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Albania holidays

Albania is considered as the hidden corner of Europe. Explore Albania Hidden Gems Tour in 8 Days. If you are the type of person who likes the nature and loves to explore the culture and the history of a country, then this is the trip for you. Gain an in-depth look at the Albanian medieval history in Krujë. Visit agritourist farms and local families in Marikaj, Rubik, Kukaj. Walk in the National Park of Valbona and explore amazing views of the Alps. Take a 2 hour boat tour from Fierza to Koman Lake. Visit the UNESCO city of Berat and learn more about this 2400 year old city. Highlights: -Explore the UNESCO City of Berat -Experience the Ottoman architecture of Prizren, Kosovo -Pay a visit to ...Read more >
From €1,306 excluding flights

Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia tailor made tour

Albania boasts some its wonderful nature, local hospitality, and Unesco heritage sites. Macedonia is well known for the great people that lived there such as Alexander the Great and Mother Theresa. Kosovo as the newest independent country in Europe hides in itself a rich cultural and religious diversity. Be ready to be enchanted by these impressive cultures. Highlights: • Experience local hospitality • Taste the delicious cuisine • Visit Unesco heritage sites • See the birthplace of Mother Theresa.Read more >
From €1,460 excluding flights

Snowshoeing in Albania and Kosovo holiday

• Snowshoeing in the Albanian Alps and Kosovo • Breathtaking view of Valbona Valley from Grykat e Hapta (2625m) • Admire the wildlife of Sharri Mountain in Kosovo • Experience the true hospitality of Albanian families • Enjoy homemade food and drink RakiRead more >
From €1,293 excluding flights

Albania walking tour, small group

An exciting combination of nature and culture, this small group walking tour in Albania is perfect for first-timers hoping to discover a country that still receives far fewer visitors than it deserves. Taking in parts of northern and central Albania, and several gorgeous national parks, the itinerary also features a stop in Albania’s lively capital, Tirana, and the beautiful, UNESCO-rated town of Berat. This tour is suited to those with a decent level of physical fitness, as the terrain and elevation can be fairly challenging at times, particularly on the walk from Theth to Valbona Valley. Expect a mix of long and short walks during which you’ll be accompanied by walkers of similar ...Read more >
From €1,193 excluding flights

Snowshoeing holiday in Kosovo, Albania & Montenegro

Our Snowshoeing Tour in Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro is the ideal winter break for those who would like to experience the untouched landscapes of the Western Balkans during the winter time. You will be snowshoeing along scenic routes of these three countries. Along the way, you’ll taste the delicious culinary delights of Balkan Cuisine. -Highlights: • Breathtaking views of Valbona Valley and Haile Mountain • Little-known snowshoe routes • Breathtaking views of Valbona Valley and Haile Mountain • Visit the Monastery of Decan in Kosovo (UNESCO)Read more >
From €1,185 excluding flights

Western Balkans small group holiday

For many travellers, the Western Balkans holds a special place in the imagination. This is the last frontier of travel through Europe, encompassing lands with turbulent, complicated history, vibrant culture and welcoming people. Led by a professional local guide, you’ll take an in-depth look at key destinations and UNESCO sites including Tirana, Berat, Ohrid and Sarajevo, finishing in the beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Spanning Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, this is an essential and never less than enthralling journey through the Western Balkans. Naturally, guided walking tours feature heavily, as you get beneath the surface of ...Read more >
From €1,455 excluding flights