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Kythnos walking holiday, Greece

During this walking tour in Kythnos, you will have the opportunity to explore a beautiful authentic Greek island, located near Athens. Guided by locals you will discover the main highlights of the island as well as its hidden treasures, you will enjoy the tasteful local cuisine and feel the warm hospitality of its inhabitants. Workshops, such as cooking class and pottery lesson, are also available. Despite its proximity to Athens, Kythnos has escaped mass tourist development and preserves its traditional character. It is a typical Cycladic island with picturesque villages, lonely landscapes and breathtaking views to the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. Its vegetation is mainly brushwood and ... Read more >
From €526 excluding flights

Crete guided walking holiday

This is a walking sightseeing tour full of surprises around Crete; the “Big-Island” where Zeus was born and the Minoan civilization developed. From the plateaus between the two-thousand meters high mountains, on its way to the sea, the water digs deep gorges into the karstic mountains creating a unique diverse relief. Rough mountains, wild cliffs and secluded beaches; sheep and goat herds; olive groves, greenhouses and vineyards; prehistoric palaces, Doric acropolis, Byzantine churches, Venetian castles and mosques from the Ottoman period; typical villages and picturesque towns. A 10-days exciting guided walking tour off the beaten path at the edge of Europe. HIGHLIGHTS - The Minoan ... Read more >
From €1,318 excluding flights

Cycling holiday in Greece, Peloponnese and Delphi

For almost a week we explore the South of Greece cycling and driving through typical Mediterrannean landscapes of unparallel beauty, picturesque villages, lovely provincial towns, over rivers and next to exotic coasts whilst we have the opportunity to visit the main archeological sites of the Peloponnese and Central Greece; all of them World Cultural Heritage Sites of UNESCO. This is an adventure tour in Southern Greece, which combines cycling, nature, culture and history in good proportions. Every day we go cycling 15-45 km in low traffic roads. Every day swimming in the sea is possible. Most our cycling routes end at the beach! CULTURAL HIGHLIGHTS Delphi: Center of the ancient ... Read more >
From €1,395 excluding flights

Peloponnese self drive holiday in Greece

Culture, History and Nature on a self-guided road-trip to the Peloponnese. During this 11-days self-drive tour, you will explore some of the less known, though of great importance, hidden treasure of Southern Greece and its cultural and historical highlights as well. You will have the opportunity to visit some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Acropolis of Athens (1987), the Byzantine Citadel of Mystras (1989), the Archaeological Site of Olympia (1989), the Archaeological Sites of Mycenae and Tiryns (1999) and the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus (1988). HIGHLIGHTS Olympia: The cradle of the Olympic Games, an UNESCO World Heritage Site Ancient Messene: a significant ancient city, ... Read more >
From €614 excluding flights

The Cyclades cycling holiday, Greece

Island Hopping and Cycling Tours to the Islands of Light. A beautiful adventure to the Cyclades. During this 8-days bicycle holidays, you will have the occasion to know two of the major Cycladic Islands; Paros and Naxos. Paros a typical Cycladic island in the heart of the Archipelago with golden sandy beaches, ancient marble quarries and pristine landscapes. Antiparos, right across of Paros, with a fortified medieval habitat preserved almost intact, in the center of its unique village. Naxos, island of Bacchus and Ariadne, is the larger of the Cyclades with a mountainous inland, which includes the higher pick of the Cycladic islands, yet with beautiful vast sandy coasts; beautiful ... Read more >
From €521 excluding flights

Southern Greece and the Peloponnese hiking holiday

This is an intense hiking adventure around the Corinthian Gulf. We climb the highest mountains of southern central Greece and the north Peloponnese, whilst every afternoon we swim to the sea; and that’s what makes this tour unique. Climbing, swimming and cultural touring: 5 peaks over 2000 meters, 5 major archaeological sites and still more are available during this journey. Swimming every day and every night accommodation by the sea. Highlights - Hiking on rough Mountains above the sea - The citadel of Mycenae - The theater of Epidaurus - Zeus’ sanctuary in Olympia and the museum - Apollo’s oracle in Delphi HIKING - 7 moderate to demanding hikes, not intended for professional athletes ... Read more >
From €1,300 excluding flights

Northern Greece walking holiday

During this 8-days hiking and cultural tour that starts from and ends to Thessaloniki, we travel through Macedonia and Thessaly, to historical sites and natural reserves of the North. We climb Olympus, the highest mountain of Greece; we traverse the gorge of Enippeas; we visit the royal tombs at Vergina and the Meteora monasteries; walking in a breathtaking scenery between the giant rocks. Eventually, we get to Chalcidice; where we will also have time to explore the small inhabited island of Ammouliani. HIGHLIGHTS Hiking on the gorge of Enippeas river and climbing Mt. Olympus: Olympus is the highest Greek mountain, legendary residence of the twelve ancient gods, the first area in Greece ... Read more >
From €1,156 excluding flights

Naxos and Amorgos hiking holiday, Cyclades Greece

During this 10-days walking and culture holiday, you will explore Naxos and Amorgos; two of the most attractive Cycladic islands. You will visit their major attractions, you will discover hidden gems and you will have the opportunity to be initiated to the local culture. Barren steep mountains amidst a deep blue sea, vast sandy exotic coasts, lonely Byzantine chapels and fortified Venetian towers, beautiful traditional settlements on quiet beaches or hidden in secret places, remains of once mighty castles and pagan temples, boat trips to mysterious islands. Welcome to the Cyclades! Naxos, island of Dionysus and Ariadne, is the larger of the Cyclades is distinguished by its mountainous ... Read more >
From €1,687 excluding flights

Karpathos and Rhodos walking & cultural holiday, Greece

This is an 12-days hiking and cultural adventure for small groups, to the Dodecanese. At the south-east edge of the Aegean Sea, you will visit 4 magnificent Greek Islands. 6 days in Karpathos; the hikers’ island with its healthy climate, 5 days in Rhodes; island of the Sun with its many historical highlights, with day excursions to the inhabited island of Saria and the noble island of Symi. Beautiful hikes through unique landscapes, cultural walks to major sites and of course swimming every day! Karpathos, is the second largest island of the Dodecanese, though one of the most sparsely populated areas of Greece. Karpathos is known for its healthy climate, its pristine landscapes and the ... Read more >
From €1,585 excluding flights

Southern Greece walking holidays

This walking archeological tour will allow you to visit the main historical and cultural highlights of Southern Greece, such as Athens’ Old Town around the Acropolis, Apollo’s Oracle in Delphi, Zeus’s sanctuary and the stadium of ancient Olympic Games in Olympia, the location of Homeric Mycenae, the famous theatre of Epidaurus and also the monastery of Hossios Loukas with its splendid mosaics. Join us in this beautiful hiking adventure to regions full of myths and legends; a journey in Southern Greece off the beaten path! This cultural and hiking holiday of 8 days in Ancient and Medieval Greece, to the main historical and cultural attractions of the South is available throughout the ... Read more >
From €893 excluding flights
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