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Cities and souks of Morocco tour

Morocco millennial history and exceptional cultural diversity are what our unique tours offer a unique and introductive experience to morocco’s exceptional daily life and nature to all who experience it. The unfathomable intellectual depth and social diversity are just one of many captivating qualities than its vibrant ancient cities and souks tour. This is an eight days cultural tour to discover the deep history, the rich architecture, and exotic culture and cuisine of this breathtaking country right through its daily markets. We will take you to Rabat, Meknes, Volubilis, Fez, followed by the Atlas Mountains which lead you to the best manmade oasis, namely Marrakech. we will visit many ... Read more >
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Morocco highlands small group tour

This unique trekking tour in Morocco will take you across the thickness of dense red cedar and carobs junipers forests unique to the Atlas Mountains. Travel with a small group hiking the slopes of the Rif Mountain up in Northern Morocco. Visit small cliff hanging villages, explore day markets of these mountaineers. Share memorable moments with them in their mud built homes and reeds huts. Break breads and sip mint tea brewed for you to celebrate your visit with them. We will camp in these Cathedrals of nature of Morocco with unsurpassed repertoire composed by life itself as the forest gradually reveals the beauty of Morocco landscapes. Then, take a progressive climb along the canyons ... Read more >
From US $1,285 excluding flights

Sahara desert camel trekking holiday, Morocco

Our expeditions / retreats active Tours are a marvelous way to discover the beauty and mystic of the Sahara desert. We travel in a slow pace with the rhythm of nature, almost in silence through lush oases and voluptuous sand dunes. You can walk holding the harness of your camel if you wish, or ride it when you feel tired. The camel caravan, conducted by a professional chief and his assistants transporting your tents and all your necessities for the journey, will progress four to five hours a day. This camel trek is best way to explore the calm and stillness of the desert around Merzouga lush oases and green valleys. Walk in the thick shadows of date palm trees through the green plots ... Read more >
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Atlas mountains trekking and culture tour, Morocco

All trekking and hiking aspects in Morocco are included in this responsible active tour itinerary we call the Atlas Odyssey. This hiking adventure tour is one of the best not only on the physical side but more importantly most rewarding on the cultural and natural side. It covers the best side of the High Atlas Mountains, the savanna of the southwestern part of Morocco, and the majestic Sahara Desert and its Bedouins. This overland expedition is the ultimate trip for an explorer. Discover Morocco southwest region, a classical aspect of North African landscape. Traverse the savanna to the mountains and the steppe to the desert, a plethora of natural sceneries beyond description. ... Read more >
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Morocco religion and history tour

Sufism, this venue of education and spiritual teaching, considered to be the heart of the faith of Islam, was first defused informally before it was progressively structured around the 11th century. Historically, the transmission of this teaching is done, from the 13th century down through spiritual centers that earned by merit to preserve the norms of culture, sociability and spirituality proper to Islam in an era of dislocation of Muslim world, particularly under the impact of Mongol invasions. These centers in fact have known how to preserve a message of universal spirituality that has nourished the Muslim culture and not only enhanced its artistic and literary expressions, but also its ... Read more >
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Morocco horse riding tour

Introduction to your four legged friend! – You are about to embark on a 4-day horse-riding adventure: After an early start, you will be shown the basics of horseback trekking, and take to the saddle for the first time. Our trails will progress about three hours in the morning then break for lunch and time to relax under the thousand year old Cedar trees. Proceed riding your trail in the afternoon to your camp set for you in nature. This horse-riding adventure will take you through breathtaking landscapes enjoying Moroccan rural life and its people. You will be camping out for the first three nights under the African skies to experience nature at its best - and on the fourth night, we’ll ... Read more >
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Morocco holiday, natural landscapes

Morocco offers the ultimate quest for those in search of new horizons. To discover Morocco is to take a fascinating journey that will forever change one’s perspectives and perceptions. With its ever-changing natural beauty and intricate, rich history, Morocco is the ideal catalyst for the curious and open-minded traveler. This tour is a great introduction to the diverse landscapes that Morocco has to offer through walking, hiking, camping over the dunes in the Sahara Desert, as well as stays in deluxe green hotels and riads. You will start your tour in Casablanca traveling to Marrakech, across the great farming plains. From there, you will travel through the pastured hills to best man ... Read more >
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Atlas mountains walking & horse riding tour

Morocco’s millennial history and exceptional cultural and natural diversity are what this tour is all about. It is active physically, rewarding culturally and at the same time healthy. Rural and natural life in morocco is yet to be discovered in many regions. The Middle Atlas Mountains and Rif Ridges, villages off the beaten track of mass tourism, authenticity of Moroccan culinary with natural spas and local eateries are what travel is all about, learning, sharing and discovering is what on the palette of this journey you are about to embark on. Meet us at the airport and we will show you the reality of the beautiful Morocco. You are guaranteed an experience to treasure for a lifetime. ... Read more >
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Morocco music tour

Morocco a symphony of nature, it is a destination synonymous with music, with its roots in Africa and growth in Europe. It is known for its rituals and beliefs that have survived over the centuries, remnants of the ancient Mediterranean cultures that once inhabited the region. These customs remain a large part of Morocco’s modern culture, expressed poetically in the daily lives of Moroccans. One of the most important aspects of this culture is music, emphasized on every occasion in order to display thoughts and feelings that are impossible to put into words. This otherworldly music tour in Morocco will introduce you to a world filled with spirituality and beauty that transcends ... Read more >
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Middle Atlas mountains trekking holiday, Morocco

Morocco is replete of exquisite places to take a hiking tour. Trekking from Fez is something that was known only to locals. Very few tour companies have ventured to offer active tours in the Middle Atlas Mountains or the surrounding of Fez towards Taza Bouyeblan ranges. Things have changed when Fes has opened its doors to responsible tourism not only as an ancient city but also offered it Millennium old trails at the Rif as well as Atlas Mountains ranges. Berber Villages around Fes are worth every effort to discover. Join our small group adventure trip from fez to discover a world of marvels. In this tour you are about to unfold, you will be offered mild activities walking and ... Read more >
From US $585 excluding flights
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