through the lively centre of Ortigia where you will not fail to be overwhelmed by all your senses! And then, if you like, explore Ortigia in ... Read more >
From €1,946 excluding flights

Sicily cultural holiday

The summer is coming to an end and you did not have the chance to have a Mediterranean holiday vacation? Do not despair: Sicily is waiting for you! September and October are the best period of the year to visit this wonderful region: less people, low prices, a perfect weather and the chance to enjoy your travel experience as your new mantra. Siracusa (part of UNESCO heritage) is impressive, solemn, intriguing, with stunning and incredible views on ancient history. Its old and lively centre, Ortigia, is an island where time has stopped: narrow streets, the smell of the sea in the air and just the warm sun on your skin (even if is the beginning of the autumn season). This is the ... Read more >
From €1,245 excluding flights
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